Allen and Kanda (doodles)

Last of my spam posts for today x3
Since I didn’t post a doodle last week, you get two this week!
The theme here is D.Gray-Man.
I just recently started watching the anime – because the first 26 episodes were on sale at rightstuf x3 Must say I’m really enjoying it! I really like Allen.
Lavi is darling too
Kanda is…
Kanda needs to pull that stick from his rump is all I’m going to say. I’m told he gets better as the series progresses – he actually smiles instead of being grumpy.

The first doodle I did was of chibi Allen. Nothing much to say about him. Other than I hate how detailed the outfits the Black Order has. And how many of them are there!? When I tried looking up Allen’s outfit, I got like 4 different outfits! Allen, you have more in your closest than more WOMEN!
Oh, and I didn’t know how popular he’d be. He totally kicked Hiyoki’s butt in terms of favorites!
Hiyoki: ;__;
Me: *pats on shoulder* It’s okay girl. As long as you don’t lose to Cain, that’s all I ask. Heck, everyone beats Cain, haha.
Cain: >:U STFU!

From DA:

A doodle of Allen as a chibi and Timcanpy. Can’t believe when I first doodled this and colored it, I was like, something is missing.
Oh shiz! I forgot Timcanpy!
Think I fudged on the tail but all I remember is it looking like a cinnamon bun (emmm, cinnamon buns <3)

Don’t ask why Allen is frolicking in the woods. In winter. For some reason I wanted snow ~
(also don’t ask why Allen’s hair is blue ^^; we’ll just say this is what happens when you fall asleep with Lavi in close proximity :3)

Line: Inked on paper
Color: SAI

The second doodle I have is chibi Kanda. I did this during a break in stats class. Kanda is pretty easy to doodle since all you need is an angry expression (>:U) and his ponytail hair. I also tried some subtle line art on him. That stuff is hard! Took forever to get the lines right @__@.
At least I got his hair color right…

From DA:

Love how shojo-tastic the background is. I half expect Kanda to go into a magical girl transformation o___o;

Like how he looks similar to my Chibi Allen . Maybe I should have put him in a snowy background as well?

Kanda Dontrememberhislastname from D.Gray-Man
Line art: Inked on paper
Color: SAI

That is it my friends ~ I’m off to eat and call my friend ~ Chow ~
(will get to answering comments here soon!)

2 thoughts on “Allen and Kanda (doodles)

    • :D
      I just recently started the anime! I’m loving it!
      I have no idea why I doodled Kanda though since I like Lavi and Allen more. I think it might just be because his face is so simple to draw.
      Just put >:U and you got Kanda! xD

      Thanks for your comment!


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