Zeele Sacrifice Root #7 Summary

Whoa man, has it been awhile for Zeele Sacrifice! Hard to believe almost a year in fact! (I told you all: there are some series in Comic Sylph that don’t get any love – Zeele Sacrifice being one of them). This was one of the first series I tried to practice with. As you may have noticed, my earlier attempts were direct translations. Very hard and very boring. So now that I’ve changed tactics, I’ll be doing summaries instead :D

Now you’re probably thinking, well that’s not cool! Your old stuff isn’t in summary form. SUMMARIZE IT FOR MEH NOWZ BITCH! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for me), I left the first volume at home. All I have with me is #2. But wait my friend. Lower that spoonful of Haagen Dazs drizzle in chocolate, gummy bears, and other fatten yet delicious toppings, and listen. I shall provide a quick summary about what happened in the first volume. I told you all Zeele Sacrifice starts off slow – and I wasn’t kidding. I can’t easily take the first book and condense it down into maybe 10 sentences. There. Now doesn’t that sound better then gorging yourself on that Haagen Dazs? *steals a spoonful* Hmmmm, ice cream <3

Title: 聖魂サクリファイス (Zeele Sacrifice, Seikon Sacrifice) Room #7
Author: 天河藍 (Tenka Ai)
Summary: Manga

Volume #1 summary: Yuiko has demons/Onis after her because in her body is a powerful artifact called the Sohma – it has the power to save the world or destroy it. The problem here is that Yuiko was involved in a car accident when she was a kid and “died.” The Sohma is keeping her alive because the accident ended up damaging Yuiko’s soul, and flung the pieces of her soul all over the place (yes, apparently your soul can shatter like glass). The Sohma has slowly been diminishing in power, which in turn is affecting Yuiko & her existence. Yuiko has about 6 more months to live. To prevent her from dying and the Sohma from disappearing, her “guardians” (she’s like, wtf I have guardians!?) decide to team up with the demons/Oni to collect the pieces of the Sohma. However, neither side trusts one another!
Volume #1 ended with Yuiko finding the second piece of the Sohma (the first being with her friend who became roadkill in chapter #1). However, the person who had this piece turned out to be a demon. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN
And that’s about it :3

Now on to the show!

…lol, pretty much what I just said before is being said in the opening xD Nice ~

So, SHOCK! Master-san is a demon! And his hair just grew like 5 feet! (I’m reminded of an old Barbie doll where you could make her hair grow by ripping it from this hole in her head. If you wanted it to be shorter, there was some crank you used & it would somehow slither back into her head. There was no brain inside so they had to use that space for something xD).

Master-Oni (his name for right now) asks Diamu (what hair demon on the cover) where Daruto is (before you throw your hands up and go I quit because I have no idea who these people are, you’re not alone. I have no idea who Daruto is either). Diamu’s like, Meh. I don’t know. Why don’t you look for him since you’re the one who brought him up? Well, Mr. Starbucks Employee Now Demon throws a hissy fit at this. My GAAAAAAWWDDD! That Daruto, I mean, like, OMG!! (no lie, except no valley girl talk) He randomly throws his hand against the walls and shiny light comes out. Everyone is all, SHINY! Somehow, Master-Oni is able to see things in his shiny light and says that Daruto is nearby. In fact, Maya is just about to wake him up.

(for those who don’t know, Maya is the little cutie who appears in Chapter #2 – which is out as of this summary :3)

Well Chikage flips (he’s the black haired guy on the cover). MORE DEMONS!? KILL!!!!! He tries to kill Master-Oni. Daimu gets in the way.

Ahhh, totally forgot how much Chikage needs anger management & how much bromance tension is going on between Diamu and Chikage sometimes

Chikage tells Diamu to get his bubble butt out of the way. Diamu says no, you get YOUR bubble butt out of the way. Chikage accuses Diamu of lying to them but Diamu coolly shakes off the accusations. He’s doing this for Yuiko. The scene randomly flashes over to Yuiko because I guess she’s reacting to her name being called? >_> ‘K

The scene switches to Maya who mumbles about Diamu being a slave driver. He finds the well shown in chapter #1 and claims this is the spot. He pulls out his sword and smashes it against the icy surface of the well…which somehow NO ONE seemed to question why there was ice in the first place (I mean, it’s not winter!). A hand pops out of the well.


Why it’s little Timmy! After all those years of surviving on mushrooms, Little Timmy finally got out of that well. Oh Lassie, you better run to PETA before Timmy gets his hands on you :)
(and apparently Little Timmy is sporting some piercings…in his throat o____O; grandma and grandpa ain’t going to like that…then again, they’re probably dead)

Shift back over to Yuiko and Co. Yuiko gets a shock through her and says the number of demons has increased. Chikage is all, omg! You serious!? And gives Yuiko an “omg! You serious!?” look. Oni comments about Chikage looking away from their fight so easily before stabbing Chikage. Yuiko screams his name and runs to the injured Chikage, much to the obvious jealousy of Diamu. Maya teleports in. He reports that Daruto (lol, sounds like Naruto) is awake but he has no energy and can’t move (guess, well algae can be only so nutritious).

Master-Oni (I guess not caring his comrade is stuck and can’t run for his life if assaulted by the Burger King) comments on Diamu doing well, especially after so much time has passed by since their last encounter.

“Those annoying memories as Tsukiya are no more.”

Diamu (not caring for Master-Oni’s small talk) says they should go check on Daruto. Someone might have called the cops on him since he’s an old dude randomly sitting in the bushes of a middle school. Yuiko is shocked by Master-Oni’s words: annoying? What happened to the kind Master-san? Just as the crew is about to go, Yuiko shouts for them to stop. She specifically asks Master-Oni wtf!?

Master-Oni apparently likes hearing himself talk and so decides to give a lengthy explanation about everything with Master-san. Basically he came here at a time period before he was “born” as Master-san. He didn’t want to come to our world, but he did and his body fell apart – which was weird (<-he actually says this). Uh, DUH! Obviously, rather than just die right then and there – because who would be telling this story? – Master-Oni somehow assimilated with Master-san’s soul and chilled with him. Then shit hit the fan for Master-san when, for some reason, a fragment of Yuiko’s soul entered him. Master-Oni concludes his anecdote by saying that he’s Yuiko’s father essentially Master-san.

Chikage suddenly thinks, wait. Does this mean the Oni can hijack bodies?

REALLY CHIKAGE!? Does the proof in front of you not meet your satisfaction!? xD

While Chikage is having his epiphany, Yuiko pretty much asks what was the point of chapter 6 then? (where we hear Master-san’s sob story) Master-san cried like a girl for goodness sake!

“Tsukiya – who had no knowledge of my existence – and myself are different. Don’t group me with such a lowly creature.”

Oni continues to say he’d jizz his pants if all humans were eliminated. Yuiko is so shocked by his words that she PIMP SLAPS THAT FOOL! (for 0 damage)

If you don't know this, sylphalchemist is a big fan of the pimp slaps :3

Oni isn’t happy about his face being touched. He grabs Yuiko by the wrist and squeezes.

“Hey. She’s my toy. Don’t break her.”

Master-Oni (whose name is Diiru but I’m sticking with Master-Oni because there are too many D names) is all dur!? HER!? O_O  at Diamu’s words. Chikage gets Master-Oni off Yuiko, who isn’t happy with the bruise marks on her wrist.

“You people…I just don’t understand you. You all…”
[Why is it?]
“…are so sad!”
[They can’t feel]
“ The time Master-san had with Akane-chan shouldn’t be lost. The past is connected to the future! “Because we have a heart, we can live.”
[Memories are overflowing]
“ A person’s memories isn’t something you can decide to erase!”

For some reason, this shocks Diamu. No really, he’s got this shocked face like he just had an epiphany too.

Master-Oni doesn’t share Diamu’s feelings. He looks at Yuiko like she’s stupid. He alerts Diamu to the fact they were about to see themselves out. However, Diamu is still staring: O______O. Master-Oni repeats Diamu’s name. This knocks Diamu back to the present. He leaves, mumbling “How stupid.” Yuiko watches them before wiping her tears away. She then turns her attention to Chikage and his wounds. Chikage is hemorrhaging over the fact Yuiko stood her ground like that.

[Was Yuiko always this strong?]


Maya’s voice surprises the two humans. He thanks Yuiko for standing up to Diamu. In the Oni/demon world, it’s a dark place where no light shines. That world is filled with lust and mayhem. It’s a place where memories like that of Master-san’s have no merit.

“When the young master first came to the human world, he knew of a sky immersed in blue. In our world, the sky is a darkness with no stars. The changing colors of the sun, the soft breeze – these are also things devoid of in our world.”

He tells Yuiko that even if she can’t understand the Oni, they have something they must do. Chikage freaks at this – the Oni have a purpose!? Maya jokes that Chikage’s face is scary and teleports away. Yuiko thinks how different Maya seemed while he was talking. Then she thinks about how living in a world with no light must feel.

“I want to know more about them…”

(lol, she sounds like us science nerds xD  slice it open and see how it ticks *crazyface.jpg*)

The scene switches over to Little Timmy/Daruto. He’s wondering if Maya abandoned him (Daruto: just like Lassie! But I got over that betrayal. I became stronger! ಡ_ಡ). A branch snaps behind him. It’s…oh crap I forgot her name O____O; *flips around* Aihara! The girl who I predicted would be a bitch in the first chapter! Yeah, she’s the one who appears and finds Daruto.

Daruto: A female human? o__o

Aihara: A middle-aged pervert? *pulls out cell phone* >:U

Daruto: o__o oh shiz

The chapter ends with a bunch of obviously future-antagonists sitting in fancy chairs and having a pow wow. Mostly they rant about how Daruto and his boys suck. And how they haven’t gotten the Sohma yet. The scene panes over to an empty chair. Guess, Diamu didn’t show up to their chair party (it’s mentioned that he hasn’t shown up for a couple meetings). A shota says they’ll let Diamu do what he wants for now.

“Those boys…their existence has no meaning.”

Evil shotas. See parents, this is why you watch your kids!

Root #7 end

So, a quick 1 sentence run down: Master-san is a demon, Yuiko slapped some shojo heroine in their face via a speech, she’s now interested in learning more about the Oni, and there are evil guys in chairs. Because nothing says evil then chairs. Man, they must be suffering from some serious hemorrhoids down there.

Here is a little teaser for Root #8

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