Tid-Bits: Kuranoa Chapter #3

Since Zeele Sacrifice is so short, I decided to do another series, Kuranoa. I was originally going to do this after Hakuouki Jurenka but someone beat me to it. Two chapters are already up as of this post. Rather than despair about it, I noticed Kuranoa is a quick read. It obviously got the Zeele Sacrifice treatment – the chapters are really short (not sure why this font turned red o__O:). Which means I can do both Zeele Sacrifice and Kuranoa at the same time! However, I’ve decided instead of doing a full blown summary like I usually do, I’m going to do something new, called Tid-Bits. These are micro-summaries with no scans from the manga. This makes it easier on me because I can produce these Tid-Bits out super quick :3
If Tid-Bits becomes successful, I might do other series if requested (which I doubt will happen because my blog is unknown ~  xD)

Just in case something happens to the chapters already scanalated, I did a quick rehash:

Chapter #1 rehash: Minori wakes up in Kuranoa and learns she and her twin sister, Shiori, were involved in a bus accident. One of them survived. However, since they are identical twins, no one knows which twin survived.  It’s a competition to see who gets the body but the only problem is both Minori and Shiori’s memories of the past are hazy. They must find their memories to lay their claim on the body. Who will establish their existence first?

Chapter #2 rehash: Minori is able to go to the real world and finds that two months have gone by since the accident. Shiori has been living in the body during that interval and has established her existence as the twin that survived. Minori meets Yuuichi, Shiori’s boyfriend, and Shou, Minori’s boyfriend. Shou hasn’t taken Minori’s death well. While reading Shiori’s diary, Minori finds the words “Disappear Minori” in Shiori’s handwriting! Also, Minori gains another piece of her memory back. She remembers dating Shou because he made a proposition with her: to go out with him for one year. If she doesn’t like it, they’ll break up. Minori had her heart set on another but her love wasn’t returned. She tried to break up with Shou but he stayed to his proposition. Minori laments that all she did was apologize but what she really wanted to say was thank you. This desire enables Minori to return to the real world.

And now we have Chapter #3:

The chapter starts with Minori running to find Shou. Not sure why, but in Shiori’s Handy Dandy Notebook, she made mention that Shou usually hangs around the Sports Center at night (O__O; I have a feeling Shiori be a stalker…). Minori finds Shou. Shou is all, get away from me. I’m man-paining. Minori tries to convince Shou that she’s Minori but he won’t hear it. She’s Shiori. She’s just in a state right now after all that’s happened. Then Shou goes into super man-pain mode and says once she gets her memories back, his one chance that she may be Minori will disappear.

“I already can’t bear that thought.”

Minori is sad that all she has been causing Shou is pain. She apologizes and watches him leave. But then she remembers why she even came here in the first place. She has something she wanted to tell Shou:

“Shou! Thank you! No matter what happens from here on out, I wanted to say this to you today: Thank you!”

Shou has a wtf expression on his face. Minori waves and rushes away in tears.

[In this world, there are no longer people who will say my name]

Even though she’s thinking all this emo stuff, Minori refuses to give in. For if she disappears, what’ll happen to her guardian Ichi?

The scene flips over to Shiori waking up. Nana is there, asking how she is. He tells her Minori went back to the real world again but he tells Shiori not to worry – she has collected more memories. There’s no way she can lose.

“Shiori-chan, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Shiori says she’s okay. Nana is so happy to hear this for some reason and hugs her. Shiori puts her rape face on as she mentions how cute Nana is. She starts to hug him back, much to Nana’s surprise.

“I’m lonely. Won’t you comfort me?”

Nana: O_________o; uh…

Shiori forces Nana into a kiss (wtf chick!? What about your boy toy back in the real world? The one that is probably going to end up being a douche). Nana has an “oh my gawd, it’s like a snail is crawling on my lips” face. Poor guy.

[I’m not hurt? – that’s a lie. My chest feels like it wants to burst. It hurts….Minori]

Scene flip over to Minori. She sees Yuuichi randomly leaning on a wall (how long has he been posing there? I mean, Minori is in a random part of town o_____O;). Minori walks past him, telling him to screw off that she’s tired.

Yuuichi: :3 “Minori.”

Minori: 8U How did you -!?

Yuuichi: (╬ ಠ益ಠ)RAWR

Minori: (llಠ ,ಠ ) wtf

Yeah, so Yuuichi turns on his creeper mode. He grabs Minori’s injured hand and slams her against a wall. Somehow he’s figured out that both Minori and Shiori are both in the same body (O__O holy cow pie, it’s like he’s doing a Hiyoki! <- from SLH; she just randomly deduced everything in one chapter despite spending 5 volumes doing nothing productive ^^:).

He asks if the body belongs to her or Shiori. Minori says she’s not sure.

“It’s hers…otherwise, it’s a problem for me.”

(lol, it’d be sad if he actually said: “it’s hers…otherwise, it’s a problem for you. You see, I was super happy to see Shiori alive and I kinda…got too happy and…I forgot about protection and…then Shiori said she missed her period and…>__> you know where I’m going with this right?” Minori: :U Me: Doctor Phil time!)

Minori is troubled by his creeper face and words. She knows he likes Shiori and not her but…
This thought causes Minori to remember that, oh shiz, I used to like Yuuichi (but I’m sure that went away real quick after finding this crazy side of Yuuichi – see, it’s always the perfect guys who are student presidents that are mentally unstable <- totally basing that assumption off 2 series with student presidents who were “precious”).

Shou shows up and is like, wtf man. What are you doing? Yuuichi tells Shou he’s on a date with Shiori. RIGHT SHIORI >:( Rather than slap this foo over the head and run for it, for some stupid reason*, Minori says yup, on a date with him. I likes it rough.
(*really, her reason was she didn’t want to make Shou sad. So you’re going to let this creeper abuse you more? Minori! Think about yourself first!)

Thank GOODNESS Shou isn’t an idiot and can sense the danger because he doesn’t go, oh, okay :D My parents like it kinky too ~ and leave. He calls Minori by her name. Yuuichi is like, wtf man. Thought I told you she’s Shiori.

“My bad, I forgot”

He runs around Yuuichi and goes to apologize to Minori for being a brooding male and not noticing it was her earlier. Minori cries and hugs Shou.

[I have so many things I want to tell him but I can’t form the words]

Shou’s like, yehya, it ain’t going to be me and my hand tonight ~ (lol, blame my ipod)

The scene ends with Shiori laying on a bed, asking Nana why he’s crying. It’s pretty obvious from the state of their clothes they did something naughty. And Nana didn’t want it. Nana grabs his jacket and leaves, saying he’s off to mediate (probably to cry at being raped by Shiori o__O no wonder she went out with Yuuichi. They make a great couple/sarcasm).


Here’s #4

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