Massive updates

Hello everyone ~
Hope you had a wonderful Halloween like Izumi here ~ Sorry for the lack of updates on this blog. Been lazy xD Sad that’s my only excuse I can give. Anyway, to make up for not having a summary last week, I give you not one, not two, but THREE summaries this week!
Okay, technically it’s two summaries and something new I’m calling “Tid-Bits.” Basically a really condensed version of my summaries with no scans. These are meant to be popped out real quick and give people an idea of what is to come in future chapters. Also, because I don’t have to scan pictures, they’ll (supposedly) come out at a faster rate.
“Tid-Bits” are meant for series in Comic Sylph I have no interest in doing summaries for but wanted to do just because it’s Comic Sylph.

Hmm, I’m not making a lot of sense right now, am I? ^^: It’s late. Give me some slack, please.
Hakuouki Jurenka volume #1 finishes with Harada, the BEST DARN ARC EVER! I’ll be putting this series on hold until I order the second volume which will probably be at the end of the month. Zeele Sacrifice restarts again with Root #7. There be pimp slapping. Lastly is a series I wanted to summarize but was too late in doing called Kuranoa. Kuranoa will be the series that gets the Tid-Bits treatment. We’ll see how that goes:

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