Harada Arc/Chapter Summary (Hakuouki Jurenka)

The Harada Arc (actually, can it even be called an arc?); the final story in this first omnibus. It’s the Arc/chapter I’ve been really excited to summarize. Not because Harada is the guy I’m a diehard fan girl of, but because his arc/chapter outlines how the other two boys are supposed to “get ‘er done.” (like, do the job right, romancing wise…not “do” Chizuru right then and there… ^^; just realized how that sounded). I think had the manga followed Harada’s example instead of just making the guys really emo (in Hijikata’s case) or homocidal (in Okita’s case) I would have enjoyed this spin-off a lot more, but that’s just my opinion.

Title: Hakuouki Jurenka (薄桜鬼 巡恋華), Harada Arc
Manga-ka: Akatsuki Kaori (暁かおり)
Source: Manga

“What is your dream, Harada?”

The chapter starts off with Chizuru asking Harada about his dreams. Harada is sort of surprised by this. He tells her it’s nothing special but Chizuru is insistent. When she turns her puppy eyes to high beam, he breaks down and tells her:

“My dream is…to have a family with the one I love and live a quiet life.”

He asks Chizuru if that seems too ordinary. Chizuru shakes her head, probably surprised by the normal response (because Hijikata would start crying if asked, because he’d be reminded that Isami isn’t here and most of his dreams involved Isami, much to Chizuru’s chagrin; and Okita would say something like commit mass murder, with her included in the death count, much to Chizuru’s chagrin ß you know it’s true from reading ONLY this manga; I’m hoping the anime portrays them MUCH differently).  Harada is all embarrassed by admitting his dream and tells Chizuru not to tell Bandana guy and Heisuke. He then asks Chizuru about her dream.

“My dream is…a really extravagant one…”

(for some reason, “I Want to Be a Billionaire” started playing in my head. Lol to the thought of Oprah hanging with the Hakuouki boys xD)

The next pages tell us AGAIN about Chizuru’s circumstances. She came to Kyoto to look for her pop, got mixed up in some shiz, the Shinsengumi is all, we’re going to rip your face off if you run, acting all scary before deciding, okay we’ll keep you with us. BUT WE WILL NOT HESITATE TO TAKE YOUR FACE!!!! (Hijikata: ಠ_ಠ Okita! Calm down man! We’re not ripping her face off! Okita: *raepface + heavy panting* (╬ ಠ益ಠ)). Chizuru is super emo in the first bits of her new homestay (rightly so because everyone keeps saying they want to kill her, and because apparently it was rumored the Shinsengumi are assassins o_O; so that’s gotta be a little more depressing…living with killers… ) but living with the guys has shown her they’re more than just homicidal ^__^;

Life is going good until…

It’s night time. Chizuru, alone, is commenting about the wind being strong.

“You can’t even see the stars…”
[I’ve got a bad feeling …]

And sure enough, thinking that causes something bad to happen. We see a sandal appear. Oh snap! It’s Patrick!


But at least he found himself some friends!

Chizuru doesn’t even get to say “wtf!” before Patrick starts explaining why he’s there (;¯‿¯). He basically says she’s an Oni like him and his posse.

Patrick is trying too hard here to be gangster ^^;

She also possesses great power (Chizuru: OMG like in SLH!? Are you going to strip your shirt off and try to take my heart so you can control people!? Patrick: ಠ_ಠ the heck you smoking?). One of Patrick’s posse (who I’m calling Carlos because I haven’t been given a name yet) goes, you want proof!? BAM! I just shot you! There’s your proof! *crazyface* (aw, he and Okita would get along great ^__^). Surprisingly, instead of screaming bloody murder at getting SHOT, Chizuru just falls to her knees. We get a close up of her wound which heals. Patrick remarks on her amazing healing powers.

I just wanted to note that Chizuru is the right hand shot has a bloody arm yet her clothes are fine. Go to the left side and her clothes are torn. If you look at shots 2 pages later, her clothes are mended. Chizuru has not only the power to heal but to FIX HER CLOTHES TOO!

“You aren’t human.”

Randomly we have a panel with both Patrick and Chizuru naked. Because this somehow relates to Patrick’s lengthy explanation about basically wanting to use Chizuru’s uterus to make super babies (because she’s of the Eastern Clan of Oni and he’s of the Western Clan) (note: I find it ironic that he says in this Harada’s chapter. I’ll explain in more detail at the end ^^). And what doesn’t say HAVE MY BABIES then grabbing the woman you’re interested in impregnating and twisting her arm >__>;  (gotta admit, Okita’s romancing techniques look A LOT better when compared to Patrick’s).

“Mind getting your filthy hands off her?”

The men have arrived (lol I can't help but stare at their chesticles xD)

Harada and Bandana Guy appear to the rescue. Love how Harada basically says, dude, if you want her to be interested in you, woo her. Don’t flippin snap her arm off :/ <-this is why I <3 Harada. He knows how to romance! Patrick tells them to screw off. Hijikata says they’re the ones who should be telling Patrick to screw off, seeing how he’s on their property (ROTFL: I just noticed this but Hijikata has appeared in every Arc! He had one scene in Okita’s. And now he has 2 shots here xD He’s the new Cain!!!!).

Patrick’s other friend, who we’ll call Benjamin because he looks like a Benjamin, tells the Hakuouki boys if they hand over Chizuru, they won’t have to get their butts kicked. Male pride offended, the boys instead choose to fight. Hijikata goes for Patrick. Bandana Guy goes for Benjamin. Charlos – who I’m guessing is this Shiranui guy – tries to go after Chizuru but is blocked by Harada.

“Your opponent is me. Leave her out of this.”

Carlos equips his raep face as he comments on Harada’s brittle looking bones (>__>; okay…you don’t have to look so excited Carlos…).  While standing protectively in front of Chizuru, Harada asks if Chizuru is hurt. Carlos thinks this is the funniest shiz ever and starts giggling.

Harada: =__=; you scare me…

Carlos explains that even if Chizuru gets hurt she’ll just heal. BECAUSE SHE’S AN ONI!!!! A MONSTER!!!!!!! Then he shoots Harada. Rather than shoot Harada in the head and end the battle right there (just saying), Carlos shoots Harada in the shoulder. Harada tells Chizuru to run. Carlos says why should she run? Heck she’s stronger than you. She should be the one I’m fighting. (Everyone: ಠ_ಠ *stunned silence* dude…have you not been keeping up with the series? You sure you’re not mistaking her for someone else?). Chizuru for some reason agrees with this logic. Even though she’s never been trained to fight or engaged in battle… (no hate for Chizuru…I mean, the other guys could have suggested the training too). However, you can tell Chizuru is peeing herself in fear.

“Leave it! Just go and hide! It’s better for a woman to be protected behind a man’s back”

That’s kind of cute, if old fashioned x3

Harada tells Carlos to shove his stories where the sun doesn’t shine and the two engage in battle. Contrary to belief, having a gun in a spear fight is not an advantage (that or Carlos just fails with a gun; who uses the gun ITSELF to BLOCK a spear!? >__>). As with the Hijikata Arc and Okita Arc, something happens that makes Patrick go, oh! Gotta go guys. Kill ya next time ;3 Chizuru, keep your uterus healthy, k?

Harada collapses. He’s sustained some bad wounds (thankfully Carlos doesn’t shoot for vital organs). Chizuru is sad because he got hurt protecting her.

“What are you talking about? To protect a woman is a man’s duty. Because you’re with us, we are able to be stronger than ever. Don’t worry about it.”

(wait…so THAT’S the reason Chizuru has been repeatedly taken into battle despite her not having ANY battle experience or knowledge of how to use her weapon!? So she can be the catalyst for that Mommy phenomenon thing; you know, where moms get super human strength when they find their child in danger, and can suddenly flip the car that their child is trapped under 30 ft into the air? O__O;  lol to the thought of Hijikata doing that xD)

Rather than jack slap/throttle Harada for such a crazy logic, Chizuru does a Chizuru and cries ^^: We have a time skip. After getting their butts kicked (refer to Hijikata’s arc), the gang relocates to Edo. Patrick made several attempts to gain Chizuru’s uterus for his “I wanna be a daddy” plan but Harada protected her each time. Harada however says f you to the Shinsengumi and leaves (refer to Hijikata’s arc for details). Chizuru comes along but…

[Things can’t continue like this…]

Chizuru is serving tea to Harada, who is now dressed in his Western Outfit & sporting a new hair cut (omg, if you add bangs, he’s wearing MY hairstyle D:).

Just as he’s about to take a sip of his tea, he glances over at Chizuru and blushes a little. Chizuru is also sporting her new Western Outfit. Noticing his stare, Chizuru asks what’s up. He comments on how nice things are now. Chizuru suddenly goes into angst mode.

[I have to tell him…things can’t continue like this…]

Harada notices the angst mode. He asks her what’s wrong. Ever since she came with him to Edo she’s been acting weird. Is she worried about something?

[Harada…you’re so kind…]

“I’m…thinking of leaving.”

Harada: 8U *dramatic shot of his tea cup being dropped*

“Is it because of where we’re staying now?”
“Or maybe it’s because you miss Kyoto?”
[It’s not that…]
“Is it the Spice Girls music I have on my ipod!?”
[No…wait what?]

“Or is it…you’ve come to hate me?”

Chizuru tells Harada that she doesn’t want him to get mixed in with her problems. The Oni (lol, that sounds like a great gang name) are coming for her. Harada tells her she may be able to use a sword (when did THAT happen!?) but she can’t kill. Also if she’s alone, it’ll be to Patrick’s advantage. Harada asks if she thinks he’s too much of a pansy to protect her?

[I can’t get you involved. If I sever his ties with me, Harada can continue to live a normal human life. With things the way they are now, if we’re together, it’ll end up being like that last time…He’ll protect me, fight, get hurt…and might even lose his life]
[And…his “ordinary” dream – the one that made him smile – won’t come true…]

“Why? Why won’t you understand?”

Chizuru is full out crying here. She bows low to the ground and pleads with Harada to let her leave.

“Forget about me. Please, live for the one you wish for -”

Harada grabs her and shuts her up with a kiss

:D OMG! You GO Harada!!!!

Chizuru: o___O a guy is FINALLY kissing me!?

After getting to first base, he pulls her into a tight embrace. He tells her he can’t just let the girl he loves go out into danger. He may be human and a pansy compared to the Onis, but he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. Chizuru is shocked. She says she’s an Oni, a monster. A being not meant to live among people. Harada is all, I don’t care if you’re a hippo! You’re a girl! The one I want to spend my life with!

(this is why I took on this project. Just for this chapter)

Well, this statement totally wins Chizuru over. She’s crying in happiness and puts her arms around her.

Chizuru: “Th…then…is it okay for me to make a wish? Like a normal girl would? That I…want to be your wife?”

Harada: “Say it: what do you want to do with your life from here on out?”

Chizuru: ““My dream is…a really extravagant one but…I want to live together with you!!!”

The end just says they get together and be happy ~


Ahhhhh, Harada <3 Thank you for making this manga worth it x3 I know his arc/chapter is cheesy but I loved it! I was really hoping they’d do his ending like they did in the video game. See, he and Chizuru in the end have a baby (this is why I mentioned earlier in the summary about the irony of Patrick’s statement in Harada’s chapter. Patrick wanted a baby with Chizuru but she ends up having a baby with Harada x3). He’s the only Hakuouki boy to have a baby in his route. I’m thinking that Ochimizu crap makes a guy sterile or something o__O; That or the boys keep cock blocking themselves.

Well, now that I’m at the end of volume #1, I’ll have to put this on pause until I make an order for #2. Probably will throw in an order at the end of November. From what I remember of the other 3 boys left, they’re arcs sort of suck. Not as bad as Okita’s but not as great as Harada’s. I’ll let you all be the judge. Until then ~

15 thoughts on “Harada Arc/Chapter Summary (Hakuouki Jurenka)

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  3. “(for some reason, “I Want to Be a Billionaire” started playing in my head. Lol to the thought of Oprah hanging with the Hakuouki boys xD)”

    Heh (in other news the role of Harada will be played by Chord Overstreet tonight)

    “REALLY NEED A HOBBY DUDE! xD (3 for 3!)”
    his hobbying is stalking and being a troll ^_^

    “(ROTFL: I just noticed this but Hijikata has appeared in every Arc! He had one scene in Okita’s. And now he has 2 shots here xD He’s the new Cain!!!!).”
    Isn’t he supoose to be the main guy?

    “wait…so THAT’S the reason Chizuru has been repeatedly taken into battle despite her not having ANY battle experience or knowledge of how to use her weapon!? So she can be the catalyst for that Mommy phenomenon thing; you know, where moms get super human strength when they find their child in danger, and can suddenly flip the car that their child is trapped under 30 ft into the air? O__O; lol to the thought of Hijikata doing that xD)”

    Heh, what a dick. That would be awesomely hiralous if true though. Of course, Harada had to spill the beans on the little plan.

    “Chizuru suddenly goes into angst mode”

    Nice! Harada is the first to go in for the kiss.

    Aw this was cute. Some of Harada’s statements made my inner fememinst cringe, but at least he means well. And hey no angst from the guy in this chapter. Awesome.


    • “REALLY NEED A HOBBY DUDE! xD (3 for 3!)”
      his hobbying is stalking and being a troll ^_^

      Haha, I guess I should have said – NON-ILLEGAL hobbies xD
      Go play Poke’mon, Patrick. Try and collect them all instead of being a creeper xD

      Isn’t he supoose to be the main guy?
      Technically all the guys can be main guys in the game. In the anime, they pushed Hijikata as the main interest :3 (kind of like in Alice, how they pushed Blood as the main guy *shakes an angry fist at Blood*) It just made me lol to see him hidden in a corner during another boy’s arc. Like, wtf, is that Hijikata? What are you doing down there? Playing where’s Waldo? xD

      woMANPAIN? XD
      I wonder which would be more powerful – manpain or womanpain? xD

      Nice! Harada is the first to go in for the kiss.
      I haven’t really read the other arcs yet so I don’t want to spread false rumors but I believe Harada is the ONLY guy to score in this manga .__. how…sad.

      Aw this was cute. Some of Harada’s statements made my inner fememinst cringe, but at least he means well. And hey no angst from the guy in this chapter. Awesome.

      Harada definitely thought MAN = FIGHT, WOMAN = STAY RIGHT THERE AND WATCH ME BE A MAN ;3
      But hey, as long as he’s not sobbing in a corner or threatening to kill Chizuru every 3 minutes, he’s considered golden in my eyes xD
      I’m happy Harada didn’t angst. I had enough of angst from this series…@___@;


  4. OMG! I am so happy right now! I am cosplaying the Western Chizuru at AUSA, and the fact that Harada (whom is my favorite) is kissing her in the western uniform, I am blushing and smiling like crazy! I had a rough day and this made it so much better!

    By the way!
    Patrick= Kazama
    Bandana Dude= Shinpachi Nagakura
    Carlos= Shiranui Kyou

    LOL so funny!


    • :D that’s awesome! I hope lots of people take pictures of your “butt kicking cool” outfit! I remember seeing someone dressed up as Patrick ala Chikage/Kazama at a recent con. Only at the time I didn’t really know the series too well and thought the person was from the video game “Samurai Warrior” xD

      I’m glad Harada getting to first base brightened your day. It brightened my expectations of this manga :D One guy FINALLY scored with Chizuru! YESH!

      I knew Bandanna Guy was Shin…chi. I just could never remember what went between the Shin and chi xD Sorry Shinpachi (I kept thinking, Shinpichi doesn’t sound right…)

      Thanks for your comment :D


      • hi, i read your arcs from okita, hijikata and this arc of harada…can’t wait for the other arcs. =D

        i must say you really made the whole story or arcs not that gloomy compared to the fast-slow-fast-then to a “not satisfying ending” of Hakuouki anime series.

        thank you for these summaries of arc. my depression from hakuouki hekketsuroku anime was lessened although i just found out that they’re all still meant to go “RIP” in the end anyways. XD

        ;_; i love them all from Hijikata, Okita, Saito, Harada, Heisuke, Kazama “Patrick” (i LOL at how you give nicknames to them)…Shinpachi “Bandanna Guy”, Shiranui “Carlos” (you make his nickname sound better XD) and all other characters in Hakuouki, also Chizuru even though she’s a “pentium 1” in terms of thinking…XP OTL XD LOL

        again, thank you and i hope to read more of your summaries. you really made me laugh and amazed at your sense of humor


        • I’ll be restarting this manga here in Jan :3 (I finally got the 2nd volume!)
          The arcs in #2 are Saitou’s, Heisuke’s(sp), and Patrick (…uh, that blond “evil” guy xD). These arcs are definitely not as bad as the first ones (from what I’ve scanned over)

          I’m shocked by how…dark this series is. I mean, I thought it was going to be bloody but…>_____>; to kill off all the hawt bishes!? What girl wants THAT!?
          I’m told the anime follows Hijikata’s arc (the “let’s kill everyone off” arc :{ ) – maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten to watching it…

          I hope my future summaries won’t disappoint!
          Thank you for your comment :D


  5. thank you for the reply and letting us know that you already got the second book >u<

    don't worry if there'll be something "disappointing" it would be the "bad endings" just in case there are in the second volume LOL

    after all, you really have a good sense of humor and writing skills =3

    thank you and i really can't wait to read your posts XD


    • ;D not a problem! I won’t abandon a project halfway in!
      (also, because vol #2 has my boy Saito in it <3 Excuse me while I go squeal in happiness xD)

      As disgusting as Hijikata’s route was (I’m opposed to killing off so many hawt bishies xD), it was definitely the best to joke around with. I find serious chapters produce the greatest material xD (but we’ll see in volume #2!)

      :D Thank you for you kind comments!


  6. Hey, I just wanted you to know that because of you ever time I want to talk about Shiranui Kyou, I call him Carlos. What is even funnier is now my friends also call him Carlos! XD

    I cannot wait for the other arcs! :)


    • Haha oh dear! But the name so fits him xDDDD (that’s awesome that your friends call him Carlos!)

      I’m almost done with volume #2 of Zeele Sacrifice (2 more chapters!). Once that’s done I’ll get to Hakuouki ^__^


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  8. Thanks for this chapter! Do you play the game? I was wondering if you can understand Japanese, because I don’t and I kinda need some help over here~~~
    I’ve been YouTube-ing Hakuouki videos recently and I came across this: http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=SG&rdm=4our2tzmw&reload=3#/watch?v=Xzdis3sYEug
    I have to warn you though, although it’s a voice recording of Saito, its really sexy! I’m not very sure, but he sounds like he was having ‘that one'(if you get wat I mean) with the protagonist, dear this is making me blush so much!0///0. So if you are not 16 and above I would suggest you to not watch and you can just forget about this comment of mine:)
    There’s another one, this one is Harada’s:
    This one’s clearer that he is having that one…you know…well, I may be wrong, since I don’t understand a single word he said in the voice recording but all the pants and moans>~<!~~~

    I google translate the title of the two videos and the translation is' last voice  recording of Saito/Harada' so I was wondering if these voice recording come from the hakuouki game?
    Due to this two vids, I'm kinda confused, does the game you play have 'these scenes'?
    Or if not, do you have any idea where does these voice recording come from?:D 
    I'm so longwinded, I'm sry, can't help t~~~the boys are too irresistible! 
    Please reply to my email if you have time! I would really really really appreciate your help!!!
    LoveXOXO, Crystal^^


    • Hello there :)

      I’m unable to click on the links you provided. No video pops up.
      But to your question, depending on what’s being said, I might be able to catch certain snippets. I’m not that experienced with vocal Japanese yet (heck, I’m still trying to learn how to read! xD).

      Also, I haven’t played the game but I have it on pre-order. The game is due here in the states on Valentine’s Day. However, I will be away from my house during this time period (internship) so I won’t be touching the game until May at the earliest :___;). I’m sorry I can’t help you with your question about where your videos came from.

      Thank you for your comment!


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