Spoiler: Harmony

This is real quick & easy
(since the meat of the story happened at the end)
(but I gotta stall these first sentences for a minute before I can insert my “page divider thingie)
(Man, it’s been awhile since I did a SPOILER)
(Well, I did one on Eden’s Bowy but that was more of a bitch rant)
(Thank goodness for LJ)

So, pretty much WATCHME, the thing installed in everyone to improve their health, also had another function installed in it: the power to destroy consciousness. See, these old guys who lived through “Maelstorm” (just think WWIII), were afraid that people would go unstable and do a WWIV. Thus research was committed to finding a way to repress people from turning into barbaric animals (that’s their words, not mine). The main chick’s dad was part of this plan. Also, Miach (main chick’s friend).

Miach didn’t die back then when the three girls attempted suicide. Rather, she was taken away for experiments, then later to head a faction of people who wanted to destroy consciousness – to make Harmony. Miach was adopted – she lived in this tribe of people who weren’t born with a consciousness. However, her people were attacked by the Russians and she was taken to their camp to be their sex slave. While going through all these traumatic events, her brain produced a “consciousness” to deal with everything. Miach wants to go back to when she didn’t have a consciousness – back when everything was good.

However, the old guys don’t want to destroy people’s consciousness. They pussied out and thought, whoa, maybe this whole destroy consciousness thing ISN’T a good idea. So Miach is pressuring the old guys into destroying consciousness. She’s doing this by killing people off. She’s the one who got people to kill themselves in that first wave of suicides. She is also the one to issue the ultimatum: you either kill someone to live or you’ll be forced to kill yourself. To stop this, the old guys will have to destroy consciousness.

Main chick spends the whole book learning all this, finding her dad, learning his hand in this, see him die, & eventually find Miach’s location. When main chick finds Miach & hears her plan, she thinks, huh. I don’t really give a shit but you know what? I’ll let that happen. I’ll let all our consciousnesses be destroyed. I’ll let your dream become a reality. However, I won’t let YOU be a part of that reality (revenge for killing her dad and the third girl), and shoots Miach.

The book ends with the main chick holding Miach’s lifeless body & the world’s consciousness being turned off.

[Think the reason they turned consciousness off was because the time limit for that ultimatum was in like a few hours & with no notion of where Miach and her group are, they couldn’t override the command to kill. So the old guys went for the alternative and shut consciousness down]

The thing is, the book says that not everyone has WATCHME installed. Children have to wait for their bodies to develop before having the WATCHME installed. Also, some people flat out refused the WATCHME. So that means not everyone had their consciousness erased… Maybe I’m just reading too deep into it but that’s what was bothering me the most. I mean, how weird is it to be a kid or some random dude with no WATCHME and you just see these…zombies just moving around. Supposedly those with no consciousness will still be able to smile, laugh, and cry – but not in a negative way or with feeling.


And that’s the end ~

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