ANOVA Cain (doodle)

With mid-terms done, I had a little “me-time” finally
And what a better way to spend “me-time” then to doodle!? :D
Love doodling
Total stress reliever (esp if you’re not anal about how the picture turns out, like me ~)
Screw Yoga
That shiz hurts!
Doodling is the therapeutic way man~

So this is the second doodle I made while NOT paying attention to the T-Test vs Paired T-Test war going on during my stats class. I decided to color in Cain after Hiyoki because I wanted to figure out how to make my inked in stuff look less craptastic & I didn’t want to ruin the Kuga chibi I doodled (Cain = guinea pig x3). It took a while but PS somehow managed to smooth the inked lines. I really like how the lines look. Much better than Hiyoki’s! I’m hoping the awesome will continue with Kuga ;3

I had no idea what his shoes looked like. I can’t remember a picture where we see the shoes of any SLH character in great detail. Or in color. Thus I just pulled something out of my butt.
Plus, this was all doodled from memory so do I get some props for him at least having the Cain face (ala >:U)?

[NOTE: Like how if you say the title fast enough, it sounds like the stuff dentists use to numb up your month xD

From DA:

Yay ~ midterms are done!!!!
So that means I get to post something before going off to celebrate, by crashing xD

This is the second doodle I did in stats class. I used PS to edit the lines so they wouldn’t look as grainy as Hiyoki’s. I used Cain as the guinea pig because I didn’t want to mess up my Kuga doodle x3
After lots of cursing and editing, I finally got the lines to come out pretty decent :D
Will have to experiment more later <3

First doodle: T-Test Hiyoki
Second doodle: ANOVA Cain (you’re looking at him ;3)
Third doodle: pending

(Chibi) Cain from the manga Stray Love Hearts
Line art on notebook paper
Colored in SAI

Here’s Hiyoki is you missed her: T-Test Hiyoki

7 thoughts on “ANOVA Cain (doodle)

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    • Yay, I did my job then ;3
      I wanted Hiyoki to get more love than Cain ~
      My mind is still fixated on the old Cain – the one that was grumpy and very BOSS xD
      I couldn’t picture Cain smiling. I don’t know why haha

      Thanks for the comment, LittleStar ~


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