Teaser – Harada Arc (Hakuouki)

Now that Okita’s chapter is out of the way and hopefully erased from our minds, it’s time for….

Well, it’s more like “chapter” >__>;
The one guy with a decent content and he only gets a chapter
Talk about hate…
Just like Yuuta from Petit Four – he only got a bonus chapter not even related to the story ^^;
Guess some reverse harem boys just can’t get any love (*looks at Gai from SLH*)

Just because Harada's chapter is the shiz doesn't mean we won't have some angst going down. It's Hakuouki. If you translated "Hakuouki," its English meaning is" girl who cries a lot" (<-- total BS BTW)


Harada <3


There are lots of awesome Chizuru x Harada scenes but I didn’t want to put them until the summary
Instead you can look at Carlos (<- don’t know the gunslinger’s name so that’s what I’m rolling with) about to do a Plaxico xD


***To the turd burglar that left the rude comments on my blog (which I deleted rather than post ~ :P), yes, revolvers have safeties. It’s in the form of the hammer. When the hammer is pulled back as seen with the revolver in Carlos’s pants, the firearm is ready to fire:

(note this is just one type of revolver. Just as there many types of ice cream flavors, there are many types of revolvers. But please look at the hammer. It’s in the READY TO SHOOT OFF SOME BALLS position xD // cocked).

My sources? Internet for the picture and firearms training during my internship for the information. We had to disarm different firearms, one being a revolver, because you don’t want to be sending a loaded firearms to the crime scene lab lol ~ They don’t like that ~ xD

Happy now, sir? Please be more courteous when you communicate with others. Because rather than make me look like a fool, you’re the one that ended up looking stupid (be thankful I didn’t post your comment eh! Who’d be the “dumbass” now xD). Just because we have anonymity on the internet doesn’t give you the right to be…well, an ass ~ I’m not sure if you have problems in your life right now or what, but please seek help for them rather than take out your aggression/profanity on others. Especially me since I don’t care :3

Hope you’ve enjoyed this life lesson from Sylphalchemist! If you don’t…well, I tried ^^

11 thoughts on “Teaser – Harada Arc (Hakuouki)

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  2. I like the idea of Patrick buying friends. You can do anything with money apperently.

    “[RANDOM: why am I INSTANTLY stuck with thoughts of Mad Love Chase? xD I wanna see that buff dude in the back scream like an old woman at a spider now…”

    He does look like Taiki~ Hee.

    I think random hench/friedn guy is trying to be gangster by putting his gun in his underwear. Not really working.

    You’re right though I actually does look cute. At least no one has been turned into a messed up vampire-zombie.


    • I have no idea where these friends came from. They weren’t mentioned at all in the prior arcs. I’m thinking they were always there but…no one felt inclined to include them?
      Two guys: :___: WHY WON’T ANYONE LOVE US!?

      Ah, so I’m not the only one who sees that x3
      Yay ~
      I didn’t see the other two though. I can’t picture the vampire wearing dreadlocks and keeping his gun tucked over his crotch with no safety on (the vampire guy LIVES for his balls xD). The werewolf…maybe Patrick but…the werewolf guy would have better things to do than be the villain for 3 straight arcs. Plus the thought of him hunting for Chizuru’s uterus is just silly x3

      Lol, even in feudal Japan (or whenever this takes place) you have wannabe gangsters x3 nice

      You all will be shocked by the cuteness in this arc/chapter
      Harada makes me so proud *tears up*


  3. pft. I love that you highlighted the gun. :3 I’ve noticed that most mangaka don’t know much about guns even if their series depend on them (Mayu-tan, I’m looking at you)…Hiromu Arakawa on the other hand is fantastic about it. :D


    • Mayu got some heat recently about how she drew a sniper gun or something right? I remember that on @warriorhope’s page.
      She even went so far as to actually buy a sniper gun to defend her position.
      My question is, how was she AFTER she fired the gun. Because I seriously think the recoil would slam into her eye socket…but I have no gun experience. Just remembering some old physics ~

      I didn’t know Full Metal Alchemist had guns (then again…I haven’t watched it yet xD) I thought it was all magic ~ and explosions ~

      (Really need to get to watching the anime. I have the first 24 episodes at home, glaring at me x3)


    • He’ll regret that FAIL when he’s older and has no children.

      I’m not sure what the whole thing together means but if you break it up:

      薄 means Light (as in the color)
      桜 means Sakura Blossom
      鬼 mean Demon

      I’m highly doubting I did that translation right. Because “Demon of Lightly Colored Sakura Blossoms” sounds dumb.
      “Lightly Colored Sakura Demon” also sounds like a FAIL.


  4. His name is Shiranui Kyou and he is “oni” like Kazama. He is so funny and his fighting scenes with Harada are epic and kind of funny!

    “I’ll kill you next time, Harada!”

    “Right back at you!”

    But I think Carlos works to lol


    • Haha sounds like he and Harada have a fun rivalry. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t just shoot Harada in the head and end the fight x3
      Carlos: Yeahhhhhh, I miss on purpose >___>;;;

      I guess I could have been not lazy and checked on wiki for his name. But I like this manga because they rarely give names so I’m like, yay ~ I can call whatshisface whatever I want ~

      Thus “guys who wants Chizuru’s uterus” = Patrick
      Gun dude ala Shiranui Kyou = Carlos
      Dude who had like 3 lines of speech = Benjamin xD

      Hopefully it’s not too annoying on you all!


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