T-Test Hiyoki (doodle)

Last post guys
I’ve been wanting to post on my blog for awhile and, since it’s the weekend, I finally got my opportune moment :3
So after blogging about my new stuff and a teaser for Zeele Sacrifice, what else can I possible flood this blog with?
A doodle
Oh yeah >:3

Love how psychedelic her hair turned out. If you’re wondering why her eyes look crazy, it’s because I was basing the design off of these little guys:

Info on DA:

This is quick update before hitting the hay

Bet a lot of you are thinking, wtf is up with that title!? Well, the reason for the statistical term was because this doodle was created during my stats class. The teacher was talking about T-Test vs. a Paired T-Test. I started to zone out when he kept repeating himself. Thus, I flipped to a blank page in my notebook and began to doodle.
Randomly Hiyoki came first, then Kuga, and sadly Cain. I think I drew Cain because he’s the only other SLH boy whose hair style I kind of can draw off from memory (for his face, all you need is a >:U expression xD)
Also, because I have a picture I want to draw with all 3 of them (not in a dirty way people!)

Also, I think I may have found a way to get my inked stuff look less crappy when scanned  :3) I tried it on Kuga and Cain so we’ll see ~ (I was almost done with Hiyoki so there was no point in redoing her).

Inked on Line Paper
Colored in SAI

[EDIT: Cain’s chibi is up]

7 thoughts on “T-Test Hiyoki (doodle)

    • A Hiyoki Squiby would be adorable x3

      Cain isn’t too pretty because I drew him as an afterthought (and from memory x3)
      Plus the T-Test debate was winding down, which meant I had to start paying attention again haha

      Thank you :3


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