Spoils Galore ~

This past weekend I (finally!) went back to my dad’s place and got to hang with him, and my friends too. We had great fun eating out, listening to a waiter describe how big his banana roll was (the girl who asked totally didn’t know what she was saying. She wanted to get desert and was curious to know the size xD I was the first to realize this but held back my perverted thoughts by taking a long drink out of my water glass. However, someone got the joke and snickered and that just broke the walls for a full out giggle fest. Thankfully the waiter was awesome and laughed with us. I think he thought we were cool because we were doodling stuff while waiting for our food and he happened to see it. Lol, I hope he didn’t look too close because I don’t think I could explain why I doodled Zombie Mr. Rogers licking one of the Wiggles (who were turned bishi by my friends…before 3 of them were killed by Barney and Co.). It’s a long story…), murdering each other (it’s a game called, incidentally, the Murder Game x3 no peeps were actually hurt), and slamming our faces into pies of whipped cream to find the Hershey’s Kiss hidden because one team lost in Cranium (yeah…I was on the losing team…and they recorded it all…it’s on facebook)
Rambling aside, going home meant I got to collect my packages that have been accumulating over the past couple of months <3 My dad was freaking out at the large volume I had amassed xD
So I thought I’d show what I have been waiting for MONTHS to see:

Sorry for the crap picture. This was taken w my phone

Starting off are my Eng manga:

  • DOGS: Bullets and Carnage #4
  • Skip Beat #9 & #10
  • Butterflies, Flowers #3 & #4
  • Himeyuka & Roziones Story
  • Ugly Duckling Love Revolution #1
  • Sumomomo Momomo #5
  • Cat Paradise #5
  • Maximum Ride #3
  • Angel Diary #12

Next up are the light novels <3

  • Book Girl: And the Suicidal Meme #1
  • Kieli #3
  • Rocket Girls #1
  • Summer, Fireworks, and My Corpse
  • My Girlfriend is a Geek #1

Here are my Japanese manga

  • Comic Sylph #10 & #11 +freebies
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice: Waltzing with the Cheshire Cat ~ #4
  • Doukyo Chu!
  • Zeele Sacrifice (Seikon Sacrifice) #2
  • Feminine wa Utau #1
  • Shugo Chara #4 & #5
  • Boyfriend #2 & #3
  • Omamori Kamasama #1
  • S no Yuiitsu M no Zettai
  • Kokoa!
  • Ogawa to Yukai na Saitoutachi #1
  • Haruyuki Bus #1

Here’s a closeup of one of the freebies that came with Comic Sylph. They’re bookmarks of the Hakuouki boys. I’m really fearing how season #2 will go… >__>:

This came as a freebie because I bought VIZ manga on rightstuf

I got nendoroids too x3 I got Kanan(sp?) because she was on sale AND I had a $5 off coupon + free shipping
Black Rock Shooter I was afraid wouldn’t come because righstuf removed her listing from their site. However, they told me they’re still expecting shipment on her. Sure enough I got the confirmation email and there she is x3

Last are ebay purchases. Gotta love ebay <3 (this stuff was CHEAP!!!)

Okay, well that’s the end of this post. So I’m good on manga and novels to keep me entertained for awhile x3 (I was starting to run out of stuff here!). Manga wise I plan on starting with Boyfriend #2 because of the way it ended. Novel wise…I finished My Girlfriend is a Geek the night before (LOVED it!) so I’ll just pick whatever catches my fancy~

Ein isn’t pleased with the new additions it seems…

30 thoughts on “Spoils Galore ~

    • You should have seen my dad’s expression when the boxes wouldn’t stop coming in
      8U Michelle! How much stuff did you buy!?
      Me: It’s normal, dad. It’s just because they’re piled up like that which makes them seem so much. That’s like months worth of stuff!

      Oh, yeah ;3
      I’m hoping for some great reads!


    • Haha, even I’m a little surprised, even though it’s normal ^^;

      Because Clove on Kuni no Alice lacks furigana, it’s hard for me to read. I can only guess.
      But one day, I shall get better at reading kanji without need of furigana! You’ll see! *fist pump* x3

      Also, WH00T for another Boris fan *high fives*


  1. mann~ i’m soo jealous >_.o< it's soo cute i've read it already online and now they're publishing it in french but i think i'll don't buy them cosi've already read it but i want X or Tokyo Babylon and also i want to complete my Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle ^__^


    • Thanks x3

      Are you talking about WISH?
      I read WISH along time ago and remember liking it. When I saw it cheap on ebay, I was like, YESSSSSS! *buy*

      Too bad X never finished
      It would have been nice to know what the ending was going to be like…


      • Seems every time I comment back to you, you have another Tsubasa manga haha xD
        Well, congrats none the less!
        You’re almost there ~

        hehe you’re right but this time i’m gonna disappoint you cos i didn’t bought an other TRC (although i finished reading it well i mean 2 and 3) but now i’m reading Tokyo Babylon >_< and i only miss volume 5 and it's complete


        • Guess I should change “another Tsubasa” to “more” xD
          Girl you are going to be piled underneath all that manga! I’m jealous!

          Oh, I think that’s the one with the twins right?
          One got killed so the other is doing stuff that eventually leads him to find the murderer?
          Or am I making that up? *sweatdrop*


      • srry wanted to write more but somehow the reply only let my first sentence ==’

        so i was saying: you’ve got more mangas than i’ve got so i should be jealous >_<

        uhu that's right ^^ and yeah Hokuto (one of the twins) got killed by ther friend and Subaru's love, Seishiro


        • For some reason, wordpress is real weird with the “<"symbol. If you use it too much, it'll delete portions of your post O__O
          Haha, I doubt I have that much manga. Hmm, you know, one of these days, I should count how much manga I have; like you and Kelakagandy :3
          I knew that manga sounded familiar :D I got the manga in Japanese but it didn't have furigana so I couldn't read it ;___; I just looked at the pictures and guessed at what happened xD


      • really? i didn’t know that :o

        hehe you really should i’ve got like 108 mangas in all kind of languages XD like french, dutch, english, chinese(look at the pics and guess what it is XD and it’s sailor moon so it can’t be that hard XD) nd japanese (also guessing XD)

        wah nice i’ve got it in french and they made a new version of it with 5 volumes
        waah poor you >_<
        haha lke me XD


        • Yeah, it took me awhile to figure that out. That’s why I refrain from using >_< too much. If you make that face 2x, then anything between those two faces will get erased :( Something about the arrow tip being used to make hyperlinks or something to do with coding.

          I'll slowly work my way up to it then :3
          So one day look forward to the post!
          I only have Japanese and English since those are the only two languages I can understand xD
          You're lucky to know French because you'll get to buy the SLH manga when it's released up there!

          Thank you for taking pity on me x3
          But one day when I get better, I'll be able to read it!
          Ganbatte! Atashi!


      • wow i really didn’t know that :o now i’ll have it in my mind and will use less “the sign”

        hehe i will!!!
        oow i c here at school we learn french, dutch, english and german (cos dutch, french and german are spoken here and english is worldwide)
        i know i can buy it but i’m hesitating cos i’m reading it online and i don’t know if it’s worth of it :s although they’re at volume 3 of the 5 XD

        hehe no problem i’ve got the same thing XD
        this winter break i’m also gonna start reading japanese manga (with a dictionary X3)
        hehe ganbatte or as Kobato would say “Kobato Ganbarimasu~”


        • It’s hard to remember sometimes because I love making the >__< face xD
          So now I just have to settle with Dx

          So many languages! :D
          And here I felt special learning Japanese!
          Ah, I see. While SLH is good, the ending is definitely…
          All I can say is some like the ending, some don't :3

          Awesome :D
          That's what I've been doing (though I haven't been practicing as much as I would have liked due to school)
          Let's do our best :3


        • Ah, I sometimes end up saying phrases in Japanese and my friends will be all, whut!?
          Me: :3 ? Did I say something wrong?
          Them: No, you probably said it right, just the wrong language…
          Me: o////o oops…

          The ending isn’t really open. She does end up with someone. But how everything ties together is really…special (truthfully I want to say stupid, but that’s just my opinion).

          School gets priority because if I do well in it, I’ll hopefully get a decent paying job (which means more manga :D – after paying the bills and stuff OTL)


      • lol XD well sometimes me too, i talk then i think wait that was chinese XD or i wanted use some japanese terms then my friends are like O.o

        oow ok as long it’s not an open ending it’s good :D

        lol well good luck~


  2. jealous~

    ah! I have Canaan too! :D I got her at SDCC. She’s my first nendo and I love her so~ :3

    Also, I really wish I had all of Wish (lol, that’s really the only way I could think of to phrase that); I keep meaning to get it to work on my CLAMP collection, but keep missing out on it. :[


    • Haha
      My wallet isn’t too pleased with me but I keep reminding myself this is months worth of stuff, not like a day’s purchase xD

      Ah, her name is Canaan!
      I was just browsing the items on sale and came across her. A nendoroid for THIS price!? And I have a coupon. And free shipping!?

      Haha, good pun ;D
      I read WISH along time ago but finally decided to get the series when I saw it for cheap on ebay (gotta love ebay). That, and because I heard Kobato has a WISH crossover in one of its volumes :3
      I hope you can find the volumes
      Surprised Tokyopop never re-released it. Did they lose the license, I wonder?


  3. wow ! I’m happy for you…will this mean you’ll be doing some of those here? X3

    can you do a review on some of those> pretty please hahaha trying my luck.

    enjoy reading and I salute you my comrade ;D


    • Yup, I’ll make “opinions” for them in the future ;3 Since they’re in Japanese, it might take me awhile (because of school >__<)
      However, I'm getting faster so that's a plus :D

      Thank you so much :D
      I hope these are good reads!


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