Aksys Games: #2 Otome Survey

Slowly getting around to updating this blog!
Will get to my comments here soon
(I love you all for the comments btw x3)
As I was once again geeking out on my video game website, I found another article that caught my otome loving eye:

Aksys Games Has Another Survey

Ffffffff yeah!!!!
This survey continues on with the otome survey I posted about before. Seems Aksys Games has been liking the responses garnered so far (or that just might be my optimism talking). If you’re interested in otome games having an English release (or know of those who are of this thinking), please take the survey and let Aksys Games know, WE WANT GAMES WITH DROOL WORTHY GUYS TOO ~

You can find the survey here: GIMME GIMME MAN CANDY!

One thought on “Aksys Games: #2 Otome Survey

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