The Last Room (Stray Love Hearts Room #20) Summary

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Title: ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ!(Stray Love Hearts) #20
Manga-ka: 硝音あや
Source: Comic Sylph, Sep 2010

Like how Asukai is smiling yet his hand is reaching up to either remove Kitoo's hand off his shoulder and/or to pimp slap him for violating his bubble xD

Let’s get this party started * bricked for lame saying*

The chapter starts with Hiyoki running around looking for Cain. The other boys are helping too (I think). Ren – displaying the quickest recovery from angst and depression I’ve ever seen (as if he hadn’t wasted his younger years getting revenge on Cain via kicking him out of his HS student council position)  – says no one has seen Cain on the school grounds or at the shopping plaza. Hiyoki randomly decides to interject to the readers that it feels like her heart is breaking down, causing her pain (>_>; wtf…NOW her heart is breaking apart!?).

“My “fake” heart…the “answer” is there.”
“I’ve been carrying it with me – the location of my true heart.”

Yeah…so somehow from this, Hiyoki thinks, OMG, WHAT THE EFF HAVE I BEEN DOING THESE PAST 19 CHAPTERS!? I SUDDENLY REALIZE THAT KOUSETSU IS BEHIND THIS!!! (no lie o_o|||) So she races over to his pad, goes inside (because, like all evildoers, Kousetsu doesn’t believe in locking his doors), sniffs out those curtains from Room #4, deduces that must be where Cain is, and dramatically opens them, revealing a hidden passage.

(I won’t lie people. I laughed my ass off at this point because it’s like, wtf, how did you figure that out!?)

She goes down the stairs and we find Cain, wearing a cloak and looking REALLY stoned (wonder if he and Stranger decided to do something to kill time until Hiyoki came >_>;).

Cain: (Why is Ronald McDonald behind you, riding a unicorn in a snuggie...uh, oh)

Hiyoki walks over to Cain, telling him they need to leave (because this is where Kousetsu brings the little boys from the Burger King playground to…*bricked* gah, sorry; everything about Kousetsu screams pedo to me xD). She notes the atmosphere down here is different than when she last came here (WHEN WAS THAT!? D: Is this the same place Hiyoki and Kitoo fell down into in Room #17!? Ewwwwww….so all long they were trapped in Kousetsu’s Happy Land D: WAIT, so that means THERE WAS AN EXIT THAT WHOLE TIME!? WAIT AGAIN, SO THAT MEANS KOUSETSU COULD HAVE COME AND GONE INTO THE SECRET ENTRANCE IN KITOO’S ROOM! Thank your lucky stars Kitoo that Kousetsu is into little boys!!!). Cain reaches out and embraces Hiyoki:

“Hiyoki…will you run away with me?”

“No.” =_=

Cain: D,:

Okay, it didn’t happen like that xD (though the words are right). Hiyoki basically tells Cain running away isn’t the answer. She wonders if that’s what Cain truly wants. Is that how he wants to gain his freedom? Cain, because he’s high and angsty, deduces that Hiyoki won’t go with him because it’s HIM (and not Ren or whatever. WTF, you’re acting like a shojo girl, Cain! Where are you balls man!?). Cain isn’t happy about the rejection. Randomly a voice starts talking:

(again, I think Cain stripped a little for this next part)

“If you obtain that…”
“Your power will stabilize and become your freedom.”
“Commence the ritual.”

Hiyoki recognizes the voice from her dream. She also notices Cain’s now exposed chest bears a broken, heart shaped tattoo. He puts a hand in front of her chest.

“Now then…your heart is mine.”

No idea wtf he’s pulling out since all she has in there is a fake heart but whatever. Cain pretty much just repeats what the voice was saying earlier. He needs her heart because his own won’t work (how the fudge nuggets did you know HERS would work!? HOW did you find her too!? Confusion @_@). Hiyoki again has a revelation and realizes this whole time she actually still had her heart (wft ಠ_ಠ;) and that dream she saw of the “heart thief” was actually a dream of the future – of what’s happening right now (<_>).

So technically ladies and gents there was no heart thief. Because the theft hasn’t been committed yet. OKAYYY…

Rather than go, oh noes! and punching Cain in the nuts, oh he doesn’t have those right now face, Hiyoki is like, oh okay :D Here you go! =__=;;

Her hand looks like she's blocking Cain but no, she's just pushing his hand closer to her, heart

As Hiyoki is about to have her heart taken, she reminisces about the good old days. How she thought Cain was a dick when they first met. How his kindness was difficult to comprehend.  Even though all he said was shit to her, she couldn’t hate him =__=;;; Because in the depths of his cold gaze, she ended up noticing something “intense” in him.

“The heart I’ve been searching for….the real you I’ve been searching for ßwhen was that!?”
“They are becoming one now – these feelings…I give to you.”

Cain starts waking up (or he’s constipated. Blame the facial expression xD).

[I’ve been fighting for so long…]
[For my desire to be free]
[Against my blood, against my emotions, against destiny]
[I freed myself from that binding cage]
[I’ve come all this way yet…]
[Why can’t I sacrifice you?]
“Could it be…because I’m in love with you…?”

[I…can’t take your light]

Then he falls over like a ton of bricks =_=;

Stranger pops up out of no where (no seriously, there’s like NO place to hide down here). He laments about Cain not being able to take Hiyoki’s heart – the “key.” Stranger has his cloak open so we see who is under it: Kousetsu (=_=; no surprise after finding that secret passage in his room).

Gah! You look so creepy! Go to jail already!!!!

Kousetsu decides to do some monologue-ing – he says he might have acted too hastily, bringing Cain down here to nab Hiyoki’s heart. He thought for sure Cain would do it. He says he thought the others would be more helpful in pushing Cain (note the origami crane in his hand – yeah, he’s the evil mastermind behind Operation: GET CAIN KICKED OUT OF HS STUDENT COUNCIL POSITION =____=;;;). However, because Cain didn’t complete the ritual, he is forever to be trapped in a nightmare – never to wake up (>___>; is it stupid to ask why?).

Hiyoki accuses Kousetsu of deceiving them all (no, you think Hiyoki? He’s good. I mean, he got you to sleep with strangers xD). Kousetsu’s like, give the girl a car, we have a winner! He repeats what Hiyoki found out about when her heart was being taken – her dream of that heart thief guy was of the future. Her heart was not taken.  When asked about the “fake heart,” Kousetsu says he did kind of give her a “fake heart.” He “froze” her real heart via hypnotism (wtf) so it’d be super sensitive to her emotions, which would in turn bring her pain.

Now we get down to the burning the question: why are you doing all this?

“Me? I told you right? That I’m a “magician.” {I wasn’t joking about that} You and I are apparently descendants from the Kumoide line. The power to see into dreams – it’s not that great, but I have it. All I can do is look into dreams and sniff around. As I was searching for others with “dream seeing powers” I found you – and your “dream of the future.” That’s when I understood. You, Hiyoki-kun, are special.”

“Me? ‘Special?’”

“Your “dream seeing powers…,” that “heart” of yours is a special key. With that “key,” one has the power to go into the dreams of people, and open their “hearts.”” (lol, is it wrong I suddenly heard Amu from Shugo Chara cry, UNLOCK MY HEART ~)

So Kousetsu continues, saying the “heart” of a person is a place where the power of one’s wishes is hidden. He wanted to improve Hiyoki’s latent powers not by using them on ordinary people, but those students who are stronger (you mean more bishi than your avg Joe, Kousetsu xD). He invited boys similar to Cain and Ren (meaning, they had problems I guess and were hard to deal with? But come on, Gai’s dream was cake!) via FORTUNA to stay at S Dorm. Then he got Hiyoki interested enough to transfer over to St. Nazareth. From there, he managed to get her to sleep in each boy’s room. With each dream she entered, her powers grew. Kousetsu then asks Hiyoki, whenever her heart would beat randomly, couldn’t she feel the strength of her powers increase? (I think she thought she was dying Kousetsu…)

He goes on to say that taking her heart will turn into the “key” he needs so he can do some ritual. This ritual requires that he needs something she wants more than anyone else and someone who she would give her heart to (wtf…).  Kousetsu giggles (“giggles” doesn’t sound wrong when talking about Kousetsu ß referencing from my Hijikata summary) and says it’s all like a sick fairytale: you love someone and this individual loves you back. You give this person your heart and it crystalizes (o_o; dwah!?). This “crystalized” thing is the key.

Done monologue-ing, Kousetsu decides it’s time to get down to business: he’s going to take a stab at nabbing Hiyoki’s heart! Hiyoki is all oh shiz and runs for it. Kousetsu says it’s no use running – these underground ruins are like the space between a dream and reality (way to be specific and clear Kousetsu – WTF DOES THAT MEAN!?). Plus Hiyoki is still under his “hypnotism.”

“If I can get your heart, I can go into anyone’s dream. Then, I can control them via their heart.”

Hiyoki stops for a second to go, why the eff would you need to go into people’s dreams to control them when you have HYPNOTIC POWERS YOU CAN USE INSTEAD! Kousetsu: BECAUSE THEN THERE’D BE NO STRAY LOVE HEARTS!!!! Hiyoki: Oh, well that makes sense. Hiyoki is all, I’LL TELL YOU WHY! BECAUSE YOU CAN’T CONTROL PEOPLE’S HEARTS WITH YOUR HYPNO POWERS! (Kousetsu: HOW’D YOU KNOW THAT!? :U). AND YOU’RE A PUSSY!

“You are truly afraid of the human heart!”

Hiyoki thinks about how she went into S Dorm and met everyone. It wasn’t just that she opened their hearts but they opened hers as well (the metaphor uses doors but whatever). Love how Cain has his back to us while everyone else is all HEY THERE HIYOKI! What an ass xD

“It’s not about controlling or being controlled”
“You don’t need a key to open someone’s heart. Even without a key, you can connect with someone’s heart”

Hiyoki: AND I’LL USE YOU AS AN EXAMPLE >:U So Hiyoki forces herself into Kousetsu’s dream/heart.

Kousetsu: This is the first time anyone VOLUNTARILY touched me! :D Yay ~

It’s all white inside. We see Kousetsu crying over some chick. The end of Kousetsu’s dream. Somehow from that, we’re supposed to get our answer as to why Kousetsu is doing all this.  >_> Even Hiyoki, suddenly being able to explain everything, is going, okay, what?

Is it wrong I at first thought, URYUU!?!?!?!

Kosetsu: =_= *ahem* Before we were interrupted…YOU’RE HEART!!!! He lunges at Hiyoki. Hiyoki goes, oh noes! I can’t hate him now because of that 2 page dream I saw! щ(゚ロ゚щ) He’s trying to TAKE YOU DAMN HEART WOMAN! You can be sympathetic AFTER you beat him unconscious!!! A hand wraps around Hiyoki’s waist – it’s CAIN!  (lol to the fact he buttoned his shirt back up AND put his tie on xDDD)

Cain: Bitch, please. You thought you could really take me out? Even Chuck Norris can't touch this!

Kousetsu: ಠ_ಠ wtf weren’t you supposed to have your consciousness eaten via eternal nightmares or something? (I’m not even sure how I managed that one, seeing as the only powers I have is that of hypnotism…)

Cain: I’m flippin Cain, bitch! I bent those fool nightmares over a table and ********** them. >:U

Kousetsu: D: omg…

Well, he doesn’t say the table part but Cain does go, look foo! I’m the head of the Kumoide family for a reason! Using some awesome power I didn’t know he had, Cain forces Kousetsu to sleep again in the darkness (<_>).

Cain picks Hiyoki up and carries her up the stairs (because it’s a cute cheesy thing to do I guess ^__^). At the top, (after a few failed attempts) Cain tells Hiyoki he loves her.

If only I could photoshop Kuga's face over Cain's...

[I don’t need a “key”]
[Nor do I need destiny]

Another cute scene for the Hiyoki x Cain fans *dies a little*

Hiyoki is about to say how she feels when someone interrupts. It’s the S Dorm boys (Cain: @#$#%$! Cock blockers!!!!). Now for a time skip :D

Thanks to Yamashina’s mystical powers as a megane-character, he was able to fix the problem with FORTUNA and Cain wasn’t kicked out of office. As for Uryuu, rather than go, yeah, you need to GTFO,Cain instead tells Uryuu to keep his promise and watch Cain’s back (Uryuu: oh, I’ll be watching more than that ;D) making Uryuu a happy boy. Cain returns to A Dorm. Hiyoki lives in their old room. Ren has more jobs now that his benefactor is currently in a coma. He decided to stay at St. Nazareth even though he and Cain still aren’t on the best of terms.  Kuga is making a music club with Ren’s help (D: that’s it for Kuga!? @#$%!!!!).

The banana split pie I was going to have a summary without at least ONE Kuga picture!

Kitoo didn’t transfer. Instead he and Asukai are doing some interior decorating down in Kousetsu’s Happy Land the underground ruins (guys, I wouldn’t touch anything down there. It’s Kousetsu’s Happy Land for a reason…). The student council is still popular. Gai still sleeps in random places (Gai really got the shit end of the harem in this manga >_>;  and he’s such a cutie too…). As mentioned, Kousetsu is in a coma. Or at least he was. But now he’s gone o___O (hide your wife, hide your kids <– sad that I saw this video in class xD). His maid says he’s not a bad guy, he felt bad about what he did (=___=; yeah….sure). Ignoring the fact there is a crazy on the loose, the story ends with Hiyoki saying she rarely goes into people’s dreams now. She used a lot of her powers during the Kousetsu…fight(?). Instead, she has another job: she acts as Cain’s naptime watch dog (Uryuu: WHUT!? DIDN’T YOU ASK ME TO BE YOUR FLIPPIN BODYGUARD CAIN-SAMA!? DX). The two act all lovely-dovey  ~

Even I have to admit, the end is cute, even if the logic was...special xD


So, just a recap:

1.       There technically is NO heart thief. What Hiyoki saw was a dream of the future. She had her heart the whole time.

2.       Hiyoki and Kousetsu are related to the Kumoide family; that’s how they have their power (I’m hoping there is QUITE a few generations between Hiyoki and Cain or it’d be a little weird o_O;)

3.       Kousetsu wanted Hiyoki’s heart/power so he can control people. Why? I have no effin idea.

4.       Kousetsu brought Hiyoki to S Dorm so he can level up her heart/powers (think RPG games) to make it stronger so he can use it for…whatever reason he was going to use it for…

5.       Kuga really did give up on Hiyoki >___<

Well, there you have it my friends. The end of Stray Love Hearts. I told you the answer was weird. Technically NO ONE was the thief. So, remember that poll I made along time ago? Guess that answer, “A figment of Hiyoki’s imagination – no one,” was in some ways right O___O; I’m actually surprised by that. I totally just put that there to be random. Could I have powers to see into the future? DUN DUN DUNNNN! Here are the results BTW:

Thank you all for sticking with me until the end. Not sure if the end is what you all were hoping for but…I can’t really do anything about that. The power of fanfictions might help though xD I appreciate all the comments you guys! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

The end of one project means the start of another. I just got my Zeele Sacrifice #2 volume so HECK YEAH!!!!!! I’M RESTARTING THAT BABY ~

Until we cross paths again~


Also, just curious but how did you all feel about this ending? Here’s another poll. Answer however you want :3

EDIT: OMG thank you @Rin for this. Totally made my day x3:

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  2. “Cain: Bitch, please. You thought you could really take me out? Even Chuck Norris can’t touch this!”

    I guess this means someone will have to make a Cain Facts meme now.

    “Hiyoki is about to say how she feels when someone interrupts. It’s the S Dorm boys (Cain: @#$#%$! Cock blockers!!!!). Now for a time skip ”

    Just like the ending of Ouran.

    I like how Ren always seems to end up in the obigatory Kuga shots. He’s totally a photobomber. Music club?

    So no heart thief. Okay. This chapter seems all over the place. Well, the end picture was kind of cute.

    I loved your summaries. Now I actually have to get caught up with scanlations.


    • Haha, blame my friend’s bf. He was looking up Chuck Norris stuff while we were all waiting for our food to come. Apparently Chuck Norris is the shiz.
      However, Chuck Norris may have met his match with Cain…

      Lol, what’s with the cock-blockage? I notice other manga like to have cock blocks. Hmmmm…
      Such teasers :p

      The guys in SLH are always paired
      Cain – Uryuu (but that’s because Uryuu stalks him)
      Ren – Kuga
      Asukai – Kitoo
      (and this is pushing it but) Yamashina – Gai

      Ah, back in like…Room #12, when we got a flashback about how Ren and Kuga met, Kuga used to be part of a music club back wherever he came from. But there’s no music club at St. Nazareth. If I remember right, in the flashback, Kuga was going to get teased by some random dudes for being a bishi rocker but Ren intervened and saved his butt (well, more like ran away with Kuga in tow). They end up in an underground basement which Kuga later decides to use to host his underground concerts. He for some reason asks Ren if he likes music. Ren gets this random emo face but then quickly sobers up and says his first love is money ~
      I was thinking Ren used to be a music lover or something BUT it was never stated so yeah…
      That’s why Kuga and Ren are doing the music club thing…
      (only reason I remember this was because chapter 12 was like the first chapter I ever translated/summarized >:3)

      The logic was definitely special. But if you ignored that, the rest was cute ~
      Particularly the last few pages!

      Thanks so much for reading them! Your comments were fun to read x3
      Hope my summaries weren’t TOO far off from the actual translations.
      We’ll see haha


  3. hahahahaha now I know what you meant when you said it was ‘weird’! But I love the ending :) i love the lovey – dovey bits. The cool detached guy and the typical shoujo girl.

    Love Cain so hot XD
    hehehee Kuga is too XD he comes to a close second.

    THanks for all the hard work! XD


    • I couldn’t think of a better word to use than “weird.” Everything just suddenly went BANG BANG DONE!
      The ending was indeed cute x3 I won’t disagree there. I’m glad it was lovey-dovey (because that means Barajou no Kiss has a chance of ending cute like this x3)

      Kuga sadly lost to Cain because he stopped appearing a lot in these last chapters. Hard to show off your hawtness when you’re not given any screen time.
      Cain cracks me up because he kept undressing his shirt so many times xD
      “I’m too sexy for my shirt ~ ” kept playing in my head!

      Thank you so much for your comments :D
      Always glad to talk with SLH fans!


  4. Thank you *hugs* .. *pounce* *kiss* sylph … Now I want my copies *sob*…. I know I can read them here.. but … damn… and you know I will be following your other summaries :)

    ARIGATO for the wonderful summaries and visuals :)


    • You’ll find them!
      There’s always the French version coming out
      (but that’s only a bonus if you know French)
      (if only they would release an English version…sigh)

      Thank you for the comments x3
      Glad you enjoyed the summaries!


    • The logic was weird but the romance was cute.

      I wonder if there can be a sequel? Maybe expand a little on Kousetsu’s past. I mean, who in the world is that chick from his dream!? D:
      Who’s Cain’s dad too. How come Hiyoki’s parents never exhibited any powers like Hiyoki did (or maybe it’s like with Ren – only one can have the power?)

      Thank you so much for sticking with my summaries, Marim x3


  5. Thank you!

    I’m still confused…after the future dream Hiyoki said she couldn’t feel things properly…so, what was this???

    Wish there were more chapters…;_;


    • I’m thinking it has something to do with Kousetsu?
      (just because he’s supposed to be the bad guy of the series)
      He says he did stuff to get Hiyoi to want to come to St. Nazareth.
      (I’m guessing he SOMEHOW got Hiyoki’s parents to transfer overseas and SOMEHOW got Hiyoki to go, oh snap, mom and dad! This place here looks cool! See? The dorm with all the bishies in it? Totally want to go there :D)
      Not sure HOW though
      Maybe hypnotism?
      Or by that same random power that allowed him to throw Cain into the eternal darkness?

      Yeah…not too sure ^^;
      This is a series where you don’t listen to the logic
      You just look at the eye candy instead haha

      I too would like more chapters ;__;

      Thanks for the comment!


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  8. FFFFFF! what just happened?!
    everything was so random D: I feel a little mind raped

    I think the end could of been better if there was more chapters ( so all the characters can get a lovey-dovey moment at least once, and so everything didn’t turn out just out of know where)

    “these underground ruins are like the space between a dream and reality ”
    someone has been going to work stoned again ;D

    I’m still sad to see SLH go D’:


    • I know!
      I’m like o___O SAY WHAT!? Hiyoki!? How’d you come to this conclusion!? Wait, wtf, your heart is STILL there!? Wait, dream of the future!? Random dead chick in Kousetsu’s dream!?
      *foams at the mouth in confusion*

      More chapters would have definitely helped eased this transition a lot better IMHO
      But what can you do when you have 2 other series to juggle? No way was Barajou going down and the vamp one just started. So SLH got axed :___:

      Haha, seriously think some “item” was used to influence both Kousetsu and Cain xD
      Just their faces alone can tell you that!

      I know!
      Can’t believe we made it to the end! o___o
      But as one door closes, another opens!


  9. love this manga! sad that it is over so soon though. can’t believe Kuga was only shown once! wanted to see more of him! Love Kuga very much! he is the best! cute ending! thanks so much for translating and posting all the chapters!


    • Kuga definitely needed more screen time
      I wouldn’t have cared if he was just randomly standing in the background during Kousetsu’s monologue…
      (actually, I’d find that humorous that he’s even there in the first place, just chilling xD)

      Kousetsu: ಠ_ಠ Kuga…wtf are you doing back there?
      Kuga: Adding ATMOSPHERE~
      Kousetsu: …whatever…I’m going into a coma here in a sec anyway. Just…look pretty I guess
      Kuga: No effort required ;D

      Thanks for reading the summaries and thank you for the comments! ^__^


  10. I love the color page. It’s prettiful and colorful~

    I don’t get how they got to that conclusion.

    “(because this is where Kousetsu brings the little boys from the Burger King playground to…*bricked* gah, sorry; everything about Kousetsu screams pedo to me xD)”

    “Hiyoki again has a revelation and realizes this whole time she actually still had her heart (wft ಠ_ಠ;) and that dream she saw of the “heart thief” was actually a dream of the future – of what’s happening right now ().

    So technically ladies and gents there was no heart thief. Because the theft hasn’t been committed yet. OKAYYY…

    Rather than go, oh noes! and punching Cain in the nuts, oh he doesn’t have those right now face, Hiyoki is like, oh okay :D Here you go! =__=;;”
    WTF? You mean we’ve been reading this for 19 effing chapters only to realize that her heart was STILL THERE?! I see why this was … to you.

    “why the eff would you need to go into people’s dreams to control them when you have HYPNOTIC POWERS YOU CAN USE INSTEAD! Kousetsu: BECAUSE THEN THERE’D BE NO STRAY LOVE HEARTS!!!! Hiyoki: Oh, well that makes sense. Hiyoki is all, I’LL TELL YOU WHY! BECAUSE YOU CAN’T CONTROL PEOPLE’S HEARTS WITH YOUR HYPNO POWERS! (Kousetsu: HOW’D YOU KNOW THAT!? :U). AND YOU’RE A PUSSY!”
    It all makes sense now!

    The Cain saving her picture. It looks like his hand’s on her boob.

    “Cain: I’m flippin Cain, bitch! I bent those fool nightmares over a table and ********** them. >:U

    Kousetsu: D: omg…”
    The good things always happen to the main love interest.

    The confession picture. He actually looked cute and not all oresama.

    “Kitoo didn’t transfer. Instead he and Asukai are doing some interior decorating down in Kousetsu’s Happy Land”
    I think it’s more dangerous because they’re getting it on than decorating. Hehehe. <3 yaoi


    • Like how the picture has all the guys on it :3
      (except Yamashina gets kicked to the back ^^; at least it’s not Gai or Kitoo this time)

      Neither do I. Just somehow, within the first 2 pages of the chapter, Hiyoki suddenly knows where Cain is. She bursts into Kousetsu’s room, finds his hidden perv room, and runs down to the hidden underground ruin…whatever thing.
      Me: ಠ_ಠ; dwah!?

      Lol, thank you Rin for forever making me see Kousetsu as a pedo x3 It made SLH even more amusing!

      Yeah…19 chapters only to find, lol! Turns out I had my heart the whole time ;D So all those chapters prior that made everyone look suspicious was just in mah head.
      (I feel bad now because I kept pointing at Uryuu as the culprit…just because he’s so dang creepy!)
      (He’s probably wanted for some other, more criminal offense…)

      Haha, his hand DOES look like he’s going in for a grope!
      I notice Cain’s hands are always in weird places. Like in the May Festival chapter, when he was holding his hand to his face; it looked so awkward. Love how you said you thought it was Uryuu’s hand reaching up for a stroke xDDDDD

      Cain…I can totally see you doing something like that. Kousetsu is probably ran away because he was afraid Cain would do to him what he did to Kousetsu’s dream demons (or whatever they were)

      I’m surprised how CUTE he looks O__O
      Like, Cain! WTF happened!? You pulled that stick from your butt out!
      If only you’d have done that earlier I wouldn’t have continuously harassed you in my summaries…maybe x3

      I always wondered if there was something going on between Kitoo and Asukai that we don’t know.
      The interior decorating thing just adds to the mystery ~ ;3

      Thanks for sticking with my summaries, Rin
      Loved your comments (esp the Kousetsu ones!)


  11. “If only I could photoshop Kuga’s face over Cain’s…” I so agree with you on this… but I guess it’s better to give Hiyoki to Cain, they both compliment each other’s shortcomings…-_- ごめんなさい gomenasai for the cain x hiyoki fans. I know Kuga is better off with his music. I kinda feel the ending and logic is off, kinda disappointing but I still love this manga, but WHAT made me continue reading is YOUR translation, I love your humor and how you express yourself… looking forward for more.

    btw I love your wallpaper…

    ja ne


    • Hiyoki and Cain did make a cute couple
      (the pictures in the end definitely show that)
      But at least that means Kuga is free ;D tee hee

      The logic was W-E-I-R-D!
      Totally pulled out of someone’s butt o__o (well, that was the impression I got)
      Thus, I believe SLH was meant to be for the eye candy x3

      Thank you so much iolair for sticking with my summaries
      Love your comments x3
      I’m glad to have met you (and stalk you on Twitter!)


  12. I see why you said the end was weird and fully agree *-*; that would be cool if there would be a sequel for SLH ^^;; but like other good series, i doubt it x_x
    thank you again for the great summaries XD i couldn’t stop laughing at all of your side comments ^^ (kousetsu’s happy land) oh my gosh XD thank you XD and good luck with the future projects ^_^


    • A sequel would be awesome
      I mean, with Kousetsu sill on the loose, you never know ~ (plus I’d like more history on Kousetsu! Who was that chick from his dream!?)
      Thank you for reading my summaries. Glad you liked them :D And thank you for the comments!
      I hope my future projects are as successful as SLH :3


  13. Thank you so much!

    I absolutely loved reading your summaries for Stray Love Hearts. Your comments are just so hillarious, it was difficult to contain my laughther (since it is like 6-7 in the morning and everyone’s pretty much asleep I kinda had too) >.<

    Absolutely enjoyed this!


    • Kousetsu is a sneaky kitty
      I don’t know for what reason he was leveling up Hiyoki’s heart to use for mind control but meh
      I guess it’s up to our imagination ^^;
      I agree – I liked all of the boys (even if I made fun of them all the time xD)

      Thank you for your comment! ^__^


  14. Love your summaries!! XD, awesome side comments are just epically awesome :P

    Now to wait for TP to do the scanlations
    *goes back to reread hilarity* X3

    thanks again for doing these :D~!

    p.s. the dying/dead girl in Kousetsu’s dream looks a little like ren’s mom maybe? I totally agree that the ending was rushed >/ shame SLH got the axe *sigh* a 6th volume to tie up loose ends would be nice :3


    • I’m glad you liked the summaries :D
      They were fun to do!

      TP is speeding up their releases of SLH it seem :) At this rate, they’ll beat the Russian group who is also scanalating SLH!

      I have no idea who that chick was. She honestly looks like Uryuu in drag. I totally thought it was him xD


      • I’m glad TP is releasing SLH so all you get to experience some Comic Sylph goodness :3
        I bet you those individuals who do read Russian are very happy penguins x3 Being able to read so far compared to the English releases.

        Kousetsu x Uryuu…
        That would be a very scary combo
        But both engage in illegal activities (in my head xD) so I guess they’d make a good pair…*cringes at the creepy images* but let’s be thankful it didn’t happen xD


    • It was…a special chapter ^^;
      At least she got with someone. Better than no one at all. And Cain got over his jerkiness…even though it was random and sort of creepy ^^;
      But yes, Kuga is still available ;D
      Fan girls rejoice!
      Now let’s strip him <3
      Kuga: o___O whut!? *flees*


  15. i just recently discover this website, and im absolutely grateful four your translations!
    i have a mix feeling about the ending,im happy because i knew the ending but im sad because it ended..(awww):'(

    i do know that it would be cain-hiyoki but it’s hard when you’re face to face with the truth, because i want it to be hiyoki and kuga..

    but im eternally in love with asukai-sempai, and im really really happy that he didn’t kiss kitoh-sempai.. while reading the manga of chapter 11, i don’t know how to react, should i be happy or sad? i just stared at my screen and kept repeating the words “what had just happen?” in my head over and over.

    since in the manga, its only chapter 11 with translation, i’m happy that i knew the summary through this..that’s why im really grateful to you..

    sorry if this is too long!
    btw, do you have the translation of chapter 16 and 17? thanks a lot!


    • Not a problem :3 This was good experience for me (because I did these summaries to practice my Japanese :D)
      The ending is definitely a hit or miss. I personally am on the fence about it. On one hand she got with someone but the logic concerning everything was just…yeah… (and who she got with too…)
      (definitely wished it could have been longer – so things could have been fleshed out more. But what can you do? It was either this or Barajou and there was no way Barajou was going down)

      :D Thank you! A Kuga x Hiyoki fan!
      I feel they had the best chemistry up until Cain started to take his meds and began to act human to her. Because once Cain started to use feelings other than those associated with an ass, Kuga got slapped to the side :< (poor Kuga…)
      But again, what can you do. I guess wish well for the two and hope Cain continues to take his meds and not relapse into his past self…

      Haha, you and me both! That was the first chapter I ever read and that scared me from the series for a while xD But once I confirmed the truth, I started to read the series. And the rest is history ;D

      Not at all. I’m always happy to receive comments :D
      You can find all my summaries here (which includes 16 and 17):

      Thank you for your comment!


  16. i just recently read SLH is some manga site because my friend suggest it.
    then, well, we all know that it is just in chapter 11…….. so i got curios what happens next. then i surf, surf and surf the internet hoping i can find something. (but not really wishing) then bwah lahh……
    i found your summaries……… i really really thank you for that awesome summarizes you’ve work at….. i got all excited to tell it to the friend who suggest the manga to me cause i know she was dying to know what happens next after the ‘mistaken kiss’ thing……..

    really, thank you…………….. hope to read more of your work……..



    • I’m glad my summaries could be of help :D
      I know chapter 11 is definitely a WTF!? chapter (just look at the drama happening on mangafox x3 so many speculations. I’m loving people think Asukai is a girl *I won’t lie – originally I thought that before I read the later chapters haha*)

      Thank you for your comment :D
      I’ll certainly try my best in the future!


  17. by the way, the ending is kinda “__” for me…… i just don’t know….. but this mnga is sure great………. i love all the boys in the manga…….


    • Yeah, the ending is definitely…hit or miss (which is a miss for me since 1.) I wanted her with Kuga and 2.) wtf, I don’t get the whole reason Kousetsu turned evil (seriously, who was that Uryuu in drag from his dream?))
      However, this series got axed before it’s full completion. The manga-ka was starting up a new project in another magazine and rather than have 3 series to work on, one had to go down (and there was no way Barajou was going down).

      Amen to the cute boys though ;D One of the reasons I stuck with this manga (that and to find out who the heart thief was!)


  18. Hey! Thanks for the summaries! I enjoyed reading them and I love the way you summarize it. AHAHA! The way you wrote small “captions?” under the pictures just makes me laugh~ HAHA~


  19. I’ve been stalking watching your blog for awhile and you have always made me laugh y ass off with your comments. You’re going on my stalking watch list now. (°^o^°)


  20. OMIGOSH!!! :) i LOVE you HUMOR!! XD i couldnt stop laughing while reading this summary. and i totally agree with it all. :)) haha. Thanks for summying it all up!


  21. Lolohwow this is late but anyways…
    Anyways I love your summaries!!! You’re hilarious, you know that?? Lol the only thing I’m confused about is how it’s like, minimal contact between Hiyoki and Cain and then last few chapters WABAM SHE IS IN LURVE WITH HIM FKDSLJF:LDJSFKL like wut? hahaha :P oh well!!! thanks for your summaries, now I finally know the ending!! :D


    • Yeah, it was all:
      Cain: I don’t like you. I’m going to pose here and look beautiful for my fans.
      Hiyoki: :(
      You’re a douchebag…and your probably have small balls. I’m going to sleep around with these guys because I don’t want to die from not having a heart and all ~ :)
      Cain: ANGST! (but doing it beautifully ;D)


      Hiyoki: …meh, it beats ending up with no one *walks over*

      I’m still confused about Kousetsu and his whole reason for being evil.
      Also, who was that chick in his dream that be was bawling over?
      Meh, I’ll just reason he got molested by the Burger King while playing in the McDonald’s playpen. This event broke him mentally, thus the reason he likes to hangout at playgrounds, trying to attract kids into his van. When candy stopped being efficient enough, he instead decided SUPER hypnotism would be a better option. Why? Because he could…and thus the creation of SLH…
      Totally explains everything :)

      Thanks for your comment! Glad you liked it!


  22. Nice review! This is truly the type of blog post that needs to be shared around the web. Sad on the search engines for not positioning this article higher!


  23. Oh, gosh, from the very beggining I knew they’ll end up together, but I LOVE KUGA! It’s the same for me with Barajou no kiss, I know red rose it’s the… “white knight” (playing with words \(^-^)/ ) but I love my night stalker… and just for the record, I DO LOVE THE WAY YOU SUMARIZED EVERYTHING, your thoughts included, they made me laugh all the time. Kisses from Spain, hope you keep up the great work! (sorry if I wrote something badly) LET KUGA FOUND HER DAWN GODDES… somewhere else… :D ¡hasta siempre!


    • 8D I hope Kuga finds love too!
      It just sucks that he got pretty much minimal screen time at the end (a panel? Really? One panel…fail D:). Y U GO BE A STAGE WHORE CAIN? D:

      I’m glad you liked the summaries xD
      Thank you for your comment!


  24. i loved this blog now i will just have to wait for room #s 18 19 &20 to be found translated some were (not that they aren’t translated here but you get the picture of places like mangafox and stuff like that) maybe i should read some of the other manga that you’ve blogged about…


    • Ah, you must be talking about the Russian scan team. I think they are ahead of the English scan team (as of this post date anyway). Or perhaps the French version of the manga? Those lucky French – the manga is being released over there! (but in actuality I’m really happy because that means more exposure for Sylph 8D).

      I’m not sure if any of the other series I’ve done or am currently doing may interest you (but you never know!). However, I do know I was more conservative in my older stuff (it’s only recently I decided to say screw it and be all the pervert I can be ~ ) so they’re rather dry and boring ^^;


  25. Thanks for the nice blog. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us


  26. thank you for the summary !
    I appreciate your thoughtful words( and chuck
    norris comments ) and expectations for more great future-reviews!
    It was a fun read


  27. wow this was very confusing in some ways. There really needs to be a sequel to this damnit. I love ur summaries they’re always so funny :D
    BTW: wat is ur background picture? it kinda looks familar to me but i can’t seem to figure it out


  28. Thank you sooooo much for these summaries! plus, your humor made me laugh ridiculously hard! :D
    but what I’m wondering is, why did Kousetsu need to do all that and who’s the lady he’s holding?!


      I WAS LIKE WTF???? WHO????
      But then no one in the manga questioned her existence….
      And then the manga ended without explaining her face…
      And I just went (ಠ_ಠ) really?
      So basically – no clue xD Only the manga-ka would know who this girl is because she sure wasn’t shown earlier D:

      Thanks for your comment BTW 8D


    • Yeah, the ending is indeed special ^^;
      But when you’re forced to end a series early, that means you have to cram everything in the end
      Well, the Cain fans at least got to smile over this
      While us Kuga fans…OTL

      Thanks for your comment :)


  29. Thank you so 4 da summaries i was like reading it in mangafox and WTF there wuz no more luckily you had summaries coz ill be dying to wait.
    i dunno about the ending they should have extended abit its like they rushed the ending


    • :) Glad you liked the summary. The ending was indeed rushed but she was hurrying to get SLH done and out so not much we can do… :______; I wouldn’t have cared so much if they hadn’t downed Kuga’s screen time. Kuga bear…noes!


  30. Euhm sorry o ask you this, butte bacgound you have o this site? agirlplaing iolin in te oeanloking background.. Where did you get this background. Its absolutel bautiful, plese tell me, nd thxfrte ummry i totlly loved it! :D


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