Spoils is ONE YEAR OLD :D

Can’t believe it nearly slipped my mind!
Yes, ladies and gents!
This day has arrived ~
Spoils has official reached its one year mark.
And frankly, I’m surprised I stuck with this blog for so long xD
To think it all started because I wanted to improve my Japanese! (and I wanted to spread my new found love of Comic Sylph with the internet)
Spoils has definitely gone through lots of changes. Heck, I STILL don’t know what this blog is about. Just whatever I feel like posting about :3
I would like to thank everyone for their visits and comments! Spoils wouldn’t be as much fun as it is now without you all! I’ve gotten some hate (yes people, I do surf the internet ^^;) but I’m glad that it hasn’t shown up on this blog. Instead, I’ve been blessed with the chance to meet some awesome people. Thank you all again for your support and visits.
In a few weeks, I’ll have hit a certain page hit mark so I can do another post like this and thank you all again :D
To show my appreciation, I’ve gone ahead and summarized the final chapter of SLH (it’s only fitting to celebrate the anniversary with something Comic Sylph). With this series done, I’m going to restart the series that started it all for me: Zeele Sacrifice


(now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to crash~)

Lol, excuse the random Kuga doodle xD I was just doodling for fun and he suddenly manifested.
I turned him vampire just because it’s Halloween xD

16 thoughts on “Spoils is ONE YEAR OLD :D

      • Lucky :3
        When I was younger, I was limited in what manga I could buy. When I got a job, that’s when I could go hog wild x3
        Nice that the French versions are cheaper than the English ones (the English ones are a bit pricey :<)
        Do you plan on getting SLH when it comes out in French?
        (not sure the exact date but I heard it somewhere x3)


  1. Congrats! :D

    I still don’t really know what my blog is about either! xD It kind of transformed into a shojo reviewing blog over time, but who knows what it’ll be in a while, haha.

    also, your drawing is fantastic~


    • Thanks ^__^

      I like how a blog can change over time
      I look forward to seeing how our blogs will be in a year from now!

      Thank you x3
      The doodle is a practice template for a picture I plan on doing for a SLH Halloween Contest on DA (they have a SLH club on DA; I sequel-ed shamelessly in joy when I found out x3)

      But I have to confess something.
      I used this picture because I forgot my one year anniversary was on this day
      (lol I sound like a husband)
      I just looked at my doodle and thought, yup, I’m coloring this in and using it as my thank you xD


    • Thank you x3
      I’m hoping Zeele Sacrifice and another project (I’m waiting for Penguin & Strawberry to be released in volume format before starting…because I left my Comic Sylph volumes at home. DOH!) will be as much fun as SLH was :D


    • Thank you so much x3
      I hope to see a second year as well! This blog helps keep my sanity when school gets crazy ~

      Oh, you can for sure plan on seeing more Kuga doodles ;D

      You too iolair! Ganbatte kudasai :3


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