Someone is scanalating Zeele Sacrifice :DDDDD

I’m doing this super quick before jetting off to my stats class
I was looking on my blog when I noticed a lot of hits (lol, like 6 but that’s more than usual) for Zeele Sacrifice. I was like, why would people look at that…UNLESS *dramaticface.jpg*
So I fly over on mangaupdates and look up Zeele Sacrifice
Sure enough, someone has JUST started scanalating this :DDDDD
It’s not the greatest but it’s a favorite of mine (I like those stories with angels and/or demons).
The link can be found here :D (the scanalator group is “Wasuretai” lit. “I want to forget”)
*note that the manga starts off SUPER slow*

And I think today my package from came in (the front office is closed so I won’t be able to check until later ;____;) but if so, that means my second volume of Zeele Sacrifice is in there :D And you know that when I finish SLH, I’m going to be continuing on that (actual summaries, not translations like I was doing in the past)

Okay, gotta go!

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