Okita Arc Teaser, Part II (Hakuouki)

Another chapter down means another TEASER :D
And to let you all know…it still sucks
Okita: :_____: how could it get any WORSE!?
Oh, Okita. If only you knew what horrible fate awaits you at the end of this manga…
Okita: :U
Well, while Okita is curled up here in the fetal position, here are some pictures to keep you all interested for Part II ~
Okita: w-where did I go wrong in life? ;_____; I’m beautiful. Horrible things don’t happen to beautiful people…

Here we see Chizuru working on her ninja skills
(would have been epic had she had some binoculars around her neck x3)

Hard to make fun of this chapter because it’s really dark and depressing >___>;

This is like, the closest thing to romance you’ll get in the Okita chapter
Yeah, you read that right
Hijikata scored better and he didn’t even get to first base
Never fear because Harada is going to show these fools how pleasure your woman!

See, hard to joke around with this chapter because all the pages either have talk about death, someone crying, or someone being killed
Shoots man!
This manga turned dark QUICK! 8U

Here’s a picture of Okita practicing his Hamlet
“To be or not to be…”
Well actually, it looks like he’s fondling boobies in his head o__O;
Stupid jiggle lines

And this is one of the last scenes. Chizuru stares at Okita sadly before he chops her apart.
He made good on his word…
(that hand actually belonged to Heisuke)
(yeah, he sliced off Heisuke’s effing hand)*
(O_______________O does that happen in the anime?)

*Just to let you all know, what I write in these teasers isn’t actually going to happen. I mean, had there really been a “Okita fantasizing about boobies” scene, it would have been awesome but sadly it was not included. So don’t take any of my words here to heart.
So now I’m sure all of you are looking forward to see what kind of crazy shenanigans Okita and Chizuru get into in Part II…or not
Well, whichever it may be, the chapter will be out soon ~



3 thoughts on “Okita Arc Teaser, Part II (Hakuouki)

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  2. “Here’s a picture of Okita practicing his Hamlet
    “To be or not to be…””

    Okita: now I might get an oscar for best actor.

    Holy shit. Someone get there hand chopped off? On second thought I might avoid season two of Hakuouki.


    • Lol
      Yet Okita will have the shock of his life when he hears he lost to Leonardo DiCaprio
      Okita: WHUT!? His movie didn’t even make sense! >:U

      I think it’s just Okita’s chapter that’s messed up and bloody because Harada’s (the one after Okita’s) isn’t all crazy either. Hijikata’s was pretty tame too (well, since Hiijikata was the one getting his butt kicked instead of doing the butt kicking himself xD)


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