Aksys Games x Otome survey?

Besides loving anime and manga, I’m also a video game nerd. I ESPECIALLY love RPG games (specifically those from Japan x3 Kingdom Hearts, Wild Arms, Tales of…, Disgaea, etc.). While sniffing around on my favorite RPG news websites, RPGFAN, one article caught my eye.

“Aksys Games Reveals Otome Survey”

Naturally I spazzed at the word OTOME. For those who don’t know, Otome games are kind of like dating sim games, where instead of having one guy with lots of female love interests, it’s one girl with a bunch of fine looking specimen to choose from ;D So far to date, only I only know of one Otome game that has been released here in English: Yo-Jin-Bo (and I sadly missed getting that game Dx).

Who here WOULDN’T want Hakuouki or Heart no Kuni no Alice over here state side? If you are one who wishes to obtain this dream, please take the survey and let Aksys Games know your desire! One of the games they mention is Hakuouki! :D So if you’re dissastisfied with Chizuru getting with Hijikata (most likely, I have no proof to back this up other than gut feeling) in the anime, tell your friends, mom, heck even grandpa to take this survey and spread the word! We want Otome games too!

If you’re not interested…well…okay then…can you go tell someone who might be? K, thanks ^__^

Here is a link to the survey: GIMME MAN MEAT

4 thoughts on “Aksys Games x Otome survey?

  1. I loved what they had at the end of the survey: “Thank you for taking this survey! You have helped make our world a better, happier place. Tomorrow’s children shall sing your praises.”

    I really hope someone is able to get Hakuouki and/or Alice~ :D

    Also, I totally have Princess Debut for the DS. It’s a silly little otome game about dancing. xD


    • I thought that was awesome too x3

      As much as I like Hakuouki, I want Alice more (just because Hakuouki is really depressing pending on the route you take :<)
      (in Alice, everyone is just homicidal xD)

      OMG! I totally forgot about Princess Debut! I got that game in Japanese and totally forgot about it :O
      I must go back and play it! (looked SUPER adorable so that's why I got it x3)


    • I would love to see Hakuouki over here (but I’d like Heart no Kuni no Alice a little more because it has Boris <– my favorite character)

      I'm interested in seeing what Saitou's route looks like to be honest x3


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