Halloween Theme

Should be writing my paper due next week but I’m procrastinating a bit x3
I got the first part down!
Just need to edit it a bit now…
But enough about school!
It’s October, kiddies and you know what that means?
Sweet GLORIES candy!
Free candy
…that I have to hand out ;_;
(lucky stinkers)

October is here and in a few weeks I’ll be celebrating this blog’s one year anniversary! :U Can’t believe a year has already gone by! (and I still don’t know what this blog’s main objective is x3 Guess I’ll just stick with my “whatever floats my boat” mentality). At the time of this blog’s creation, I wasn’t thinking of making a Halloween theme and thus didn’t have one. But this year is different! Got the header, background, and icon to be scarryyyyyyyyyyy and Halloween-yyyyyyyyy.
Woooooooooooooooooooo *ghostface*

Okay, so they aren’t that scary ^^; They’re really cute (except for the background because she looks like she’s going to suck your soul with her fangs). But I tried!

(I really wanted to do a Stray Love Heart Halloween thing but…)

As you can see, other than the pumpkins and Kuga’s tennis racket thing, no one looks too Halloween-y ^^:
Trying to figure out wtf Cain is doing with that shoe… I’m thinking he either wants to sniff it, or he’s like, someone left this shoe behind…Uryuu, my garbage can >:|

Here’s the header. Didn’t do much with it actually. Just cropped the picture down and added some text. Love this picture. Found it here on zerochan.net.
(wonder why Kaito is staring at that cat, like it’s going to go Chucky on them when their backs are turned? x3)

Finding a good background took longer than expected D: I didn’t realize that different monitors produced different background sizes (…go ahead and laugh ;_;). It took a while trying to get a background that DIDN’T look like shit on both my small computer and my new computer. Thankfully this crazy chick looks good on both :3 I got her because I originally thought she was BRS, only dressed up as a warrior vampire or something (lame I know xD). @Mindy told me she’s actually a crazy version of BRS (apparently there are a lot of other characters like that too)(link courtesy of Mindy).
Any hoo, didn’t mess much with this much.  Simple crop and gradient. Was going to put pumpkins with random shojo and shonen faces but it looked…stupid in the end so they were removed xD The original image can be found here on zerochan.net.

Here’s my icon. Decided to keep with the vocaloid theme. I was originally going to use Sora from Kingdom Hearts (because I LOVE his Halloween Town outfit) but Gravatar was being a little butt and made the image quality really crappy :,< Way to dash my KH love….
Little Miku can be found here on zerochan.net

And there you have it :3 Well, I’m off to do a little editing. Will be back here later to update stuff. Reply to comments. Etc.
See ya ~

14 thoughts on “Halloween Theme

  1. Oh just fyi the girl in your background is one of the MANY fan made versions of Vocaloid’s “Black Rock Shooter.” She’s more or less the opposing version of Miku who keeps the world from becoming corrupt. It’s a pretty interesting character I would advise looking her up cause there are TONS of this sort of “painted” background pictures all over the internet!!!
    Love the background and love the Halloween theme!!!


    • Ah, so that’s it.
      I’m lost when it comes to BRS – I really need to watch the anime instead of looking at pictures and wondering what is going on x3
      Thanks for the info :3 and thanks for liking the new theme ^__^


  2. it’s really pretty
    love the profile pic x3 it’s soo cute
    oow i was excited to see your Sora Halloween’s outfit TT
    and yaay my blog is also gonna be one year old *high five* i didn’t think about halloween for my theme ==’ (forgot that halloween is gonna come closer) so yeah my header and stuff are CLAMP-ish (X 1999) cos i’m currently watching it :p


    • Thanks ^__^
      I love the profile picture – I wanted something cute to offset the scary background. Plus, it’s Miku! She’s so adorable!
      Dwah, I wanted to keep Sora but only having a close up of his face made me sad. I wanted to get his whole outfit but the picture came out really bad. Thus Miku it is!

      Awesome :D We have the same anniversary month! *high fives back*
      I really wanted to do a Halloween theme after missing it last year. Was so fun looking for pictures (expect for the background bc that took forever @_@)


      • hehe i’m glad to hear it :D

        ikr (High Fives Back (again)*
        hehe i always forget Halloween is in October (lmao)
        ikr background pics are not easy to find

        oow btw now thx to you i know Zerochan.net and it really useful
        Domo Arigatou >_<


      • I’m glad zerochan.net can be of help to you
        When I found it, I was a happy girl
        Not only was there SLH stuff but there were so many OTHER anime/manga pictures
        Just type in Hakuouki and be amazed at how many pictures pop up! @__@


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