Been awhile (doodles)

Well, sorry for being a way from my blog for so long!
Just now got done replying to comments (which I thank <3)
(and soon I’ll get to stalking at my usually hangouts >:3)
The reason I’ve been lazy with my blog – besides Grad school (lots of reading, presentations, hw, papers, etc.) – is because I’m on DA as well.

A friend of mine said she’d reactivate her DA account if I reactivated my own. We decided, we shall spam this world with our art (or doodles in my case)! Plus it was something to do to keep in touch. From there, I found other friends that were on DA as well so it just made being on DA even more fun ^__^

To keep this blog active, I decided I’d post random stuff from my DA account here. Just because xD

I‘m still learning so please, if you’re going to laugh, make sure I can’t hear it jk

This first picture was a test picture. I’m trying to see how my scanner reacts to penciled vs inked stuff. I’m lazy when it comes to line art on SAI (the program I use). I’m hoping that if I can just do the line art in RL, all I have to do is scan the picture and color it on the computer. Pencil seemed to be okay but ink…sucked D: Because of the darker lines, my scanner darkened random pigments and made the quality really shitty. So I’m kind of glad I didn’t doodle Kuga after all…because he would have looked like shit ;_;

Here’s the description for Paperwork…bah:

Originally I was trying to doodle Kuga. However, when I got his eyes done, I was like, wait a minute. These eyes don’t look right. *suspicious*
*doodles Cain’s hair*

So, to get revenge, I decided to pile him up to his nipples with paper work >:D
This is what you get STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT for interfering with my Kuga drawing!

*Also wanted to see how my scanner liked it when I inked something in.
It wasn’t happy :<
So pencil it is!

From the manga Stray Love Hearts (SLH)
Character: Cain
Done with Sai

Also, I got revenge in the form of a random doodle:

Cain: oh shit…

Seeing how bad I fudged up the coloring in Cain’s picture, I decided, yeahhhhh, I need practice when it comes to coloring >_>; So, I decided to doodle something random in SAI and practice coloring skin and hair. I’ve found I need to pick colors first then color, rather than just fly at it.

Here’s the description for Blood Moon:

I really just come up with the random-est titles don’t I?
There’s no blood or moon in this picture xD

After seeing my Cain picture, I was like, DAMN I SUCK WHEN IT COMES TO COLORING!
Thus I’m going to practice coloring ~
Eventually I’ll get it to where the colors DON’T suck xD

Manga: Stray Love Hearts (SLH)
Character: Hiyoki
Done in SAI

You’ll notice a lot of my doodles are based off SLH. Don’t know why but it just is x3
Okay, maybe next time I’ll go post my random Card Captor Sakura CRACK comic: Card Captor Toya ~

13 thoughts on “Been awhile (doodles)

  1. “The reason I’ve been lazy with my blog – besides Grad school (lots of reading, presentations, hw, papers, etc.) – is because I’m on DA as well.”

    Lol my excuse too. God, second year is going to be busy.

    Hiyoki is really pretty~


    • Ugh, Sophomore year. It was the year that wouldn’t end for me.
      Junior year shouldn’t be too bad (at least it wasn’t for me) however senior year sucks because you just want to be done and free :|

      Thank you :3
      I’m kinda surprised how she came out seeing as Cain came out a little…freaky looking ^^;


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  3. me too!
    By time I get home it’s already late and I still need to do HW D:
    So this weekend I just made 3 posts and scheduled them for later on the week. (so it looks like I’m always on ;D)


  4. This mangaka’s drawing style is so pretty and impossible to immitate! I’m serious… i like tried for 20 mins and I got no where TT^TT
    Your Hiyoki looks so pretty! Unlike mine… bleh… she looked like a male O.o

    Nice drawing techniques! You’re good!


    • The guys are so hard to draw!
      I’m surprised my Cain looked even remotely Cain-ish!

      I remember seeing a manga by this mangaka where the main guys looks just like Hiyoki so it shows that she’s gender ambiguous. The only difference is she’s wearing a skirt and has “tails” for hair.
      Moral of the story: I’m sure you’re Hiyoki looks cute ^__^


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