Room #20 Teaser – Stray Love Hearts

Sorry about that xD
Got a little emotional there
Well, here is your teaser for Room #20 ~
Only one picture this time
Everything else is WAY too spoilerish for a teaser ;D





49 thoughts on “Room #20 Teaser – Stray Love Hearts

    • I’m seriously trying to figure out where the platinum hair deal came from >_<
      Cain SO doesn't have platinum hair
      Nor does he look ANYTHING like the dude in her dreams (dude was buff)

      It's…weird (like I said to @warriorhope)
      When I get the summary out, you all can be the judge…


  1. That twist… made me want to rip someone’s throat out! In a way it was surreal to the point of hilarity, but… Oh, dear.

    (although the cough mastermind had me rolling on the floor laughing)


    • The twists in the last chapter are definitely…wtf
      I’m like o_O; wait so all this time…what!?
      And you! Why?
      *cue flashback scene*
      WHAT KIND OF REASON IS THAT!? D:(correction, what did I just see!?)
      And who IS that person!? (how can you introduce someone in the last chapter!?)

      It’s…special indeed >_>;
      Kinda wonder what would have happened had SLH been given an extra volume worth of chapters
      Maybe this end would have felt less…randomly farted out into existence
      But that’s just me ^^;


  2. heeeyy why are you so evill, why a teaser if you have the whole chappiiiee, pleeeasssee post itt <3 i just wanna know how it endsss pleasseee! TwT


  3. OMG thank you sooo much for these past translations!! :D They’re soo amusing to read you’ve got me hooked on this series!!
    AHHH I want more!! O_O haha I can’t wait for the last summary!!

    Ohh and if you wouldn’t mind me asking, how exactly are you getting all these RAWS? Do you get them from a Japanese magazine or something and then translate them? Well anyway I’d love to know so I can get my hands on all those lovely Kuga pictures!! ^^ Haha thanks again!!


    • Ah, I order the magazine :3 At first I got them through but they only carried certain volumes. I went with but ho snaps that place was EXPENSIVE!
      Now I use (I’ve always used for random manga volumes but now they started carrying issues of Comic Sylph (the magazine SLH runs in) so I’m like YESSSSSS!!!) because it’s cheaper shipping wise :3
      I also buy the manga volumes when they are released to show my love (and to get the omake ;D)

      Hope that helped!
      Thanks again for the comment ^^


  4. Thanks for all your work!

    Huh, I’m gonna bet the above scene is Cain returning the heart, not taking it since his hair isn’t platinum. And from your reply to other comments I think the heart thief is a spirit or something belonging to Cain’s family…


    • And thank you for reading ;D

      It’s…weird (I’ll keep saying that until the summary is released – if I say anything else it’ll give the whole thing away x3 When you all see, you’ll be like “…that was weird.”)


  5. ugh… a sudden twist… XD
    hmmnn… but i think it’s not really cain..
    who stole her heart… i just have this
    feeling… hehehe… <3 <3 <3…
    i'll patiently wait for the last chapter even if
    it kills me… hehehe… XD <3


  6. So…wow I actually bought the last volume of this series and had one of my friends translate it for me….just wow. It was all like umm…intrusive much? Haha just my take on it XD

    And just gotta say I LOVE your summeries they really give me something to laugh at when I have nothing to do. O_O (i know i know i have no life xP)
    But I’m in love with this series. Pretty much only because of the art. I mean dayumm, I’ve never seen guys so hot on paper. Just throwin that out there 8) (aka KUGA FAN RIGHT HERE BITCHES!)
    Oh and I was wondering if you planned on doing summeries for her other manga series, Barajou no Kiss…? I think you should!!! ;P The guys just get hotter and hotter, it’s a fact ;)
    Thanks again for the summeries!! REALLY looking forward on what you have to say on the next volume!


    • AH! That’s awesome that you got the last volume :D
      So you’re the only one here besides me and the scanalators (and those who can read Russian since the Russian site apparently has the answer somewhere) who knows how it ends.
      Agreement on your statement. Everything was just…BAM BAM end, leaving you thinking wtf happened!? Also, thinking “…WHAT!?”)
      At least it ends cute…depending on how you look at it…

      I’m glad my summaries are of use :D (pssft, I’m the one with no life! Grad school sucks the life out of me Dx these summaries help keep me sane. And doodling too.)

      I pretty much just do summaries for anything Comic Sylph. If it’s Comic Sylph, I’ll do it ;D
      Unfortunately Barajou no Kiss is part of Asuka so I prob won’t touch it (it’s expensive enough shipping one magazine! Darn fat things! Comic Sylph: D: Me: Forgive me baby *bricked*). But I think somewhere someone already did some summaries of the later chapters. I remember seeing it on mangafox I believe. Or was it on MAL?

      Thanks for the comment! ^__^
      (PS I really like your screen name, very unique)


  7. hmmm.. you have me worried when you keep saying it’s “weird”. I hope this author didn’t muck up the ending :S hahaha, as for me, I’m a Cain fan ^^ though, I totally understand Kuga obsession XD well that’s bishounen for ya! Gotta love these types of manga, major eye-candy ^^ and a variety to choose for your midnight fantasies XD hahahahaha ^^ thanks again for the time and effort XD


    • Weird is the only word I can think of using without spoiling the whole thing. I’ll let you all be the judge when I get the summary out.
      It was just…weird xD

      Now that Cain has turned bipolar in these later chapters and is nice, I don’t mind him as much :3 Still will forever be a Kuga girl though ;D

      LOVE reverse harems. Eye-man candy is a win ;D

      Thanks for the comment! ^_^


  8. From the very beginning I figured Cain would be the heart thief– but it’s still a totally awesome series XD <3 <3
    thank you thank you thank you so much for taking all this time to translate these and writing summaries for all the chapters ^-^ can't wait for the last chapter– and good luck XD <3


    I’m sooo excited.. but so sad its over :(
    well i just wanna say i just found your summaries like yesterday and they are my LIFE!
    so thank you so much for everything and when SLH finishes im gonna check out the rest of your spoils!
    Thanks again!!


    • It’s a little sad to say good bye to SLH :(
      Wished it could have been just a couple of chapters longer to explain some things better but what can you do?

      I’m glad my summaries could be of benefit :3
      My other stuff is hit or miss (esp my first stuff). In the beginning when I started translating I did direct summaries. Rarely any jokes (I was a nervous blogger who was afraid to be herself). But after a while, I thought, this is boring! I’ll just type what I wanna type ~ and thus that is how I progressed to this state I am currently at. I’ve gotten hate for doing this (not on this site but I’ve read the comments elsewhere) but as the saying goes, haters are going to hate. I shouldn’t let them dictate how I do things ;D)

      Well, that turned out more lengthy than I planned ^^;
      Thank you for the comment! ^__^


      • Thanks again so much! I’m trying to picture life without Kuga :(
        I guess I’ll just it soo many times until my weekly Kuga-quota is filled! *drools*
        And forget about those stupid haters! They couldn’t do what you’re doing, they’re just JEALOUS. I think all your summaries are accurate and funny at the same time! I actually giggle openly when I’m reading them! If there’s anything I can do to help you then just let me know cos I would be happy to give something back! I’m learning japanese right now so I’m OK so as I said, whatever you can think of if you want!
        Thanks again!!


      • Life will indeed be sad without Kuga brightening our day :(
        (heck, you can actually kiss Kuga good bye in this chapter because he makes EVEN LESS of an appearance in the last chapter Dx oh the cruelty!!!)

        Thanks for your kind words x3 They’re the greatest thing a person can give! (other than a real life Kuga ;D).

        I hope your studies into the realm of Japanese are fun! (it seriously takes FOREVER & I’m probably not even half way there yet!)

        Thank you again! *hugs*


  10. Thank you very much! i love your summaries!
    and i’m waiting for room 20!!!!
    i’m very curious!!! and i can’t wait for the last one!!!

    thanks again! ^_^


    • Thank you for your kind words x3
      I just think, who cares! Haters gonna hate. As long as they stay away from my blog, I’m good ^__^ Plus being myself has helped me meet a lot of awesome people!

      Thank you again for your comment x3


  11. I can’t wait! He looks so pervy in the pic! When do you think you’ll be able to get the chapter summarized? Okay, I just wanted to say thanks for translating this, so anyways, thanks!


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