Room #19 Summary – Stray Love Hearts

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The summary was quick but the pictures were the ones that made this so late
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Title: ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ!(Stray Love Hearts) #19
Manga-ka: 硝音あや
Source: Comic Sylph, Aug 2010

Be shocked. No color page! Also, is it me or does Hiyoki look pregnant in this shot?

After a long wait, I finally present you all the summary to Stray Love Hearts #19. I think only Ren fans will care for this chapter. The one I’m sure everyone is fidgeting in excitement over is #20 >:3

Anyway, shall we begin?

Hiyoki: “Were you unable to sleep?”

The chapter starts off with Hiyoki waking up. She sees Cain reading a book.

Cain: “Thanks to you, I was able to get plenty of sleep.”

Wow, that sounds so risqué xD Cain says he’s good thanks due to what happened in Room #18. He explains he’s practicing for what might come up during the “inquiry” thing he’ll have to go through to prove he’s not a sexual deviant. Hiyoki remarks the books he’s been reading look difficult – “The Box Car Boys” “The Princess Diaries” “Twilight.” *bricked*

Cain: “I love books. Their “contents” aren’t too deep nor are they too shallow. “People” are different though.”
Hiyoki: “Seems you don’t like “people” too much…”
Cain: “You should feel the same – seeing as we’re unable to tell “people” about our ability to see into their “dreams.””

“The human heart is an extremely dangerous thing.”

Way to be angsty Cain o_O I’m sure that’s what Hiyoki is thinking because she doesn’t respond and instead looks out a window.

The next 4 pages are pretty much dedicated to everyone shitting themselves over the fact Cain hasn’t shown up. The student council guys are all, we love you Cain! We don’t believe you’re a pervert!!!  (except for Uryuu because he wants Cain back home where they can braid one another’s hair like when they were kids). The students themselves that have assembled are of course thinking that Cain really is a horny bastard who couldn’t keep his pants on and he’s not showing up because he’s too busy humping a stuff animal.

Yamashina spots Hiyoki and asks if Cain was acting normal this morning, seeing how they are sleeping in the same room (that would have been awesome had he said this out loud – that would have totally solidify Cain’s sex issues xD Students who over hear: ಠ_ಠ). Hiyoki says he was pretty normal. Ignoring his emo moment, Hiyoki is sure something must have happened to Cain because:

“He’s not the type of guy who “wouldn’t come.””

(PPPPPSSSSSTTTTT!!!!!! Please give me a moment to get my giggle fit under control. OMG, why was a born with such a dirty mind XD)

I think I should have said “He’s not the type of guy who “wouldn’t show up.”” But hey, kuru does mean come, though in this case, the spelling is different (this is why having a friend who’s into BL is just awesome; you learn so much perverted stuff haha): 来る 【くる】 (vk,vi,aux-v) (1) to come (spatially or temporally); to approach; to arrive; ;D

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then it means you aren’t a pervert like me xD)

The fact these characters had this speechless expression on their faces made me think that yeah, they got the dirty joke as well xD

Hiyoki’s friends (yeah, they’re still here even though we haven’t seen them for like 5 chapters) glomp her and ask her to find Cain (because I guess they’re secondary characters & will vanish once their lines are over so they can’t go look for him themselves…). Yamashina asks for Hiyoki’s aid too (because I guess he’s got too much to do, like standing around and twiddling his thumbs, to go out there and look himself…), saying everyone here believes that Cain isn’t the type of person not to come show up.

Hiyoki nods and bursts dramatically out the doors running.


Scene switch over to Cain who is wondering what the eff is going on.

“…you’re already waking up? Guess these meds weren’t as effective as I thought.”

Raep face, equipped. Cain: o_O;

Cain, noticing he’s tied up, looks up to see Ren holding a whip and wearing tight bondage clothes. Cain: =_= oh this is not going to end well…. Ren laments that had Cain been out cold a bit longer, the inquiry thing would have been over and done with (I don’t know why Cain being awake now would have any hindrance on the process. He’s tied to damn chair in the middle of nowhere. What, is he going to have a mental telepathy conference with the inquiry department now that he’s awake!?). Then Ren remarks out loud that Shizuka will handle things.

“Uryuu Shizuka? Is he a helper of yours?”

Ren is all hell if I know (really, he does say this). Anyway, Ren decides that since this is the last chapter before the final chapter and the only chapter he got lots of screen time was the first chapter, he’s going to make the best of it and monologue out loud :D He explains the reason he came to St. Nazareth was to get revenge against Cain. A folded origami crane helped pay for his admittance into the school (so why all the jobs then?) and would instruct him on what to do. Cain says that’s the dumbest story he’s ever heard to which Ren replies, it is dumb (no lie) but it’s for revenge – it’s all good!

“According to the plan, if you don’t participate in the inquisition, you’ll be kicked out of office!”

Cain: =_= really? That’s the best you can come up with? Kicking me out of office? You spent a good third of your life coming up with this plan, and…this is it? >_> okay…

While Cain is thinking the above, the scene changes to Hiyoki who is running around. After checking the obvious places he wouldn’t be in – like their room – she thinks, huh, where could he be? Gai gets a cameo so we all remember he’s still here. He asks what’s up. Hiyoki explains she’s looking for Cain.

“I don’t know about Mr. President but…Ren was walking over that way with a strange look on his face.”

(lol, raep face xD)

Hiyoki remembers that in the general direction Gai points out is where that basement place is – the one Kuga has his concerts in and also the one where Kuga and Ren first became BFFs.

Flip back to Ren and Cain. Ren wants Cain to apologize for the shit he went through. Cain, being Cain, decides to be flippant and says shouldn’t Ren apologize for tying Cain up? (because you always want to piss off the guy who drugged you, took you to a secluded place, tied you up, and has a grudge against you…). Naturally this ticks Ren off, but rather than pimp slap Cain around the basement, he just grabs Cain’s nipples shirt (the angle makes it questionable where his hand is xD), and yells at him. How disgusting Cain is – one minute Cain wanted to be a “family” with Ren and his mom, the next he throws both of them out onto the streets.

“While living in the Kumoide home, her body was crushed…because of that state…my mom died three years ago!!!”

Cain says nothing, but he’s wearing a oops look on his face

Hiyoki comes in and tells the two not to fight. Ren: o_O dwah!? Hiyoki looks as if she’s ready to spill about everything with Cain but then closes her mouth. Somehow, from these two panels, Cain is able to deduce that Hiyoki is going to use her powers (no lie people). All of a sudden, Hiyoki now has the power to throw them all into the dream world (>_> the fukku? When did that happen!?).

Is it me or does Hiyoki’s face say, ahhh, been holding that fart in for a while

[This is the only thing I can do. Awaken the sleeping “dreams” of these two.]
[Somehow…the memories…and pain…connected]

We go into Ren’s past. He’s looking out the window with a concerned look on his face. When his mom asks what he’s doing, Ren says Cain hasn’t been around to visit them lately. His mom sighs. She says it’s most likely because he’s being trained to be the next head of the family. She pats his head before pulling Ren into a tight embrace.

“I’m so happy it wasn’t you!”

She tells Ren to give his support to Cain. Big Ren is watching this with a <_> look on his face.

Cain explains they’re looking at Ren’s memories, or rather, a dream of Ren’s memories. Ren looks at Cain like, this ain’t no dream if you’re in it. He asks well, if over here are my “dreams,” then what’s over there?

Cain: …

[Over there…is Cain’s – ]

” Zombie Mr Rogers” turned out to be a bad idea…

Little Cain is screaming. In front of him is either a dead guy, a guy who is dying, or a fake guy (can’t tell o_O). Mom is in the back saying that Cain doesn’t have control of his powers yet (wow mom, you suck D:!). She continues, saying if you aren’t careful about looking into someone’s dreams, you’ll get swallowed up by chaos in that person’s heart (I’m sure Hiyoki is thinking, DWAH!? <_> You mean all this time I could have been swallowed by darkness!?!).

[What did I just do to this person’s body?]
[I…just now did I…]
[Was I doing the looking?}
[Or was I the one being looked at?]

The body thing Cain was looking at – a Katashiro (形代)– is taken away. Cain’s mom remarks about how many have they gone through o_O She talks more, oblivious to her kid curled up on the floor, twitching from mind seizures. Dreams are the core of people. If you don’t handle them carefully, you’ll end up breaking their “hearts.”

[Did I break him or…]
[Did he break me?]

Little Cain says eff this and tries to make a break for it. However, he gets captured by some random dudes. Mom says if Cain tries to resist, he’ll be bound…with a blindfold >_>; hmm…yeah…that boy ain’t going nowhere with only a BLINDFOLD to restrain him…<_>

“Your pain is only beginning.”

D:< the eff wrong with this bitch!?

Time passes – Cain is still having problems with his powers. The random dudes that captured him earlier remark how they ran out of Katashiro to use. One of them gets the idea of using Ren next, because Ren’s mom is too sick to mind rape. Cain hears this and goes, oh heck no! He crawls up to the dudes, demanding they give him another try with the Katashiro. When the dudes say the Katashiro is too destroyed to be of any use, Cain acts Cain-ish and says he’ll do it >:U If he can see properly, they’ll have to make him the next head of the Kumoide family.

[That’s right. I’m still me. I’m still…]
[His brother!]

Then we have that scene from Room #15 where he kicks Ren and Ren’s mom out into the streets.

[Good-bye…my family]

Everyone wakes up. Ren is freaking out. Only natural. He asks what the heck did they just see!? Hiyoki explains what they saw was from Cain’s memories. She’s the one who connected their dreams together. In her head, Hiyoki thinks how afraid she was of anyone finding out about her powers. But she decides to come clean. She’s been using this “weird” powers of hers to look into everyone’s secrets. She apologizes. But there’s no time to be all emo about her powers being outed!

She unties Cain and tells him to go to the inquisition. Cain thinks that after so much time has passed, there’s no point. Hiyoki pretty much says, go get your arse out there and prove you’re not some sicko that humps giant Pikachu plushies!!! Inspired by Hiyoki’s words, Cain goes running out.

(if you’re wondering about Ren, he’s currently wondering where he went wrong in life)

Cain bursts into the room where the inquisition is taking place – super dramatic too. Totally expected a sonic boom to have resonated across the room.

“Seems you’re a little late…”

Kitoo is on the podium with a mike in his hand. Cain’s face makes it look like he’s thinking, you mothereffing backstabbing sponge kicker D:< blackening my name huh!? But it turns out Kitoo was defending Cain, saying he was a good guy – someone Kitoo would have liked to emulate.

Cain: 0_0 whut!?

After getting his composure back, Cain takes the mike and addresses the masses. He apologizes for being late and pretty much says, I’m not a horny devil >:U His defense?

“I’m currently experiencing an unrequited love” ;D

Uyruu: ಠ_ಠ whut!? I’ve loved you ALL this time!

The masses drink this up (I find it humorous that all the girls + one random guy are blushing xD I sense someone might be a secret Otomen ;D). Guess who walks in on hearing that statement? Ren and Hiyoki. Ren just has a =_=; face (which really shows he’s Cain’s brother) and Hiyoki has a O///O face. She’s trying to figure out if what Cain said was just a sick joke or if it was…

Before Hiyoki can dwell on the matter, Ren goes into emo mode (another key that he’s Cain’s brother). He says his mom died of an ordinary disease (nothing magical) so it wasn’t Cain’s fault. But he felt so betrayed when Cain booted him and his mom out that he was unable to feel anything but hate for his brother. He punches a wall in frustration, wishing someone would have told him the truth now, instead of wasting the good part of his younger years plotting to get Cain kicked out of his high school student council position…

[Why didn’t I try to learn about this…]

Hiyoki does the shojo heroine thing and comforts Ren, saying he isn’t a dumb shit and that the world loves him ;D This warms the cockles of Ren’s heart so he stops being emo. In fact, he’s blushing at her words ^__^ awwww. He tells her thanks you and kisses her on the forehead ~

Witness the power of shojo heroines – who can take brooding males and restore them to “happy” mentality ~

Big Brother happens to catch sight of Ren’s ballsy act. Looks like it’s Cain’s turn to be the brooding male.

When Hiyoki says his name, Ren’s testicular fortitude vanishes and he instantly cock blocks himself by apologizing and saying that was the end to today’s adventure. Hiyoki is glad Ren is back to his character as seen in chapter 1. Now Cain will go back to being president and everything will be okay…


Seems the computer program FORTUNA is being a butt and is selecting which votes cast by the students to accept. The votes being accepted are those that favor kicking Cain out. No one is pleased with this (which makes me think, wtf guys? Not even 1 chapter ago you all said Cain sucked and wanted him out. Now you’re like his new fan club members! D:). Especially Yamashina. When asked where Cain is, Hiyoki says she thought he went back to A Dorm. Yamashina comments he wanted to ask Cain who those creepy guys in black outside are (wow, so other people DID notice them. Refer to Room #18 for more details xD) – he believes they are the reason for this turn of events.  The others agree, for what other reason would a bunch of creepy old guys in black hang around a high school for?

Yamashina says he’s going to his room. While his porn is downloading, he’s going to go fiddle around with FORTUNA.

“I may not know the President’s circumstances but I’m going to get rid of this “unjust” virus.”

Hiyoki says she’s going to go search for Cain. As she’s about to leave, Kuga appears at the door.

Kuga: “Are you going? Hiyoki?”
Hiyoki: “Yeah.”
Kuga: “I’m not really a fan of that guy…” “But…” “I will always be on your side.”

What’s up with ALL the guys SUDDENLY going, okay, now that the series is ending we don’t love you anymore Hiyoki ~ Let’s be friends ;D Oh, and we heart Cain ~

Kuga: “If that is what you want…then I won’t stand in your way.”
Hiyoki: [Kuga-kun!]

(you all might be wondering why I bothered translating Kuga’s speech. It’s because these 3 panels are the only ones he has in Room #19. As a Kuga fan girl, I was NOT about to let this chapter go by without some Kuga time ;D)

…Kuga…how you’ve fallen in my eyes =_=;

Hiyoki goes off dashing.

[Are you off somewhere? Alone and in pain? Cain?]

We flash over to Cain. He’s having a pouty-moment in either some mausoleum (which would make that thing he’s sitting on someone’s coffin o_O) or in some random underground place with benches.  He’s imagining Ren getting to first base with Hiyoki xD.

Cain: ಥ﹏ಥ

“Are you in pain, ‘Kumoide Cain’?”

Cain, startled, brushes off his man tears and faces the speaker. He demands to know why this individual called him down here (please note the origami crane Cain is currently squeezing the shat out of).

The stranger reaches a hand out.

“The only way to escape from that pain…”

Don’t ask me why, but I think Cain unbuttoned his shirt for this next part (Stranger: ಠ_ಠ uh…).

“…Is to acquire ‘that.’”

The stranger pokes Cain’s exposed chest and things get magical ~

A gust of wind tears through the area. A little dramatic seeing how all that happens is a broken-heart shaped tattoo appearing on Cain’s chest…

“A “heart” to fulfill your wish.”

The one chosen…is you (<– no idea what that means. Think it’s referencing Hiyoki  >_>;)

Cain: Good think I shaved my chest hairs this morning :D

Room #19 END!

Yeah ~ Another chapter down. Just one more and we’ll get the end. Expect Room #20 sometime soon. Not sure when. xP

38 thoughts on “Room #19 Summary – Stray Love Hearts

  1. Thanks for the summary… Love the way you do things – REALLY!!!

    I guess we can share Kuga now that he gave up on Hiyoki easily… LOL *hugs*

    guess we are almost done with this but the memory of Kuga will always be with us
    *ahahaha hime laughs*


    • Not a problem :3
      (These summaries are more fun when you joke around x3 Or at least that’s how I feel ^^)

      With so many Kuga fans, Kuga will never have to worry about being alone >:D
      *hugs as well*
      Kuga: o_o: I take back what I said Hiyoki! DON’T LEAVE ME!!!

      I know!
      I’m so surprised we’re almost at the end
      Can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I started this project (yeah, I’m slow xD)
      Live and make fangirls everywhere scream in joy at your presence!!!!


  2. “Be shocked. No color page! Also, is it me or does Hiyoki look pregnant in this shot?”

    OMG she kinda of does. WTF!

    “Anyway, Ren decides that since this is the last chapter before the final chapter and the only chapter he got lots of screen time was the first chapter, he’s going to make the best of it and monologue out loud”

    Well, he did become a villian out of nowhere.

    “Cain: =_= really? That’s the best you can come up with? Kicking me out of office? You spent a good third of your life coming up with this plan, and…this is it? >_> okay…”

    Seriously. I mean Cain is on the student council, not the president/prime minster of a country.

    “if you’re wondering about Ren, he’s currently wondering where he went wrong in life”
    aww~ He should cheer up. He has Kuga as a best frenemy. I will admit that kidnapping Cain was majorly f***ed up though.

    What’s up with ALL the guys SUDDENLY going, okay, now that the series is ending we don’t love you anymore Hiyoki ~ Let’s be friends ;D Oh, and we heart Cain ~”

    At least, Ren went down with a fight. Still lame though yeah, but I guess the guys figured out their roles as reverse haram guys who don’t get the girl.

    HAHAHA. What’s up with Cain’s expression in the last panel? It’s ridculous.


    • Seriously thought this was a future scene or something where Cain knocked Hiyoki up (you know he’s ballsy enough to do it)

      “Well, he did become a villian out of nowhere.”
      The things characters do for more screen time…

      I just lol-ed thinking of all the nefarious things you could do to a person, kicking said individual out of one’s HS student council position was really…pathetic
      (Ren really shouldn’t be evil. He just…sucks at it)

      “At least, Ren went down with a fight. Still lame though yeah, but I guess the guys figured out their roles as reverse haram guys who don’t get the girl.”

      So true
      I think the light of enlightenment hit them and they were all, WOW what were we THINKING these past chapters? US? With the main female lead? Ha! Not with Cain in the picture. Now that we realize we have NO chance at getting the girl, rather than cry over this, let’s swallow our man tears and help the heroine get with the guy we hated…only we don’t hate now because…well…just because!

      I love Cain’s expressions in #20. He just looks stoned. It’s great xD


  3. I love you for your summaries and thank you so much for them!

    “(PPPPPSSSSSTTTTT!!!!!! Please give me a moment to get my giggle fit under control. OMG, why was a born with such a dirty mind XD)”
    OH MY GOD! I wasn’t thinking that far! I may be a BL fan (and the hard core stuff too), but dear god! LOL

    “Ren holding a whip and wearing tight bondage clothes. Cain: =_= oh this is not going to end well…”
    Oh yeah. There’s gonna be some incest goin’ on. LOL

    “he just grabs Cain’s nipples and yells at him”
    Yep… incest.

    “Uyruu: ಠ_ಠ whut!? I’ve loved you ALL this time!”
    *pats Uryuu* It’s ok. You’ve been a very good creeper for this series.

    “The stranger pokes Cain’s exposed chest and things get magical ~”
    Now what do you mean by that? >_>

    I love Cain’s facial expression. You can totally see the WTF in it.


    • I said this out loud when translating it so that’s how the dirty thought INSTANTLY took over my mind xD (I sometimes say things out loud to see if they make sense)
      I probably scarred quite a few people with that comment xD

      You gotta admit, Ren had on such a raep face. Had I been Cain, I’d be thinking, ho shiz. I’m going to come out of this a MAN aren’t I D:

      Blame the angle xD His hand disappears in Cain’s shirt (think he was supposed to have grabbed it and clenched it in his hand but it SO didn’t look like that from my perv eyes xD)

      Uryuu: ;_; wtf…oh well, I’ll always have the memories of listening to him fall asleep (because I was under his bed) or taking a shower (because I some how contorted my body to fit in the medicine cabinet). And who’s to say I WON’T stop being a creeper? Cain ~ you’ll never be alone <3

      Ah, I just meant that sparkly lights started flying around. Wind tore through the air. Think Harry Potter and things get dramatic when doing an awesome spell. That's it. No stranger didn't do the big nasty with Cain. That'd be creepy ;D


  4. Thanks for the summary.

    Now that S.L.H is ending soon, I’m kinda disappointed in it. It’s ending too early, not much things were explained.

    The romance was kinda fast. Hiyoki just suddenly likes Cain while Cain just suddenly likes her too. It was a bit too fast.

    Everything was moving so fast.

    Hopefully, Barajou no Kiss doesn’t end up like S.L.H.


    • Yeah, sucks it’s ending before its originally planned course. But having 3 projects would have been crazy on the manga-ka. She had to cut a project somewhere and it’s obvious Barajou no Kiss wasn’t going to be it ;_;

      My thoughts exactly. First she thought he was a tool but now that we’re at the end, it’s like, oh! Okay, now I like you. Totally like you now. Give me some sugar.

      Room #20 is…going to be special. You’ll definitely see signs the manga-ka was trying to condense a lot into one final chapter.
      It’s not bad but…it’s not the greatest ;_;
      But that’s just my opinion

      Thanks for the comment!


  5. Awesome summary not that I expect anything less from you XDXD and OMG I loved Cain’s face at the end, it’s soooo funny!!!!
    thankyou for the summary and can’t wait for the next one XD ~!


  6. by the way, who the u guys think the stranger is???

    it’s probably someone we know from the manga already cuz it would be weird if a new person is introduce when there’s only one chapter left.

    could it be the sorcerer teacher from their dorm??? u know the one that gave hiyoki the fake heart to replace her missing one.


      Kuga FTW!

      But the dick usually wins in the end (at least in shojo manga)
      Now that Cain is suddenly getting a 180 in his personality, he’s actually tolerable. Still don’t like him but now I don’t want to punch him in the nuts

      Thanks for the comment ~


  7. Hey it’s me again!

    “He’s not the type of guy who “wouldn’t come.””
    >>> This literally had me rofl. XD OMG. I think I also have a perverted mind. XD

    And GOOD JOB for putting up a Kuga scan pic in this chapter. XD He shouldn’t have given up, though. T.T

    Thank your for the summary! :)) Hope you get to summarize the last chappie of S.L.H. when it gets out. :))


    • I was worried it I should put that “come” part but I was like, I’m not the ONLY one who would giggle like an idiot at this right? I can’t deny people this xD

      I’m so depressed that Kuga only appeared for those 3 pgs
      And then he pretty much gave up the fight ;_;
      Kuga…what happened to your man pride!?

      Thanks for the comment ^__^
      Not sure when the last chapter will be out but it’ll be soon ~


  8. You are so funny, that I am physically in pain trying not to laugh out loud (people tend to do the “is she crazy?” stare then). I love these summaries and can’t determine if I like your commentary or the plot line more.



    • Haha, thank you ^^ I’m told I have an interesting sense of humor (gotta love that the manga provides lots of material to work with xD).
      Glad my summaries were of help ^^

      And thank you for your comment <3


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  10. Holy hell woman

    That was not only really informative and through but fucking hilarious. Seriously.

    And that line where shes like “He’s not the type of guy who “wouldn’t come.” I was all like LOLOLOLOL, for about a minute because in lieu of his sexual predator accusation and his infatuation with Hiyoki that COULD have happened.

    Also that scene with Ren being all (sadist queen) and interrogating Cain it was like the mix of a thriller and really hot sex. Idek how that works, but hands end up in all sorts of places. Guess they had to both blow off some steam.

    How does Ren relate to Cain. They can’t be full brothers right? But they are related somehow. PREASE HELP!


    • xD I have a dirty mind, I admit it. How can you NOT think that when reading the English translation (hopefully the scans will have a better translations xDDDDD)

      Both are related to one another via their father (whoever the heck he is <- never shown). Cain's mom is some chick who I guess is officially married to the dad. Ren's mom is the dad's whore (yeah…I guess concubine sounds a little better…). Thus they are half brothers.

      More BG on them:
      Because Cain is born from the official marriage, he's the one recognized as the next head of the Kumoide family (well compared to the whore's kid, Ren). However, it all depends on magical aptitude. I guess the magic can only go to one person (from what Cain's mom said anyway), so it went into Cain. Cain at first had difficulty using his magic but when he heard that the Kumoide family was planning on using Ren to experiment on (because they're sick butt touchers), he was all F NO DAT MY BROTHER, EVEN IF HE IS BLACK! (jk). Cain goes super saiyan and shiz. He becomes the new head. To prevent his half-brother from being messed with in the future…he kicked Ren and his mom out of the Kumoide household… (why he didn't give Ren some money so he and his mom could survive better, I don't know. I guess it's because we needed the mom to die off so Ren would get all cheesed and spend his younger years plotting to take Cain down…via his student council position! Without that, he's NOTHING! or so is the conclusion Ren came to…).

      Hope that helped – sorry for the confusing :)


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