Shugo Chara #3 (manga opinion)

I love re-reading Shugo Chara <3
Now that I’m reading it in Japanese, hopefully I’ll finally get to read what happens between #4 and the last 6 chapters
(yes, I was a bad girl and skipped, like the entire middle of Shugo Chara)
(I was super curious to know how it ended xD)
(But that star road thing confused the heck out of me so maybe it was a bad idea to skip so much >_>)

Title: Shugo Chara #3
Mangaka: Peach-Pit

Summary on the back (from Del Rey’s version):

Amu’s Guardian Characters have been stolen by her teacher, a bitter man whose dreams died when his own egg was smashed. When Amu goes to reclaim her Characters, the School Guardians are there to help. But can they get Amu’s eggs back and put the evil teacher’s egg together again?

Well, I may not have the second volume on me but I already read it before in English so it’s all good that I skipped to volume #3 ^__^ Last we left of Nikaidou-sensei captured Amu’s Shugo Charas. Thanks to her friends and some surprising help from an enemy and a psychic, Amu is able to get two of her eggs back. However, Nikaidou still holds one – Suu! Whispering so only she hears, he tells Amu to meet him tomorrow for a chance to get the egg back (not sure why she didn’t just kick him in the crotch right there and take her egg back but whatever helps the plot move I guess…). But she has to come alone. Is Amu up to the challenge?

I love the psychic lady in this volume. Not only because she screamed, “I’m no physic! I’m just an old hag!!!” before having a break down, or because she has her own theme song to pump her back up when she’s feeling blue. Not even because she can’t drive. It’s because I think she’s a shotacon xD Love how Tadase works her over with his charm.

I feel bad for Nikaidou. Yeah, he’s a bad guy, but he’s not that evil. He’s just a guy whose dreams were pooped on as a child. Man, his parents were lovely too /sarcasm >_> Can’t believe dad called the people of this world who live their dreams “losers…” Heck, if I had parents like that, I’d probably go evil and steal stuff from children too. I’m happy with the conclusion to the Nikaidou arc though. Nice warm fuzzies for all.

The last chapter in #3 was a sweet Amuto one <3 Sorry Tadase fans but cat ears beats a crown any day in my book ;D

Overall, I enjoyed Shugo Chara #3. The plot is interesting and the characters are fun. Looking forward to #4 :3

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied
Thoughts: OMG AMUTO <3 <3 <3 XD *spazzes*

5 thoughts on “Shugo Chara #3 (manga opinion)

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  2. I loved chapter 14! It was just so cute and the splash page is pretty. ^_^ I was always an Amuto fangirl, particularly after this chapter though. Must read it again.

    “Man, his parents were lovely too /sarcasm >_> Can’t believe dad called the people of this world who live their dreams “losers…” Heck, if I had parents like that, I’d probably go evil and steal stuff from children too”

    Most of the parents in Shugo Chara suck on toast. Rima’s parents in particular are pretty bad.


    • Love Amuto scenes (feel a smidget bad for Tadase though – I can’t remember if he ever got with anyone in the end. Or if he was all, I’m gonna win her, you’ll see! I’ll be that ONE guy that actually beats the dark and mysterious badboy!)

      I think Amu’s parents are the only good parents in this series
      Great, can’t wait to meet Rima’s :/


  3. Oh when SC used to be good. No offense to those SC fans, but it got a bit over-rated and the ending was kinda rushed even when they had shitloads of chapters to finish it up. Anywho. You gotta love the Amuto. And don’t worry. The road of stars would confuse you even if you didn’t skip.


    • I’m told the further you go into Shugo Chara, the more it falls downhill. The middle is random filler. The end is, of course, the road of stars (aka the road of confusion).
      (sad to know I’ll still be confused as f@#$ with the end even though I’m patiently trying to read each volume in hopes of better understand xD)

      Amuto FTW :3


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