Google Meme

Being lazy right now and not working on my essay for stats class xD
I wanted to put this on here just because :P
My friend on DA (and RL) tagged me to do this meme
Basically you type in words on google and use the first image google gives you
I decided that instead of doing the normal thing and just typing in “dog” or “blue,” I’d write a whole string of words and see what I would get.
Let me tell you, I got some pretty random things.
Especially when I typed in my grandma’s name + random adjectives xD

If you’re bored and want to do one of these, you can find the blank template here

The picture itself is huge so you’ll have to click on it to get the full size. I think the best thing about this meme was doodling the random faces :3 I love doodling random faces <3

6 thoughts on “Google Meme

    • Ah, I guess I need to explain better! My bad x3
      You go to and go to IMAGES. From there, you type in, say, BLUE. A bunch of images are going to pop up. For this meme, you’re supposed to pick the VERY FIRST picture that appears and stick that on to your meme. And that’s it :D

      I went beyond the call and typed in a WHOLE string of words, like blue sea blue sky and that’s how I got that picture under FAVORITE COLOR ;3
      And apparently, typing in MUSCLE MARY will give you a picture of that buff dude/lady (my grandma’s name is MARY but I wanted to get something unique so I added MUSCLE for kicks xD)

      Hope that was a better explanation!
      It’s really fun to see what you get ^^


    • I think I got that whistle because I typed in FOX DOLPHIN (my two favorite animals). I was hoping for a picture with the two of them together but instead I got…a whistle! Doh!

      I love the favorite color one. After all the random shiz google was giving me, that picture kind of made up for it (believe the words were BLUE SEA BLUE SKY, if you’re interested :3)

      You should give this meme a try
      It’s really fun
      Plus it’s crazy to see the random stuff google will give you!


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