Okita Arc, Part I, Hakuouki (teaser)

Okay, I’m trying to do this AGAIN from my old computer
Hopefully the pictures will SHOW for this post as well >:U
Stupid WordPress and being a whore
I went to bed later than I wanted because I was busying cursing at the screen (I had a morning class today so I wanted to suck in as much asleep as possible ~)
Well, here goes
*crosses fingers*

You know this arc is going to suck when this is the first page >_>

Okita: >:U the hell I ever do to anyone!? And you Chizuru! Don’t stand there! Call a damn ambulance! I’m effing choking my own blood!

Emmm….sexy >_>
(gotta give props to this artist – them guys are frickin SCARY lookin!)

Dwah, how cute. Figured I should put in one picture that doesn’t have Okita dying/going evil ^__^

The heck! You guys look even more scarier than that guy from earlier o_O Talk about raep face…

Look, it’s Patrick
Guess this is where he went to when he wasn’t stalking around in Hijikata’s arc
(boy needs to get laid or take up a hobby >_>)
Chizuru doesn’t seemed to be pleased with Patrick’s presence
Bowl throwing ability – ACTIVATED!!!!
(because, why use that sword around your waist, when a bowl can do so much more? ;D)

Chizuru: o_o OMG I’m so sorry Okita! I didn’t think that I’d not only miss hitting Patrick, but the force of that bowl would be enough to cave in your skull!!!

This is the teaser for Okita’s arc.

Yeah…it’s going to suck…


10 thoughts on “Okita Arc, Part I, Hakuouki (teaser)

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  2. WTF!?
    Okita dying on first page does not call for love-dovey!

    Aww the cute page of Okita (draws cat ears) now it’s complete!

    bowl throwing Chizuru -_-; poor Okita (he has better luck with Chizuru’s bro)


    • That’s pretty low of that manga-ka
      To start of the chapter by saying, HEY THIS GUY IS DYING :D DON’T GET TOO ATTACHED <3

      When he's not twitching on the floor in pain, he has some cute shots :3

      Haha xD I remember you DA comments
      That would be awesome if Okita defected over to Chizuru's bro's side instead of hers xD


      • The more and more I see Okita and Chizuru relationship the more I’m like “Chizuru’s bro is such a better match for him” (even if he’s a dude.) but what Okita doesn’t know wont hurt him ;D

        And it would make for a hilarious twist to the story xD


      • Haha, I can see when Okita tries going to second base with Chizuru’s bro – *grab grab* wtf, where are your boobs!?
        Chizuru’s bro: what boobs? ;D
        Okita: ಠ_ಠ oh shizzzz

        It would be awesome
        I’m sure no one would see that coming
        (Okita especially!)


  3. Wow. The first two pages don’t look like they belong is shojo manga. Still trying to decide if that’s a good thing or not.

    Poor Okita. He’s too cute for this shit. Also, is there a reason why they turned into vampires or whatever? *it seems like someone is trying to capitalize on the twilight trend*


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