Hijikata Arc, Part II, Hakuouki Jurenka (summary)

haku Hopefully this time the pictures show up
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Title: Hakuouki Jurenka, Hijikata Arc, Part II
Source: Manga


Last we left off, Hijikata came running to the room, screaming about Jonas Brothers tickets reporting that the building has been surrounded. There are like, two to three hundred guys out there. Being the man that he is, Hijikata says he’s going to stay behind and hold them off…(Hijikata….you do know how much 300 is right? It’s more then what you count on your fingers and toes…). Chizuru doesn’t want to leave him behind. Plus he’s just ONE person. Hijikata takes offense. They’re just mooks >:U Their only purpose in life is to show off my awesome.

Isami cuts in before Hijikata makes it more obvious he didn’t get good grades in math class. He’s going to go to the enemy’s headquarters under disguise to buy them some more time (>_> uh, how is that supposed to be helpful Isami? They’ve already started surrounding the building you currently are producing waste in…). Hijikata tries to argue that Isami’s plan is not only stupid but suicidal (And you Hijikata…weren’t you the one who wanted to take on 300 guys on your own?). However, Isami is bound and determined to execute his plan. When Hijikata tries to play the “Isami = Shinsengumi leader = can’t go off executing stupid suicidal plans” card, Isami remembers he is the leader and uses his leader-powers to order Hijikata to go take Chizuru away (I guess to meet up with their allies off somewhere). Hijikata: :O damn! How do I argue against that!? (no literally folks. He gives up >_>;)


The two have a bro moment before Hijikata escorts Chizuru (yeah, she’s finally remembered!) away.

(am I the only one thinking, where the eff is everyone else? How can you have a base of operations and only have 3 people there???)

Chizuru thinks how she wishes there could have been another way – instead of leaving Isami to pretty much die. To initiate the Hijikata emo scene, she trips and when he helps her up, she says she’s ok. They need to hurry with the time Isami bought for them.

Hijikata: ಡ_ಡ

His back to her, Hijikata pretty much kicks himself in the nuts for leaving Isami behind.

“That’s not what a courageous warrior would have done! That’s what a coward would have done!”

Not liking the fact Hijikata is mutilating a part of his body girls like, Chizuru hugs him from behind, to stop him. She tells him what Isami told her back before Hijikata came screaming into the room about them all being surrounded and SOL. He said it was cruel to think Hijikata was invincible – that they could continue to rely on him. This means Isami thought of Hijikata as someone of importance to himself. He wouldn’t blame Hijikata for not staying behind.

Hijikata still isn’t going to let go of his emo state. He says now that Isami is gone (holy shit, way to kill him off in your mind Hijikata! He MIGHT have made it >_>), he has no reason to live. Isami was the one who kept pushing him forward. Without him, Hijikata is just an empty shell. Chizuru doesn’t say anything – she’s probably shocked because what came out of Hijikata’s mouth sounded like something from a BL manga xD

In her mind she tells Hijikata he himself is still live. As long as he is alive, so is the Shinsengumi. But she knows no matter what she says in his current state, he won’t listen. So Chizuru continues to hug Hijikata as he cries over his dead friend (Isami: I’m not dead yet >:U wtf! Give me some credit! I’m the effing leader of the Shinsengumi!!!)

cryhughijiHijikata and Chizuru meet up with the gang in Edo. I guess Isami was captured because we’re told HIjikata worked like mad to get him released but the Shoganate were slow in their responses (so not sure if he’s dead or what…). Then there’s more Shinsengumi history going down that I’m too lazy to write (just google it if you’re curious xD). Skipping the history lesson, we’ll continue at the part where Patrick/Chikage makes his re-appearance.


He says he wants to eff up Hijikata for messing around with his face. Hijikata is all, well, give me one sec here to change my hair color…*hair color change* Sweet! Now that I’ve gotten my awesome powers which are associated with the coloration of my hair, I’m going to attach your face to my Swiffer and wipe the floor with it! *attack* >:U

However, even though he did the hair color change thing, Hijikata is a sad panda when he finds out he is weaker than the last time they fought. Patrick isn’t.

Patrick: >:D

*kicks ass*

Turns out that during the day, Hijikata’s powers aren’t as great compared to at night time.

Hijikata: o_o whut!? Where did it say THAT on the bottle!?

*more butt kicking*

Chizuru (yeah, they brought Chizuru along into the battle…don’t ask xD) remarks how Hijikata’s wounds aren’t healing. Being a villain, Patrick decides to tell everyone his secret: his sword is some legendary sword said to have killed the end boss in FFX some demon who I guess is special…Basically this sword is awesome and the cuts produced by it won’t heal. Happy to see Hijikata bleeding and dying all over the place, Patrick goes into crazy mode. He says he wants to hear Hijikata scream some more muhahahah ~ <3

chochophijiChizuru decides to pull a Phil/Yamazaki and use her body as a meat shield. Patrick stops his attack (because thanks to @myuniques, I found out he’s interested in using Chizuru’s womb to pop out his Oni babies). Randomly some arsonists loyalists decide to light the castle (where this fight scene is taking place) on fire at that moment. Patrick, remembering a childhood trauma involving the birthday candles on his cake and his pet squirrel Nuts, decides to get the eff out of there. Not before doing the villain thing and saying he’ll come back to chop off Hijikata’s head and mount it on his bedroom wall.

The scene ends with Hijikata falling over in Chizuru’s arms.

More history stuff

Chizuru tells us readers that Hijikata is currently recovering from his injuries. In fact, she’s off to change his bandages <3 She enters he quarters to find him hard at work.

emohiji Chizuru: Put the pen down! >:U And undress!

Hijikata tries to wave off her concern. They’re just scratches (uh dude, you got bandages around YOUR NECK! Also, where did that wound come from!? He only got slashed on the chest! There was no cut or blood on his clothing around his neck during the fight scene o_O). This riles up Chizuru but Hijikata just giggles at her. OMG, I should have said chuckled. Giggled doesn’t picture right in my head…

Chizuru puts a coat around Hijikata’s shoulders.

blankethiji “Everyone…is waiting for you to get better. That goes double for me…”

She then guilt trips him by making him feel bad about doing work instead of sleeping. Also, if he gets cold, he’ll make his wounds worse! (R-really? I figured doing Yoga would be worse but that’s just my opinion as an unlicensed, untrained doctor :p)

Seeing Chizuru being so worried about him, Hijikata thinks about the other times Chizuru has been there for him. Suddenly, he apologizes to Chizuru. It seems this whole time he’s been nothing but a problem. However, she was always by his side.

smilehiji “Thank you.”

Chizuru: O///O

Hijikata mistakes Chizuru’s stare as an indication that there is something on his face. Gawd Hijikata, you suck! How many times are you going to self-cock block yourself!? >:U (thank you @warriorhope for that term x3).

However, Chizuru is in Happy Land right now.

[Hijikata-san. I want for nothing, except to be by your side]

Hijikata recovers and joins Saitou in battle. Only to get their asses spanked horribly. Saitou says he’s going to stay at Aizu (where that battle took place) and says friend me on facebook, before parting with the gang. Okita also leaves the gang because he dies (from his sickness). And remember Isami? Well, turns out he was alive this whole time until I read the sentence saying he got beheaded…>_>; That doctor guy and Heisuke die too – after they were turned into rasetsu. And we already know that Harada and bandana guy left the gang back in the first Hijikata arc.

So yeah…>_> look forward to seeing this in the second season of Hakuouki

“However, Hijikata-san’s eyes are no longer lost like in the past. They look forward. On his back he carries not the weight of sadness, but the memories of his friends. The “Shinsengumi” will continue to exist in him.”

endinghiji Hijikata Arc Part II DONE!

Well, wasn’t that a thoroughly depressing ending? The heck kind of anime/manga/otome game is this!? I thought these games were supposed to be a little more…happy towards the bishies. Not friggin killing them off :U To those curious about Hijikata’s route in the game, I stumbled upon a blog that has information on it: 26 hours. While its got similar stuff as in the manga, it goes a little bit further and gives a cute Hijikata x Chizuru scene (unlike the emo scene we’re left off with in the manga).

Next off will be Okita’s chapter. Okita, the guy with the WORSE possible arc so far >_>


17 thoughts on “Hijikata Arc, Part II, Hakuouki Jurenka (summary)

  1. dear gawd!
    everyone dies WTF?!
    so basically he gets Chizuru by default (chizuru can’t fall in love with a died guy >:D)

    is there a Patrick arc? because for some reason I would find that hilarious!


      • In both the video game and this manga, there is a Patrick/Chikage route :3
        I haven’t read it though.
        Think so far it’s been:

        I’m sure it’s going to be a wft route for the Shin boys xD CHIZURU!? WHY ARE YOU GOING WITH HIM D: DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES HE’S TRIED TO KILL US!?


  2. It’s depressing that basically everyone dies…but hey, it’s cool they basically follow history (where like all but 2 of the main Shinsengumi die).

    I wish the Hijikata arc would end like the game. :[ (and I really hope the anime ends that way too! *biased*)


    • Who dies and who lives depends on who Chizuru goes with (at least in the game)
      Apparently Chizuru is like a “Come out of this alive” charm. If Chizuru goes with, say Heissuke, he’ll make it to the end alive (or so the pictures in my artbook say). Not sure if that means Hijikata will die as a result or what.

      I really hope the anime ending is a lot better than this manga version. It really ends on a depressing level. Could have at least shown the ending like in the game :| (but that’s just me)


  3. “Chizuru doesn’t say anything – she’s probably shocked because what came out of Hijikata’s mouth sounded like something from a BL manga xD”

    or she’s into that sort of thing.

    “This riles up Chizuru but Hijikata just giggles at her. OMG, I should have said chuckled. Giggled doesn’t picture right in my head…”

    Well, he is a Jonas brother fan…..

    Your welcome~ Though I can’t take credit for ‘cock block’.

    That is depressing. I still have to finish the first season. The screenie for the game is pretty though. Too bad they couldn’t do that.


    • Touche xD
      She could be a closet yaoi fan girl

      Haha, but fanboying = squealing like a pubescent boy, giggling = …scary images xD

      I would have never thought of self cock block :3 I guess instead I should say thank you for teaching me that word ~

      I’m surprised by how…death filled Hakuouki is o_O; I know it’s based off history but I figured they’d make it a little…less depressing >_> But that’s just me…
      Hey, they might make the anime different! It’s been done before!


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  5. WOw, I love your summary! I was RLMAO the time I’m reading this.

    Btw, historically Hijikata relationship with Kondou Isami was really really close, so close that Hijikaa himself declared that “I died the day Kondou was excuted.” And was practically seeking death himself, when he rode his horse to face the Satcho army and got hit by a stray bullet.

    Sometimes I wonder if Hijikata declined to get married even though girls were practically knocking down his door harassing him, is because he was in love with Kondou.


    • Hoho!
      Thank you for this tid bit :3 I
      know SQUAT about the history of this period (heck, of Japan itself really). I just read the manga and go…emmm, don’t know what that is so…okay xD Continuing on ~
      The one world history class I had didn’t care about Asia. My teacher was obsessed with Africa and the Middle East O_O OBSESSED

      Thank you again for the information and the comment ^__^


  6. The fact that everyone else dies really makes me a sad panda. ;____; The anime makes me an even more depressed panda. Though I have to ask you something. Why do you call Chikage Patrick?


    • To make the situation less depressing, I just think of the game: whoever Chizuru chooses will live to the end (except for Isami and Phil/Yamazaki…sorry you two…your deaths are necessary for the storyline). But it still sucks to see so many bishi die D:

      I’m told the anime is definitely something I shouldn’t watch (I don’t like mass murders of characters I like. I’m a wuss like that).

      Ah, the story behind Patrick’s name? Well, as I mentioned, I haven’t watched the anime save for like an episode. So all the knowledge I’ve got is pretty much that Chizuru is looking for her old man, she meets up with the Shinsengumi, and with them, she’s going to look for her old man. End. So I start reading the manga, Hakuouki Jurenka. The prologue starts out the same as the 1st episode of the anime. Then I get to the next chapter, which is Hijikata’s, and the next thing I know, I’m thrown into a storyline that’s taken place like months since the prologue. Stuff has happened that I don’t know about and there are people running around that aren’t even introduced to me/the reader.
      (I’m thinking you need to have some sort of background knowledge with either the anime or game before reading Jurenka because it just assumes you know what’s going on).
      One such person that was running around was Patrick. He just appears and starts swinging his sword at Hijikata. I’m like, uhhhhh who is this guy? There’s no name written in here. Now, I could have been productive and looked his name up on wiki or something. But I was kind of pissed at being left in the dark about everything so I just pooped out any old name and gave it to him. Thus the story of how Patrick was named ~ Epic isn’t it? jk xD


  7. I just got copies (2 books) of illustrations for Shinsengumi ….. I would love to post and share them with you .. except I cannot scan them! ARGH.. I will try scanning one or 2 pages.. for you. Drop me a msg at the email stated so I can email one or 2 of the scans to you dearie!


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  9. I think the story could better be improved. It’s like so many things and details were left for granted.

    I am not sure whether I should believe Hijikata is dead or not already since if he is, then he should have turned to sand right there and then but he did not.

    In the manga, did Hijikata die too?


    • The Jurenka vers is more like an anthology. It’s expecting the readers to already know the story (which I didn’t and thus had no clue what was going on xD) so instead of telling the whole thing again, it just picks certain scenes and has a certain male character as the focus with Chizuru there to just exist lol xD
      If you’re looking for an adaptation to the anime, here is the manga: http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=58237

      I can tell you if you want me to spoil it for you ~ :3


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