Hoshi-iro no Okurimono (manga opinion)

I’m FINALLY getting back down into reading manga still in Japanese :D
I was a fool to think I could read manga aimed at older crowds! [I mean, I can but it takes so much time and effort it makes me want to quit] I realized the error of my ways when I was thinking about school.
You can’t start up on something advanced if you haven’t grasped the basics ~
How can you build on something if there is no stable foundation to build upon?

All that old folk jazz.

So basically, that means I went back down to manga targeted at a younger crowd (or wasn’t wordy, as in the case of Hoshi-iro no Okurimono) and boy am I glad I did :D It’s SO much easier to read! Younger crowd means less speech bubbles to slap at. Also, the speech bubbles are less verbose! Excellent.

When I can confidently read a Nakayoshi title without stopping and looking at the scanalation for help, then I will brave the world of Hana to Yume. Until then, I’m happy to catch up on my Nakayoshi titles – like Kamichama Karin or Mamotte! Lollipop ^_^

Ah, sorry for the random monologue. On to the opinion!

Title: Hoshi-iro no Okurimono
Mangaka: TOMA Rei, TAKUYO

My only experiences with Rei Toma are a couple chapters of Boku wa Kisu de Uso wo Tsuku (I Lied with a Kiss) and like, a chapter of Reimei no Arukana. Yeah, I’m behind. I saw that Boku wa Kisu de Uso wo Tsuku is complete and that Reimei no Arukana has like 2 volumes of stuff already scanalated! I love her art (I mean, just look at the cover of Hoshi-iro no Okurimono! Now that’s pretty! And drool worthy). Another plus is that her stories aren’t so verbose like other manga-ka, which makes a newbie reader like me happy :D

Hoshi-iro no Okurimono is a collection of short stories. The first is my favorite. It’s about a group of friends who live out in the country side. The main lead, Ai, is afraid of change. She wants things to always be the same – to have fun with her childhood friends, to attend school, to be in a world she is familiar with. However, Ai and her friends are seniors and thus will be graduating soon. Randomly, a new transfer student comes in that will change everything. Can Ai accept this change or will her refusal to change ruin everything she wants?

[OMG I just realized that this short story is based off an otome game by the same title! I was wondering what the shots on the back were for! I mean, they never happened in the story. Wow, so that means each guy had an equal chance at getting with Ai. Even the brother who showed up for like 3 panels before getting his neck wringed by his younger brother xD]

The second short story starts off with protagonist Minori suddenly getting the impulse to kiss a guy who was napping on school grounds (yeah…). She accidently breaks his glasses and until it gets repaired, she has to stick with him as his guide (because this boy is BLIND without his glasses!). Naturally cute moments happen between the two. But what will happen between the two when her sleeping prince grabs her and starts kissing her in his sleep? Does he feel the same way too or…?

[The second story was alright. I’m thankful for the bonus story included because we get to see that Minori knew about Chiharu before sexually assaulting his lips in his sleep xD Also that Chiharu knew about Minori so it made the story a little less creepy. The ending was cute ;D]

The third and final short story is about Nishina. Ever since she saw Haijima crying, she’s been in love with him. Her eyes can always spot him. One day, while walking home, she sees him going into an antique store. Curious she follows him in and finds him wearing a suit! Turns out Haijima works in there. When Haijima gets a little too close for Nishina’s comfort, she backs into a display table and accidently knocks over an expensive ring, breaking it (what a cheap ring!). As payment, Nishina has to do whatever Haijima says – whether it be work, a kiss, or…sex (wtf). Of course, since this is a shojo, instead of saying eff you, she agrees =__=; What will happen between the two?

[This is my least favorite of the one-shots. I didn’t like either of the main characters really. Nishina for letting her self be toyed by him like that, and Haijima for thinking it’s cool to fondle your new coworkers behind the sales display. It wasn’t until after Nishina is all, I love you but I know you love someone else so I’m leaving. Be Happy ~ *flee* did Haijima think, OMG I love that girl I was fondling! Come back!!! It might just be me but it wasn’t romantic at all…]

Overall, this wasn’t the best thing I’ve read. However, I love this manga for the first story (and the second story only after I read the bonus story). The third was a let down because I didn’t see any real character interaction other than lust until the end. Hoshi-iro no Okurimono is something nice to read if you’re bored and have nothing else to do.

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Leaning towards Satisfied
Thoughts: The heck up with that perv in #3. At least interact more before doing stuff behind the sales counter. I’m surprised no one walked in on that…

14 thoughts on “Hoshi-iro no Okurimono (manga opinion)

  1. How does a ring break from falling???? :O That just doesn’t make any sense! xD I get the vase in Ouran, cuz duh, vases break all the time. The only time I’ve heard of a ring breaking would be if the jewel chipped and it would have to go down really hard for that to happen… oh the things that happen in shojo manga. :]

    But the first story does sound really cute~ :D And the second one doesn’t sound terrible. It’s not surprising that there’s a perv though, since the cover says Flower Comics/Cheese!, haha. :]


    • It hit the floor and started to crumble apart in her hands xD The band itself was still intact though
      But still, that’s a pretty shit quality ring if it starts breaking apart like that haha

      I really like the first story :3 Definitely will get warm fuzzies. The second one isn’t bad but it’s not the best. The third one…I’m not even going into. I already ranted about it haha

      OMG, I didn’t realize that Cheese was even sluttier than Sho Com D:
      I thought it was supposed to be, like, more innocent OTL
      Now I’ll forever look like a pervert with these on my shelf xD


      • ohoho, Cheese! is soooo much dirtier. ;] (and can I say, lol at Japanese naming sense? Why would you name a magazine Cheese!, because it makes like no sense. xD )

        haha, it’s all good. I have some Yuki Yoshihara on my bookshelf and it’s total smut. Hilarious smut, but downright smut. xD


      • Wow o_o
        H-how did I NOT know this!?
        What rock have I been living under!?
        (I was fooled by the name! I thought Cheese was supposed to be about cute funny shojo. Because Cheese sounds so…not slutty, in most contexts. Now I see Cheese might be describing something else >_>;;)

        Butterflies, Flowers rocks ;D
        (my volume #3 is at home ;_; I need to go home again so I can pick up all my packages from rightstuf. And see my folks of course xD)
        That’s the good kind of smut
        Not the creepy “let’s fondle each other during business hours where ANYONE can walk in on us doing it” kind -_-;
        Or like that Teacher’s Pet manga warriorhope reviewed. That was just…so wrong :{ and stupid…


  2. I remember reading Boku Kisu. Her art and the covers of her manga are just gorgeous. I read the first story because it was scanalated by Midnight Scans and I just had to read it. It was long, but cute and really good.


    • Good to hear positive things about Boku Kisu. I’m either going to pick that title up or TSUKUSHITE AGEMASU :3 Depends on if I want to complete a one volume collection or do I want to tackle 2 volumes xD


  3. Toma rei~ I love her art it’s so pretty, but the kissing in reimei is soo graphic. I don’t want to see their tounges O_o

    The first two sound cute :>

    The third one… The girl sounds like a stalker. She always spots him, and follows him into a
    store… Then the moe guy who was crying
    suddlenly turns into a creep, lol sounds like a fun story xD


    • Ho snap, there’s kissing in Reimei!? So the romance is real!?
      *checks on mangaupdates*
      Ho snap, there’s like 4 volumes out! (I thought there was only 2!?)
      Really need to get updated on that series one day (the cover art looks SOOOOO pretty @_@)
      Probably after Uso Kiss though
      (I’m also holding out because I’m not sure who I want the girl to get with. From the 2 chapters I’ve seen, it’s a tie between dog ears and…prince dude. Heard dog ears gets a little…crazy though in later volumes. So I’m kinda hoping it’s going to like…end by the time I get to it so I can see who she gets with xD)

      Anyway, to Hoshi-iro no Okurimono

      I approve of the first story
      VERY adorable
      The second wasn’t bad, a little weird.
      The last one was just…x_x;
      Think had they NOT included the scene about the boy fondling the girl, I’d of liked it a wee bit more.
      But that’s just me ~


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