Broken Blade #2 (manga opinion)

Forgot there were 31 days in Aug D:
Had to dig this baby up from the darkest reaches of my folders
Here’s the second to last post for PAW
It’s another Broken Blade volume

Title: Broken Blade #2
Mangaka: Yunosuke Yoshinaga

Summary on the back:

The battle for Krisna is underway and Rygart faces off against Zess, who leads the invading army. Knowing his old friend’s forces are outnumbered, Zess tries to warn Rygart that his only chance of survival is to surrender – and abandon his kingdom. Then the war exacts a price as tragedy strikes both sides and Rygart finds his loyalty under question by his fellow mech pilots.

Another CMX review. Last we left off, Zess was trying to take down the royal capital of Krisna. Arrow goes off in his giant robot and tries to convince Zess to stop this fighting while Zess tries to convince Arrow to surrender (however, Arrow won’t surrender due to the conditions the side Zess represents are demanding – conditions that no one other than a private few are privy to). While they’re talking, those on Krisna’s side try to use the time the two are talking to mount a counter attack. Zess notices this and jumps back into his giant robot. After firing a warning shot at Arrow, he lets his friend escape before heading back to the battle. Arrow finds a spot to hide. He is in shock that his friend shot at him and at how much he has changed. While monologue-ing, Lee – one of the girls from Zess’s unit – stumbles upon Arrow’s hiding place and engages him in battle. How will the battle end?

The beginning two pages had some nice fan service for the guys. Really. I had to look at this and think, I didn’t just pull Sumomomo Momomo off my shelf by mistake did I? But thankfully that’s the only fan service in the entire volume. Just was so much of a surprise.

This volume was depressing. Not only because Zess and Arrow are now seeing each other as enemies, but because past scenes of their school days were thrown in. It’s hard to see old friends who used to be so close end up as enemies.

Also, I’m shocked by how old the characters are. I’m so used to it being teenagers taking over the world. Zess is frigging married and has kids! WTF!? Don’t they usually make the raging emo BFF single so BL fan girls can pair him and the main guy together (maybe even have him become man-pregnant)? (isn’t that how Kingdom Hearts turned out xD)

Overall, a good volume. The ending is sort of cliffhangerish. Not sure how this is going to end since CMX is dead and all ;_;

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied
Thoughts: … well, there’s always the anime

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