Sumomomo Momomo #4 (manga opinion)

Can’t believe there is only one more post and I’ll have ACTUALLY made it through one month posting every day

I actually did something I set out to do in a timely manner! xD
Of course, I’m posting this in the past and scheduling it to appear in the future – because I know if I had actually had to write up a post on the spot each day I’d have quickly A) Given up or B.) Forget about it
Any hoo, on to the next manga: Sumomomo, Momomo

Tile: Sumomomo, Momomo #4
Mangaka: Shinobu Ohtaka

Summary on the back:

Koushi moves into the Nakajima apartments, his father’s reprimand still ringing in his ears. Though he is less than thrilled with the idea of becoming a martial artist, Koushi realizes he can’t stay indifferent for long. The Koganei clan is already on the prowl, and a well-aimed poison ping-pong ball catches Koushi off guard. As the slow-working poison takes its toll, Koushi despairs. No amount of training can save him now…but perhaps the Strongest Bride on Earth can?


Sumomomo, Momomo #4 was actually REALLY good. Almost makes up for the debauchery from #3!

There were a couple of almost fanservice-y moments but for the most part it was all story. Good story at that! Koushi is finally starting to grow a pair as he’s now willing to learn some martial arts moves (with some humorous moments). A possible romance between horse chick and tiger dude may have “taken root” (which would be awesome because that means they can stop being corners and creating unnecessary love triangles). Added in are some nice bonding moments between certain characters (which is a favorite thing of mine) and some great knocks at fighting clichés (ex. Everyone is going OMG look at how crazy that punch was, to which Koushi is looking around like, I don’t see shit >.< . Love how he eventually gives up and just sits down to go cry in a corner).

I’m curious to find out why Tiger girl has beef with the Snake chick. Also how will Tiger boy be able to make up with his family.

This is random but I’m loving Momo’s fighting outfit. A) It has ACTUAL pants so her underwear won’t be flashing every 3 panels, B.) It’s feminine yet reeks of I’ll kick your ass bitch C.) It’s not made of dental floss like a certain someone’s outfit

My hopes for Sumomomo, Momomo have risen greatly since #3. I’ve got a feeling Dental Wonder is going to appear in the next volume. I’m just hoping she’ll have a new outfit – ACTUAL CLOTHING D:<

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Surprisingly Satisfied!
Thoughts: Still LOL-ing over the little kid’s guide to shooting lasers out of one’s eyes part xD

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