Light Novel Collection

Winding down my light novel phase of PAW, I decided to make good on my word made a long time ago in response to @kelakagandy’s collection (okay, so it wasn’t so much as a promise then me saying one day I’d like to be productive and see what I have stacked up on my shelves xD) and post my light novel collection :D
Note that just because it’s listed doesn’t mean I’ve read it yet
Take Book Girl for example
The book has been shipped but it’s to my parent’s house (I don’t trust my apartment enough to have packages sent here xD). So when I go back home for a visit in September, I’ll be greeted with a bundle of lovely parcels waiting for me.
[Love it when my dad texts me: Another package came…]
[What can I say? I’m a bargain hunter >:D]

I didn’t have time to take a current picture of my light novel collection unfortunately. Here are some old pictures (so you’ll notice volumes listed not being shown) taken with my phone (so they’re not going to be the best pictures…)
Sorry all! Dx

Current stock of Light Novels

(Bold means it’s completed)

Dark Horse

  • Blood + (1 vol)
  • Vampire Hunter D (1 vol)

Del Rey

  • Dark Waters (1 vol – complete)
  • Faust (1 vol)
  • Maid Machinegun (1 vol – complete)
  • Psycho Busters (1 – 3 vol – complete)
  • Zaregoto (1 vol)


  • All You Need Is Kill (1 vol – complete)
  • Battle Royale (1 vol – complete)
  • Book of Heroes (1 vol – complete)
  • Brave Story (1 vol – complete)
  • Harmony (1 vol – complete)
  • The Lord of the Sands of Time (1 vol – complete)
  • Loup-Gorous (1 vol – complete)
  • The Next Continent (1 vol – complete)
  • Stories of Ibis (1 vol – complete)
  • Slum Online (1 vol – complete)
  • Usurper of the Sun (1 vol – complete)
  • Yukikaze (1 vol)
  • Zoo (1 vol – complete)

Seven Seas

  • Boogiepop (1 – 4 vol)
  • Ballad of a Shinigami (1 – 2 vol)
  • Pitaten (1 – 2 vol)
  • Wicked City (1 vol)


  • .hack//Another Birth (1 – 2 vol)
  • .hack//AI Buster (1 – 2 vol – complete)
  • .hack//cell (1 vol)
  • Adventures of Durk Suan (1 vol)
  • Calling You (1 vol – complete)
  • Chain Mail (1 vol – complete)
  • Chibi Vampire (1 vol)
  • Crest of the Stars (1 vol)
  • Devil May Cry (1 vol – complete)
  • Devil May Cry 2 (1 vol – complete)
  • Full Metal Panic (1 – 3 vol)
  • Good Witch of the West (1 vol)
  • Gosick (1 – 2 vol)
  • Kino no Tabi (1 vol)
  • Magic Moon (1 vol)
  • Missing (1 vol)
  • Scrapped Princess (1 – 3 vol)
  • Slayers (1 – 6 vol)
  • Trinity Blood: Rage Against the Moons (1 – 3 vol)
  • Twelve Kingdoms (1 – 4 vol)


  • Be With You (1 vol – complete)
  • Dragon Sword, Wind Child (1 vol)
  • Kamikaze Girls (1 vol)
  • Missin’ (1 – 2 vol – complete)
  • Shakugan no Shana (1 – 2 vol)

Yen Press

  • Haruhi Suzumiya series (1 – 3 vol)
  • Kieli (1 – 2 vol)
  • Spice and Wolf (1 – 2 vol)
  • Book Girl (1 vol)


  • Kiki’s Delivery Service (1 vol)
  • Moribito (1 – 2 vol)
  • Fafner (1 vol)

Total: 86 (yeah, I probably did the math wrong but whatever xD)

Not the greatest collection but I’m happy to be supporting my light novels <3 Do expect the numbers to grow as more light novels hit the states ;D

18 thoughts on “Light Novel Collection

    • My love of light novels is strong <3

      Yes xD
      I loved Pokemon so much I actually bought the little figurines at the store whenever I found them (I even bought those Poke'mon who I thought looked stupid)
      My only regret is not buying more Eevee ones D:


      • OMG I have the cards too :D
        I loved the shiny ones
        I’d always get a pack and look for the shiny
        My dream was to get a Charizard(sp) shiny. All I got that Venusaur, my least favorite final evolution of the starter Poke’mon >_< or someone fugly


    • Yes’sum :3 All in English (though you’ll notice a couple Heart no Kuni no Alice titles and other random Japanese titles – got them randomly)
      I’m not skilled enough yet to read them in Japanese (but one day I will! Practice practice :3)

      If you’re interested in finding what light novels are available in English, I recommend this site a friend of mine has:

      Has great information on anything light novel related
      Seriously think she has a secret underground network of spies who go out and find this information
      She’s seriously on top of things!


    • Heck yeah! Love me some Tamora!
      (lol, I’m so late with this comment xD love how we had a fan girl moment on Twitter about her. Awesome points to warriorhope for being a fan too!)
      Glad to know other read her works on wordpress too :D


  1. Hi, I’ve never read light novel but I really, really want to read sooo bad!!! It’s very hard for me to find and order any light novels. How did you find ur favorite light novels?


    • Hello there!

      Most of my light novels were purchased online :) I mostly shop via and :3
      Another option to buy light novels is perhaps a local bookstore or comic store? While they may not have the items in stock, you could perhaps special order the product?

      Hope that helped! ^___^


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