Psycho Busters #3 (light novel opinion)

Hoho ~
Look what I managed to sneak in at the last moment ~
The final volume of Psycho Busters (the light novel~
(…) is all I’m going to say
I have a rant in the works right now due to my experience with this volume
I rarely do rants unless I’m very PO’d
So that should tell you how I feel about this final volume ;D

Title: Psycho Busters #3
Author: Yuyua Aoki

Summary on the back:

Back when Kakeru was a hopelessly ordinary fourteen-year-old, he used to dream about being a hero. Then he met Ayano and her friends, all amazing psychics on the run from an organization that exploited their talents. Explosive life-and-death battles to recapture the psychic teens followed, and somehow Kakeru was always there… always just in time to save the day. Coincidence, he told everyone.

Kakeru refused to believe the truth until he could no longer escape it. Not only is Kakeru a psychic, he’s the most powerful psychic of all: a time rewinder, able to return to the past and change it. But this dream come true is a nightmare, because Kakeru’s powers violate the space-time continuum – and will destroy it. The deadly process has already begun, and no one knows how to stop it. The time for heroes is now. Kakeru and his friends can either save the world – or be snuffed out along with it.

So basically this volume is, in a nut shell, an excuse to kill everyone off. That’s about it. Because everyone suddenly turned stupid and decided to come one at a time instead of a big group where their chances of survival were greater. The logic behind everything and who created the FARM was beyond stupid. If you’ve read 11th Cat, you’ll notice the same FAIL the father does in that series being performed in this volume. Seriously, these men think they are the shits for thinking all this complex stuff up when really all they needed to do was one thing which could have saved everyone from physical and mental anguish!

Ahem, I won’t go into too much detail (I’ll save that for my rant).

I’m surprised how this volume kept pushing at Kakeru x Joi moments. It’s like this is Kingdom Hearts, only with psychics and so Disney characters. At the beginning it was Kairi (Ayano) this and Kairi that. Now it’s Riku (Joi) this and Joi that. I couldn’t help lol-ing. Also, I don’t get the “connection” between the two (though it was creepy that Joi used to mind stalk Kakeru when he was younger o_O). It was never explained well.

Finally, this volume totally ripped apart the main villain’s image. Throughout the first two volumes he was a cold bastard but suddenly in the final volume he has a change of heart and lays down his sob story to us the readers? It’s really unbelievable. Had he shown moments like this before I might have been sympathetic. However, this was not the case so it felt like this guy took a 180 in his personality and really ruined the story (though Kakeru’s dad takes most of the blame).

Overall, I enjoyed the first two volumes because people were using their heads and stupid logic didn’t come into play. The final volume just destroyed everything I loved about Psycho Busters. There were no character bonding moments. Random things kept appearing – from the evil bad guy’s change of heart to the janitor chick suddenly crushing on Joi (think the only reason they did that last part was to keep the volume from turning into a shounen-ai xD). And the logic behind everything was stupid. I must say I’m very disappointed with this ending. I’m hoping the manga version does better…

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Unsatisfied
Thoughts: Stupid Kakeru’s dad, messing everything up yet thinking he did a good job :/

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