Psycho Busters #2 (light novel opinion)

Man, how long has it been since I last put an opinion for the first book!?
Very long indeed!
Yet reading this volume again was super fast and easy
Still hating how Kakeru looks in the light novel
He looks way cuter in the manga,
Heck, everyone does xD

Title: Psycho Buster #2
Author: Yuyua Aoki

Summary on the back:

The trouble began when ninth grader Kakeru found a beautiful teenage psychic named Ayano in his room – in desperate need of help. She and her equally gifted friends had just escaped from a secret organization whose agents train young psychics to carry out their fiendish plans.

Now psychic thugs have been ordered to hunt down the runaways – and Kakeru. Ayano is certain the only reason they haven’t been caught is that Kakeru’s supernatural skills are saving them. Kakeru, who thinks he’s utterly ordinary, finds this hard to believe. Still, why do amazing things happen whenever disaster threatens to strike? Why did a girl whisper “Kakeru” right before experiencing a truly mind-blowing death?

For better or worse, what happens next will depend on Kakeru. But first he must discover what his friends and enemies already know: the dangerous truth about himself.

Basically this is the volume where we see that the others weren’t talking shit; Kakeru does have powers! I’m so used to the manga where straight up it tells you HE HAS POWERS! SEE! The light novel tries to be discreet about it but with everyone talking about Kakeru’s “Category Zero” powers, it kind of fails.

I have to admit Kakeru’s powers are badass. Not in terms of flashy. But in usefulness. I can’t say what those powers are in this opinion but I can in the next opinion (because the back cover straight up tells you what his powers are xD). All I know is if I had a choice, I’d either take Kakeru’s power, Joi’s power, or the healer’s powers.

Like any shonen, Kakeru finds himself the target of not just one lady this round. Aw, Kakeru. Working on your harem! ^__^

Maybe it’s because I’m playing Kingdom Hearts II at the same time, but I get serious KH2 vibes from Psycho Busters. Like Kakeru is Sora and Joi is Riku, total BFFs. Ayane is Kairi, the love interest that gets kicked to the side xD. It’s really weird.

Overall, I’m happy with Psycho Busters. It’s a good quick read. Something to pick up if you want to see psychic battles!

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied
Thoughts: Why does Sora and Riku’s relationship seem to scream MORE THAN FRIENDS!!! Maybe it’s because of my friend xD

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