Gosick #1 (light novel review)

With Bring it on! done, it’s time for the next part of PAW
I’ve got a couple of light novels done surprisingly :3
The first up is going to be Gosick #1
Really looking forward to more is all I’m going to say for this upper part :3

Title: Gosick #1
Author: Kazuki Sakuraba

Summary on the back:

The year is 1924, the place, Sauville, a small European country neatly tucked beside the Alps. Kazuya Kujo has been studying abroad at the prestigious Saint Marguerite Academy, where urban legends and horror stories are all the rage. Most Kazuya ignores, but the story of the Queen Berry, a mysterious ghost ship, really gets to him.

Of course, his brainy friend Victorique is much more intrigued by true stories, and she uses her unrivaled logic to solve mysteries even the town’s famous detective can’t. Ironically, it’s Victorique’s inquisitive nature that leads the duo to board a ship that matches the Queen Berry’s description to a tee, a ship that might just hold the key to solving a sinister mystery…

Man, I freaking blazed through this light novel!


Gosick follows a young study abroad student named Kazuya.  He attends a prestigious school for nobles. The students at this school love horror stories. Being a foreigner and having a serious mien, the other students dub Kazuya “Reaper” which makes it hard for him to make friends, save one Avril. One day, his friend Avril tells him a ghost story about the ship Queen Berry and the mysterious events that took place on board. Thinking nothing of it, Kazuya goes off to deliver notes to one of his classmates – one who never shows up in class. This person is Victorique, an anti-social genius of sorts. Not really friends, they just tolerate one another’s presence.

The story starts to roll when Victorique helps a detective with his case and ends up earning her and Kazuya a weekend getaway on a yacht. However, rather than go on the yacht, they end up going elsewhere – the Queen Berry! And people are dying exactly how Avril’s story describes. Is this the same ship? Who is behind this? Will Victorique be able to solve the mystery, or will they all go down with the ship?

Ah, how happy I am that Tokyopop released the second volume recently. This inspired me to get the first and second volumes :3 (I shall be greatly sad if it turns out Tokyopop never goes on beyond these two…(and slightly vexed)). I love how quickly I blazed through this novel. It wasn’t so much as who was the culprit that made me sit and read without stopping (seriously, you’ll be able to figure it out 100 pages in) but rather why this person did all this. I also liked how Victorique and Kazuya’s relationship went from “meh” to “not yet friends but we’re getting there.”

I originally didn’t like Victorique in the beginning but she had some cute moments as the novel progressed, changing my opinion of her (still don’t like the fact she smokes though. The book may describe her as porcelain doll pretty but give her ten years of continuous smoking and she’ll be likened to a crumpled plastic grocery bag xD Smoking does some serious shit to women physically).  Kazuya I instantly knew was going to be a whipping boy – was right – but I like how honest and “manly” he was :3 Plus he throws a mean punch.

I had some great nostalgic fun while reading Gosick. Those who’ve seen or read Spiral will see a similar “trick” used during one scene. Also, the novel pulled off a certain “trick” seen in one of the short stories in the light novel “Calling You.” I was all, OMG! They almost got me again 8D

Also, I lol-ed at the random BL-vibes I got in the beginning.

Overall, I’m greatly impressed with Gosick. I hope future volumes will continue to impress (and actually be released :3).

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Greatly Satisfied
Feelings: Happy (now wants to read #2)

8 thoughts on “Gosick #1 (light novel review)

    • I really enjoyed it
      Kazuya made the story fun
      He’s whipped but he can be a man when needed <3
      (I'm looking forward to the anime – since it's going to be a while for the light novels to be released here ^^;)


  1. I really wanted to read the light novel but unfortunately i cant read Japanese. Is there any english translated visual novel?


    • The first two were released in English by Tokyopop
      However, I think they may be hard to find now (a lot of Tokyopop’s light novels are). I think on their website, Tokyopop is selling the light novels under their “print on demand” line. You might want to check that out (or maybe ebay?)

      Hope that helped!


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