Teaser Room 19 (Stray Love Hearts)

Figured since I’m using the scanner, I might as well include Room #19 Teaser scans as well
To show all you readers that I’m still doing that project
I haven’t forgotten now that I know the ending haha

This chapter sucks because Kuga gets like 3 shots and that’s it!
What he is, the new Gai!?
(Gai: D:)
Gai, we all know you RARELY appear because Cain hogs all the screen time *pats on the shoulder in sympathy*

The chapter opens with Cain doing a Mr. Roger and reading…wait…wasn’t he kidnapped in the last chapter?
*goes back to check it out*

People are all crazy because Cain hasn’t shown up at the whatever going down – that investigation hearing I think

Okay, now this is more like it

Wow, that sounded so wrong
*eyes Cain tied up
*eyes Ren who is eying Cain”

Before this can turn creepy, Hiyoki appears
Hiyoki: “No way is SLH going to turn into incest BL! Not while I’m the heroine!”

Wow…if you didn’t understand what was going on, you’d think this was about something so wrong…

Cain is back and ready to do whatever! >:U Get on your knees and worship!

Ren! You grew a pair!
(now if only Kuga would…)

Cain is not happy to see his brother swagging around with his new…pair

So that heart tattoo thing WAS REAL after all!

The heart thief truly does exist!
And here I thought it was all in her head
Who is this person you ask?
Well, expect the answer when I summarize the chapter :D
But it won’t be for awhile
Because Hakuouki gets its summary first

34 thoughts on “Teaser Room 19 (Stray Love Hearts)

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  2. “Okay, now this is more like it

    Wow, that sounded so wrong
    *eyes Cain tied up
    *eyes Ren who is eying Cain*”
    LOL. I think Shouoto makes us think dirty yaoi thoughts on purpose.

    “Hiyoki: “No way is SLH going to turn into incest BL! Not while I’m the heroine!””
    Oh LOL. SLH better not turn into that. Though it wouldn’t be that bad. LOL

    “The heart thief truly does exist!
    And here I thought it was all in her head
    Who is this person you ask?
    Well, expect the answer when I summarize the chapter :D
    But it won’t be for awhile”
    It’d be hilarious if it was all in her head, though it would also make sense. And God, you kill me with suspense.


    • I seriously think she does
      Or at least, likes to emphasis the bromance going on (Kitoo – Asukai, Yamashina – Gai, Kuga – Ren, I guess in a creepy way Uryuu – Cain xD)

      Many Cain fangirls would destroy my blog before hoping on a plane for 10 hrs to Japan to destroy the creator’s house if that were to happen xD

      It would be messed up xD
      Because that means she slept in all those guys’ rooms for nothing (except maybe to boost about it years later about how she slept with all the guys in her dorm back in her school days xD)
      And that would make Koutetsu an asscake for messing with Hiyoki in the first place! Telling her to go sleep in each guys’ room xD
      He’d probably be laughing over it in his LJ or something every night!
      (lolz, can’t believes shes still sleeping in dos guyz rooms! har har im such an ass ;3)

      You’ll be getting it soon ;D
      Don’t worry


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  4. Can’t wait for it, I’m dying to know who is heart thief, it can be Uryuu or Kosetsu or maybe Ren, XD

    if we look closer to pic of tatoo makes me think Heart thief is Cain

    you mean ,,pair” as pair of sock? XD


    • So many choices!
      But there is only one right choice…
      Who will it be?

      I’ll only tell you it’s not Kuga because Kuga wears a black uniform (unlike a certain someone who ruined the header I wanted to make because he had a damn white uniform on instead of a black one. My fantasies still weep over that ;_;)

      Ah, grow a pair is slang for like, being brave and doing something. Men are supposed to be all courageous and stuff and do things, so by saying “grow a pair” (lit. get a…man part *points down there*) you’re going to be a man and do whatever needs to be done.
      I’m so bad at this explaining stuff xD haha


      • I understood that but I remembered room 18 when Hiyoki says:”Am I some kind of sock” XD
        On YumeDream there’s is final answer but I’m trying my best not to read it


  5. OMG!!!! Hold the phone! Does that mean that the heart thief’s heart is breaking?

    Oh Kuga this is when you should sweep in and kick everybody’s ass and take off with the girl!

    Great Teaser! Can’t wait to see the rest!


    • Well, technically I haven’t read the chapter yet so I can’t tell you (I only skimmed real quick xD)
      When I do the summary, then I’ll have more info for ya!

      Don’t give Kuga like 3 panels and expect us to be happy with that! Give him his own manga D: Kuga! Why must you be a side character!!!!!????

      I hope to have the summary up soon :3
      Depending on school of course!


  6. eh? does that mean Stella is out of the list? XD
    tell me, cause it seems a man’s body with a heart D:, NO I WANT a GL here xD LMAO!

    but it does look like CAIN, tell me does that heart tattoo seems slowly fading? OH GAWD~

    Thanks for the teaser :)
    can’t wait for the whole summary of 19 :)


    • Or could it be…Stella was a TRAP this whole time?
      (a really buff trap at that xD)
      That would be so random if it turned out SLH is going down the GL route

      Cain: ಠ_ಠ W-what the!? Hiyoki! Stella! What is the meaning of this!?
      Hiyoki: Sorry Cain. You just weren’t MAN enough for me
      Cain: ಡ_ಡ Well, s-screw you!!! *wahhhhhh*

      I guess everyone thinks Cain since he’s the one who ran around without his shirt on the most in SLH xD

      Hope you enjoy it when it’s released! :3


  7. “opens with Cain doing a Mr. Roger and reading”

    heh. Does Cain also own puppets?

    “Hiyoki: “No way is SLH going to turn into incest BL! Not while I’m the heroine!””

    More reverse heroines need to say that. (or any really).

    Oh God. Now he even has a sash to proclaim that he’s king of the world.

    OMG eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ at the forehead kiss. Though he was a creepy kidnapper early on, so I don’t know what to think.


    • OMG, the thought of Cain with puppets is just…wrong
      And Cain actually hugging the puppets and having a conversation…
      Wait, that would mean Cain has that puppet kingdom in his house o_o;
      My mind screams in terror now…

      Haha, it’s funny how in reverse harems, there is more support for the guys to get together than the girl! Even in Hakuouki!

      That’s Cain for you
      Doing all he can to show he’s da man…

      Ren, here to confuse your senses
      Is he a bad guy
      Or just a misunderstood bad boy ;D


  8. Now I wanted to read the summary more.
    I’m dying because of excitement and curiousness!

    Please update he final chapter.
    Lastly, I just can’t help but adore your own comments while summarizing. It’s just so funny and amazing! ^^


    • With this and the last chapter being the last one, it’s only natural to be in suspense!

      I’ll do the last chapter as well :3
      Don’t worry
      SLH will be my 2nd completed project!
      I’m so happy I’m actually seeing this all the way through!

      Thanks for your comment :D
      I’m glad I’m not disappointing you all!


  9. If she’s not going to end up with Cain….I will hang myself(hahahahahaha)….. I will actually be happy if it were to be Ren (the blonde version of Kaede…that’s why I like him). Anyway thank you very much for all the summaries and all the efforts….thank you…..


    • Barajou’s Kaede is so sweet <3
      Even though I like the Black Rose, I hope Anise gets with Kaede :3 They look so sweet together (but that's just from various pictures I've seen <–behind on the manga xD)

      Thank you too for the comment :D
      We're almost to the end!


  10. omg i cant believe its coming to this im dying i think the ren is the heart thief *that would be hot* i actually like him evil *evil smile* but still why isn’t Kuga in this im crying here any way yay its coming to an end im happy + sad thank u so much i hope u get a man like Kuga for your hard work XP


    • It’s still a surprise that this series is done. All I have is this chapter and 20 then I’ll have another complete series under my belt. I’m glad to have done this, for it was fun meeting other fans of the series :3 It was thanks to you all that I made it this far.

      Kuga is in this chapter…for exactly 3 panels D:
      It made me a sad panda to see Kuga kicked to the side.

      The same to you as well, for being a dedicated reader (and commenter ;D). Let’s hope there’s a Kuga waiting for us, somewhere down the road!


  11. ohmygosh! i’m so excitted to find out whos the heart thief…i think it’s Cain or ren, BUT i’m a kuga fan :( i wish it could be him!!!! <3 i can't wait for the next chapter!!!


    • Kuga doesn’t get much love in the next chapter
      3 panels
      ;_; Heck, Kitoo gets more screen time than Kuga
      And I’ve yet to meet a Kitoo fan xD
      Kitoo: D: I hate you all!

      The next chapter should be up either this week or next week.
      Depends on my hw load


  12. okay…just seeing the teaser makes me think again…but Ren doing THAT in public with Hiyoki?! haha! i think he’s gonna be in big trouble. Hiyoki gonna go GODZILLA over that! unless they planned to help Cain out…hmn…


    • Haha, I’m surprised by how brave Ren is! He’s like the first of all the guys do do something forward like that!
      (Cain doesn’t count because he’s Cain – he does whatever the heck he wants)
      (Cain: >:U heck yeah! And the ladies LOVE IT!)

      Hopefully the summary of #19 will answer you questions ;D
      It’ll be out sometime this week or next


  13. i truly enjoy your translations

    since i discovered SHL only a few days ago- and couldnt find anywhere futher then chapter 16 –

    you are a treasure !

    keep upt the excellent work and i ll keep my eyes peeled ¨



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