New Icons ~

So, you all may have noticed that I changed the icons linking to the summaries I have done…
You know…
The ones located on the right hand side?
Kind of below my Character Stat thing?

Okay, so probably NO ONE knows about those icons ;_;
BUT, whatever ~
I just wanted to post about it to show you all :D
Was so much fun playing with PS to get these done!

Originally I was planning on only making 3 – Petit Four, Stray Love Hearts, and Hakuouki. However, when I got done, I still wanted to do more xD. So I decided to add in Zeele Sacrifice – my first project (however, I did translations only for this instead of summaries xD)

Then I STILL wanted to do more so I added in Penguin & Strawberries, even though I haven’t done ANYTHING for it yet xD

Now I kind of want to do a KH2 icon – just because I’m playing the game. We’ll see where my itching fingers take me ;D

14 thoughts on “New Icons ~

  1. hehe they’re really cute X3

    hehe make one of KH2 (i’m also playing KH but not 2 . i’m playing KH 358/2 Days on the DS (my bro bought it and on twitter you wrote something about KH so i just started the game :p)


    • Thank you :D
      They were fun to make

      I’ll be sure to do one in the future x3
      Oh, I plan on playing the DS version once I’m done with KH2 (but I’m taking so long so it’ll be awhile xD)
      I love using Twitter to talk about my silly adventures in KH2
      So much fun <3

      Tell me how you like KH 358/2 Days once you're finished :3
      I hope you enjoy it!


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