Bring it on! #5 (manga opinion)

We’re at the last volume!
Yeah ~
I’ll miss the humor though
I think those dumbass punks have to be one of my favorite characters
Every time they appear, I laugh out loud
It’s great!
Onward to PAW 18 – Bring it on #5

Title: Bring it on! #5
Baek HyeKyung

Summary on the back:

Everything seems peaceful…until Seung-Suh’s old friend comes along and crashes his birthday party! Mi-Ha finds out that Seung-Suh dropped out of school because of this particular friend, Eun-Yang. Since that incident, their paths have never crossed…until now. Eun-Yang issues a sudden ultimatum to Seung-Suh, which somehow becomes a wager between Eun-Yang and Mi-Ha. Will she be able to take this?! Bring it on!

Well, we’re finally at the last volume. The last 2 volumes I’ve been pretty much BS-ing because I don’t have the volumes right in front of me to refresh my memory xO DOH!

So how does Bring it on! turn out in the end?

Well…humor wise it won. The beginning part when the tomboy and her BFF are shopping for underwear had to be one of the best parts in the story. Esp when those punks from volume #1 who still think tomboy is a cross dresser appear. Let’s just say they aren’t too happy to see tomboy still “cross-dressing” xD To add to the hilarity, that guy from the end of #4 happens to be there. The two girls latch on to him. How they drag him into the situation and how they get out is such a tummy tickler. OMG, too bad I can’t find the scene like I did for volume #1.

Romance wise…it was sort of lacking. I’m guessing tomboy and pretty boy are getting close but I still can’t see the romance really. They really just remind me of close friends who are almost to the point of becoming bf + gf but haven’t made the leap yet.

The ending wasn’t bad. We got to see a time skip which is always fun.

While I wouldn’t recommend Bring it on! for its romance, my gawd do I love its humor. Totally brightened up my day. This is the Korean version of Girl Got Game. From the facial expression to the situations, both make me happy. So if you want a good laugh, I totally recommend Bring it on!

Also, thank you Yen Press for rescuing this title. You kept this girl laughing in happiness :3

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: HELL YEAH I’M SATISFIED :D
Thoughts: Totally didn’t see that twist with pretty boy’s friend o_o; wow…

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