Bring it on #3 (manga opinion)

Now on PAW 16!
Continuing with the series, I’m doing an “opinion” on the 3rd volume of Bring it on!
Really enjoying this series
Making me want to read more of her stuff that’s been licensed in the US
Now if only Udon would have a sale on rightstuf…then I’d go crazy buying their stuff >:3

Title: Bring it on!
Manhwa-ka: Baek HyeKyung

Summary on the back:

Mi-Ha, saddened by her grandmother’s suffering from dementia, is having a hard time at everything. Watching this, Seung-Suh stops being so mean to her and is now actually trying to comfort her. Mi-Ha’s hatred towards Seung-Suh is slowly turning into love, and Yoon-Jin certainly does not like it. Now let’s see if those two can handle Yoon-Jin’s plot to destroy their relationship.

A disastrous start to the athlete meet gets a turn around when pretty boy helps step in. However, from this help, we find that pretty boy has been faking his broken arm, would leads to hilarity. In this volume we say good-bye to grandma (no she doesn’t die – she goes off to get her surgery for her Alzheimer’s) – who lives a lasting impression on pretty boy that he’ll never be able to forget!

However, drama starts when the cousin ends up spreading rumors that pretty boy tried to take advantage of her! And there’s pictures!? What is going on!?

Hands down the best character in this volume was the grandma. She provided some good laughs but when she squeezed pretty boy’s butt as he hugged her good-bye – coupled with his expression of shock at the molestation – she took the spotlight xD I couldn’t tell if she was faking her childhood regression or if this was just a temporary return, but I was too busy laughing to care.

Love the antics the friends + random jealous fangirls do to get pretty boy and tomboy to be in “romantic” situations (see, the jealous fangirls are hoping that if a girl like tomboy can get pretty boy, then they have a chance of finding romance too! Tomboy: >:| thanks…)

As I told you, the cousin went evil =_= Sigh, what’s with crazy evil family members? I wonder if the reason is because she’s really in love with pretty boy…so she took those pictures to break off the friendship growing between pretty boy and tomboy (I can’t really call it love because all they do is fight and act all chummy). Well, the next volume will have more details.

Will pretty boy and tomboy be able to stay friends, or will this turn of events break them apart for good?

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied
Thoughts: Evil family members, gotta watch out for those…

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