Polyphonica #1 (manga opinion)

We’re at the end of the 1st’s!
Can’t believe it took so long!
Well, might as well finish this so we can go on to part II
Thus, for PAW #13, we have Polyphonica (probably the only volume review for a while, seeing how CMX isn’t going to release more ;_;)

Title: Polyphonica #1
Story: SAKAKI Ichiro

Summary on the back:

In a place called Polyphonica, humans and spirits live side by side. Young musicians create magical sounds with their music, which binds the spirits to them. A struggling student named Phoron accidentally summons a spirit he met in childhood but later forgot about. Phoron could use all the help he can get, but this feisty spirit may prove to be more than he can handle!

I’m one of the few fans of Polyphonica the anime, so naturally as a fan I was excited to see the manga being brought over to the US.

[Would have loved it more if the light novels were brought over but oh well]

I must say I actually liked the manga more for its storyline. Rather than starting with Phoron & Corti already partners and working, the manga starts before all that.

[I think it was a couple episodes in before we got to see how Phoron got Corti and his past].

Phoron is like a stereotypical shojo girl – he’s clumsy, not that good in class, & is easily pressured into doing things. [Now that I think about it, it’s sort of humorous to think of Phoron as a shojo boy xD]. He also lacks a pact with a spirit which many others in the school have. However, that all changes when he stays late one night on campus. Blue about school life, he sings to himself – a way to cheer himself up. The song catches the attention of a crazed spirit – one who has lost all senses due to being away from its master for so long [and also for not hearing its master’s song for a long amount of time – think “withdrawals” produced from depriving someone of an addicting substance]. He manages to calm the raged spirit only to get smacked over the head by said spirit! It turns out long ago, Phoron made a pact with this spirit. However, he has little memory of that event! Why can’t he remember? And why was his spirit locked up? If that wasn’t enough, what happens when Phoron’s music skills aren’t what Corti is looking for? Will she leave him for another?

Unfortunately we’ll never know manga wise unless someone rescues this series because CMX is going under D: [now that I think about it, I don’t remember why she was locked up in the anime. But then again, I only watched the version released by Sentai in the US, which I think is the “first” season.]

[I should finish this “opinion” instead of wallowing haha.]

I prefer the anime for character designs. I personally think Phoron looks cuter in the anime. Renbart too (actually, I think Renbart looks WAY better in the anime. More manly, less…girly xD). Only the girls get better service.

[Also very well endowed >_> Expect service shots for guys]

The manga gets awesome points for making Renbart do some BL with Phoron to get Corti jealous (because Corti would just ignore anyone who came into contact with her unless said person was all over Phoron, like Perse). I couldn’t help but lol at that scene.

Overall, Polyphonica was a fun read. As menioned, I liked the way the story started in the beginning instead of in the middle like in the anime.

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied
Thoughts: @#$% to never getting any more volumes unless this title is rescued!!!

5 thoughts on “Polyphonica #1 (manga opinion)

  1. I love Polyphonica, but I didn’t realize CMX got this volume out before going under. :[ I still might get it (since it seems to be different in good ways from the anime), but I hate having only parts of series. :[

    And yeah, the Sentai season is the “first” one, but the second season is actually a prequel anyway. xD (and the art’s a ton worse in the second/prequel…)


    • I didn’t realize it either until rightstuf told me it shipped out
      I’m not sure whether I’m happy or not because while I’m happy the volume came out, I’m sad that I won’t be reading future volumes for awhile.
      And the way #1 ends, it’s very cliff-hanger-y! (unless you watched the anime xD)

      OMG say it ain’t so. When you say the art is bad in the prequel, do you mean that everyone visually looks bad (like their faces are fugly and they are all deformed and anatomically incorrect) or do you mean like the animation (say a walk around the street instead looks like the character is staggering because she or he is moving all over the place and his or her feet keep appearing odd)?


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