Pig Bride #1 (manga opinion)

Almost done with the 1’s section
Think I got one more after this and then…
Ah shizzzz
Forgot what the next part is
Hold on
Ah, it’s BRING IT ON time next!
So for entry #12 of PAW, we have Pig Bride!

Title: Pig Bride
Manhwa-ka: Kook Hwa Huh, Su Jin Kim

Summary on the back:

Lost in the mountains on a trip to summer camp, eight-year-old Si-Joon fears he’ll never make it out alive. When a strange girl in a pig mask appears before him, he follows her to a house deep in the woods, where he is told that he must marry the pig-faced girl to atone for the sins of their ancestors. Si-Joon’s not too keen on getting married, but that wedding feast looks so delicious! It’s only afterward that he realizes what he’s done and …wakes up. Now in high school, Si-Joon Lee has been dreaming about the pig bride for as long as he can remember. But it’s all just a dream, right? Serialized in the pages of Yen Plus, enjoy the collected first volume of Pig Bride!

Read this a long time ago in Yen Plus. Was one of my favorite titles in there, along with One Fine Day. However, when I discovered Comic Sylph, that’s when I switched my money from Yen Plus volumes to Comic Sylph ones xD So basically I forgot about this.

After time flew by, a Yen Press sale appeared on rightstuf. While perusing the selection of Yen Press titles to try, I spotted this one. Remember the good ol’ days, I got it 8D

What is Pig Bride about? Well, the story starts with Si-Joon (the protagonist) as a child. His parents sent him to a summer camp to learn about history and culture. However, he has no interest in that and instead makes some mischief before running off into the woods. Naturally he gets lost. While traveling around, looking for a way out, he stumbles upon a girl in a pig mask. She sees him and runs away. He follows, because she’s his one hope of getting back to civilization. Before he can catch her, a woman appears. She tells him he is to marry the girl in the pig mask to atone for the mistakes of their ancestors.

Si-Joon goes you crazy lady!? D:< but is persuaded to marriage when he sees the feast prepared for the wedding. After eating his fill, the weight of what he just got himself into starts to crush him. His bride gives him a nut which will let him be free. She says they’ll meet again when he’s 16…then he wakes up. Was it all a dream?

Si-Joon is now a high schooler – and a good looking one at that. His 16th birthday is coming up and Doe-Doe, the cutest girl in school, is going to hold a birthday bash for him! And, on midnight, she’s going to send him a special present. What more would a boy want!?

On his birthday, he receives a gift he wasn’t planning on: the girl in the pig mask!

She was real!?

Her appearance will stir up a lot of chaos. What will Si-Joon do!?

I love shojo, but I love Korean shojos the best xD I have no idea why. From Angel Diary to Chocolat, they just make me lol. It might be due to the fact they aren’t too over dramatic when it comes to drama (well, the ones I’ve been reading any way). I’m not a drama person. I want to laugh and have some romance.

This is why Pig Bride is a win for me. It has the right balance of story and humor. I really like the female lead. She kicks butt but is still girly without having size F boobs to prove it. Ji-Soon has some great facial expressions. I can understand his reluctance towards the female lead but I hope they warm up to one another soon :3 My favorite character is the guy with the glasses (love how I don’t remember anyone’s names xD). He just has some great scenes in the background xD

A light read and fun at that, I’m looking forward to more Pig Bride!

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Very Satisfied
Thoughts: Like how the main guy is the bitchy character in this round, instead of the girl ^^

2 thoughts on “Pig Bride #1 (manga opinion)

      It makes me lol when she talks gangster!

      I like the guy with glasses the best
      His freak out scenes are hilarious :D

      (I left the rest of my volumes at home ;_; I only got to about mid-4 before moving kicked in and I forgot!)


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