Alice on Deadlines vol #1 (manga opinion)

Post #10 for paws 8D
This time the manga opinion is for Alice on Deadlines

Don’t expect future volumes to have an “opinion”
The first volume was enough to tell me this isn’t my type of series
Note: Don’t read this opinion if you like Alice on Deadlines because I’m not showering any love

Title: Alice on Deadlines vol #1
Mangaka: Ihara Shiro

Summary on the back:

As punishment for slacking on the job, the shinigami Lapan is ordered to go to the Human Realm in the body of a skeleton to retrieve a wandering soul. However, much to Lapan’s lecherous delight, a slip-up lands his soul in the body of the young Alice, a buxom student at a local all-girls’ school. With the skirt-chasing shinigami (as Alice) leaving a storm of sexual harassment allegations in his wake, whatever is poor, beskeletoned Alice to do?!

Alice on Deadlines follows some pervert shinigami named Lapan. He’d rather be reading porn than doing his job. Lapan gets an assignment to retrieve a soul from earth. Thing about shinigamis going to earth is that they need a vessel. The last time Lapan went to earth, he was too busy feeling up his female body to do his work.

Me: =_= (right there I knew this wasn’t going to end well for me)

Instead, Lapan is going to be assigned the body of a skeleton. However, things get mixed up when instead of arriving in the skeleton’s body, he arrived in the body of a girl – a big boobed one!

Lapan: SCORE! *starts squeezing his new cup F boobs and pulling up his/her skirt to touch his/her butt*

Me: =_=|||| (…)

The girl – Alice – gets her soul transferred into the body of the skeleton. After some freaking out, Lapan says everything will be ok – once he gets his work done they’ll switch back to the right bodies. In the mean time, he’s going to go strip and get horny ;D ~

Long story short, paperwork gets lost and the two are stuck like this for a year (don’t ask). So the rest of the volume is about hunting demons, getting plenty of fanservice due to Lapan, and …other stuff which makes me wonder why this mangaka just didn’t do a straight up hentai of this in the first place (and save me from wasting my money on this).

Okay…so my opinion…

I’m disgusted =_=; *blunt*

I got this volume because I thought it’d be funny even if it did have some “risque” stuff happening every now and then. I mean, it’s shounen. The girls are supposed to be big boobed and flash their under garments every now and then.

But my gawd! When you joke at the end of the volume about having 47 panty shots – FORTY EFFING SEVEN shots, that’s just wrong. And they were unnecessary shots too. Somehow Lapan’s/Alice’s ankle long dress just happens to shorten to the right length for underwear viewing EVERY time.

[And don’t think the panty shots decrease in future volumes – hell no. My friends and I were at B&N when we saw this series (this was after I bought it but hadn’t read it yet). My friend grabbed a volume and flipped through it. We all turned when he went “wtf!?” One look and I thought SHIT, you kidding me? I grabbed another volume and flipped through it. Comparing the two, you’d think they were the same thing. It was just pure fanservice. Sick, borderline hentai fanservice.  I didn’t tell them I had bought the first volume and frankly I’m glad. This will be going into the donation pile or maybe just into the garbage]

And who finds humor in watching a character force himself/herself on school girls?

Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t find any thing amusing in this volume.

The only saving grace is Alice. I like her character. I just feel bad that she got stuck in this manga series >_<

So basically, I hated this volume. It just made me sick and feel dirty. Everyone’s got their tastes and this is definitely not mine.

As the saying goes, for every manga you like, there’s bound to be one that makes you go “what was I thinking?

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK!?!?!?!?
Thoughts: Can’t believe this beat Sumomomo Momomo in the fanservice department o_o;

6 thoughts on “Alice on Deadlines vol #1 (manga opinion)

    • I watched Gravion and liked it (that show had jiggling boobs and panty shots galore) but at least I was entertained by the story and characters.
      Alice on Deadlines is just…sick
      Pretty much you read once chapter, you’ve read them all:
      The shinigami gets into situations that involve panty shots, boob shots, and molestation =_=;
      Gawd what an awful blemish on my otherwise wonder Yen Press experience…


  1. This series makes Shinsigami series look bad. Lapan is such an asshole. In later volumes it only gets worse since he and Alice kinda of start to have feelings for each (barf at anytime necesscary).


    • I’m sure everyone in Bleach who’s a shinigami are thinking, please don’t group us with the same standards as that sicko Lapan. He just needs…to go to jail. Away from little girls.
      Lapan sucks. Nuff said.
      >:U wtf that’s just…*tosses cookies* Why would you be attracted to the guy that molests your body and forces himself on your school friends!?
      Gawd I’m glad I’m bailing before it gets even worse…


    • I’m so happy I’m not the only one who read this manga and thought >:U what kind of sick shit is this!?
      I’m kind of hoping Ichigo randomly appears in this series one day, just so he can go Bankai (or however you spell it xD) and nuke Lapan’s ass for being a sexual deviant! Save little girls everywhere from his sweaty hands >_<


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