Tena on S-String vol #1 (manga opinion)

Entry #9
Tena on S-String
One of the main reasons I grabbed this manga series was because this mangaka did a series in Comic Sylph!
Was called Level 4
Find it sort of neat the both had a musical theme – but Level 4 was more about boy bands while Tena on S-String OBVIOUSLY doesn’t have anything to do with cute guys judging by the cover xD

Title: Tena on S-String vol #1
Mangaka: Sesuna Mikabe

Summary on the back:

Discharged from the hospital after recovering from a serious accident, music teacher Kyousuke Hibiki finds himself able to see and hear musical notes coming from the people and the world around him! As he contemplates this lasting damage (and maybe a malpractice suit against the hospital), he finds himself face-to-face with a haughty young girl decked out in frilly Gothic Lolita clothing. And when she suddenly points at him and orders him to be her servant, will Kyousuke have no choice but to dance to the little princess’s tune?!

It’s just not Hibiki’s day. First he’s ran over saving some kid, then he starts seeing musical notes, and to add insult to injury, some little girl in Lolita garb tackles him to the ground, saying “You’re my first Japanese guy, but I know all there is to know about it! I’ll be gentle.” Before Hibiki can freak at her words, she pulls out a conductor’s wand and reveals she too can see the musical notes. The girl – Tena  – who we later learn is actually 15 years (but that’s still illegal guys) – is in the middle of a contest to collect the most magical music notes. These notes mess up other notes (which we later will see cause some crazy shit to happen) and due to some accident, were set loose. Yet I guess the school/organization she attends didn’t freak out too much since they’re turning this into a game of sorts >_> Tena wants to collect the most notes to have the snobs at her school see that she’s as good as they are. How does Hibiki figure into all this? Well, one of the “viral” notes fused with him during the accident. If taken out, he’ll die! @%#^$^!? With her goal to collect the most notes, Tena decides to “adopt” Hibiki as her new pet (to add his “notes” to her collection). How will this turn out?

Won’t lie. I’m not too much of a Tena fan. She’s really too abusive for my tastes. I like Hibiki. For a guy whose beaten and abused – both verbally and physically – I give him props for getting back at Tena in his own way. Like when he tricked Tena into wearing something xD Plus his facial expressions rock. One minute he goes super shounen, then he goes girly shojo. It’s great.

The other contest characters I am interested in are two who appear in the end of the volume. Hoping to see more of them in later volumes.

The art is cute. Easy to tell who is who. Thankfully there’s not too much fan service as the cover kind of hints at. Other then seeing a full frontal of Tena for some dumb reason (I guess to show off the fact she doesn’t have F Cups) and having her panties stolen, that’s about it for the fan service. Nothing Sumomomo Momomo.

I hope Tena stops being abusive to Hibiki in future volumes. Plus I want to know why the notes fused with Hibiki instead of killing him or whatever.

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied
Thoughts: What is it with men and bitches, and females and asses?

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