Gender Bender Howl

Well, now in my apartment and all alone
So what better thing to do to keep your mind off the loneliness than to doodle!
(I’m stuck in the apartment until I can get my dog to settle down. She screams like a mofo whenever I leave for a second. Dog has some serious abandonment issues =_=)
(but she’s getting better. Once she gets used to the place, I’ll be able to go out and explore my new “hood”)

What did I doodle? [And what the f is up with the title Gender Bender Howl?]
Well, let me give you all some back story (pulled from my deviantart post):

My friend arkynox and I decided to do something fun with our deviantart accounts. We’re going to give a project for the other to draw.
Since she’s a fan of Bleach and Jane Eyre, I made her project to draw a scene from Jane Eyre – specifically the one with the main guy cross dressing – but using Bleach characters.
For my project, she told me to draw a dress that I would rather be tied to a tree and beaten with pointy sticks than wear. But that’s not all. Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle has to wear it.

I gave you a cute one and you give me something sick like this!?
Friend: I know you’ll do it.
Me: Of course I’ll do it! This is some awesome shit! Because I’m crazy enough to do this >:D
Friend: ^___^

So that’s how this picture came into creation. I started with the trunk and it became an elephant xD
I call the dress “Screaming Elephant.”
Please may it never be made so people can wear it. That would be just cruel and sick.

I’m still trying to get used to this new art program @myuniques told me about called SAI. Definitely a lot of fun to play with :D

7 thoughts on “Gender Bender Howl

    • I didn’t think of that but maybe I should have changed his expression to one of horror. I mean, look at how he acted when Sophie changed his hair color xD
      But you’re right. In the end, he’d just go strutting down the lanes like there’s nothing wrong.
      Don’t be jealous, is what his walk will say xD


  1. SAI is god of all paint programs!

    pfft! the dress omg!!! *dies from laughter*
    That’s something lady gaga would wear!

    you have an deviantart account??? you must give me a link!


    • SAI is so much fun
      It’s taking a while to get used to because I’ve been goofing with Photoshop (and sucking) so I’m used to how Photoshop works xD

      You are so right!
      Lady Gaga, you better give me credit!
      I better not see you wearing the “Screaming Elephant!”
      That’s Howl’s threads!

      I don’t usually play on it much but I’m kitsunenohoshi :3 My friend made it for me and I never post anything serious on it xD She hates me for that haha


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