Ein and the Birds

After taking Kyon down, the Triplets decide they are badass enough for another round
So who is their target this time?
Ein from Phantom!
Who is Ein?
Heck if I know! xD
I only have her nendoroid because she was on sale at rightstuf ~
So forgiveness to anyone who has seen the anime and sees this whacked version of her in my comic ~

I tried using my digital camera for a few of the shots. However, my camera didn’t like it when I did close-ups, thus I had to use my iPhone (which explains the degradation in picture quality xD). The last shot is random. I had no idea how to end the strip so I figured Ein got hungry and decided to use the Triplets as her meal ~

12 thoughts on “Ein and the Birds

    • I want to :D
      Looks badass ~
      But I think only the OVA has been released here in the US. The 24(?) ep version is still being packaged up (not sure when that will be ready for release).

      I got Ein because righstuf had her on sale. Instead of $42 she was like $28-ish. I’ve always wanted to try a nendoroid so I got her :D
      [I REALLY want a Sebastian [Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji] one though!]

      Also, omg long time no see *hugs* :D
      Your Pandora Hearts “opinion” is coming up soon (I think in a couple of days ^_^)


  1. *glomps you*

    LOL! Cause your tweet said, name, come and reply here XD!

    Oh, just wait for the 24 episodes… and and… I wanna see your glorious reaction at the ending ahahahaha.

    Yeah, that Pandora Hearts XD


    • Haha, so you read my hidden message, eh? xP I see the power of Twitter is mighty indeed!

      OMG, please don’t tell me the ending is anything like True Tears D:
      Or is it random like Venus Virus Virus (anime)?

      I’m loving Pandora Hearts :3
      Sorry it took so long to finally get that “opinion” up but it’ll be here soon now!!!


      • LOL, I do read tweets. And I backlog most of the time to see interesting tweets.

        NOOOO… I don’t wanna spoil you… but not True Tears like and haven’t watched Venus Virus…

        Me too D


      • Oh, I do that too :3
        It’s fun to come back an hour or 3 later and see what people have been tweeting ~

        Lol, but the name of my blog is “SPOILS” xD
        I’m never hesitant to hear anything spoil-y
        But it is your decision should you wish to hold off on that information haha

        I recently got #2 so I’ll be reading that soon xD
        Ahhh Gilbert ~ <3
        Or whatever his new name is now…*forgot since it's been awhile*


    • Ah, I figured she’d be a more stoic person since she also has a =_= face and a white mask with a =_= expression/design. The ^_^ face was sort of random but it made the comic more fun ~

      I’m scared of the toys children are playing with. These birds just radiate evil o_O;


    • Yes ~
      Kyon was easy because he wasn’t packing heat xD
      He just closed his eyes and went to his happy place while the Triplets did whatever they did to him
      [I made the comic yet he won’t tell me what happened in the intermission between that second to last panel and the last panel…and something tells me I’m not curious to find out >_<;]


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