Comic Sylph has arrived ~

Last post for today guys, honest
My order from came in :D
So now I have the last 2 chapters of Stray Love Hearts!!!
I plan on summarizing those after I’m done with the Hijikata Arc for Hakuouki ~
[But it may be a while due to moving and getting situated into my new apartment – plus hope the internet guys make it on time!]
Here’s a picture to visually confirm I have the Comic Sylph volumes and I’m not messing with you all ^^
(sorry for the dog hair – I used my dog’s bed xD)

  • Comic Sylph August
  • Comic Sylph September
  • Clover no Kuni no Alice ~ Waltzing with the Cheshire Cat ~ #3
  • Kuranoa [Cry No More] #1
  • Heart no Kuni no Alice #5
  • Shugo Chara #3
  • Ouji-sama no Tsukurikata [How to Make a Prince] #1 – #2
  • Boyfriend
  • Hoshi-iro no Okurimono

I haven’t read it yet but I did flip through it and frankly, I’m shocked by how risque Ouji-sama no Tsukurikata is O_o Felt like I was reading Pichi Pichi Pichi – huge honkers, face plants into said honkers, skin tight shirts, etc. Is this really by the same person who did Pink Innocent? [Then again, I only read like a chapter of Pink Innocent so I have no idea what future chapters held] Only reason I got this one over Pink Innocent was because I heard it had devils and angels and that’s a fav genre of mine :D Oh well, maybe it’ll be better than I’m making it out to be ^^:

At least the other Nakayoshi titles are more decent…

Looking forward to more Alice :D It’s pretty obvious who Alice is going to end up with in the Heart no Kuni version (if she does end up with someone, instead of saying screw you people and going back home) so that’s why I’m glad there are the Clover no Kuni versions ~

Well that is all ~ Enjoy the day my friends ~

14 thoughts on “Comic Sylph has arrived ~

  1. omg I love your collection!

    yamada Daisy, toma rei <3

    I love the heart no kuni cover(Boris<3) I hope Tokyopop doesnt change the cover!!

    I hope Alice ends up with Boris, but Im thinking she'll end up with peter, julius, or blood…

    haha Im distracted with the person who's wearing the white suite xD(better not be blood D:)

    havent read pink innocent(or Ouji-sama no Tsukurikata) but I liked her other manga:million girl

    thanks for the stray love hearts summaries!


    • Thankie :D
      I’m trying to read Nakayoshi titles (or very easy Flower titles) to improve my vocabulary. When I was reading Fall in Love like a Comic, it was super easy to read but my vocab sucked xD So I’m hoping if I start young and work my way up, it’ll get easier!

      The covers are beautiful :D
      I think I only saw Tokyopop change the first cover because the rest looked the same.
      Now if only Tokyopop would license Clover no Kuni no Alice, I think everyone would be very happy (because if you have a specific pairing, there’s a volume of Clover for that ~)

      Ah, the person in white is Ace ;D
      (it may just be me but Blood is such a dick in the manga. I heard he’s a lot better in the otome game)

      I’m interested in getting Million Girl (that looks super cool) but Ouji-sama no Tsukurikata was only 2 volumes so I decided to go with that first. We’ll see if that was a wise decision or not…

      Those final summaries will be coming :D
      Now that I’m almost done with my move and getting ready for classes, I plan on working on the summaries here soon. Just going to finish the Hijikata arc for Hakuouki first :3
      Thank you for your patience and comment ^_^


    • I’ve heard about it but I don’t know the details.
      I’m glad I do summaries
      (though I do have some translations on this blog from my earlier days…)
      I hope that project doesn’t get pissy that I summarize stuff >_> because that would be horrible to have to shut my blog down. I have so much fun summarizing Comic Sylph stuff!


  2. Yay! BTW congrats on your new apartment! Thank you for also starting Hakuouki. I am trying to find my new love in this manga/anime!

    I also want Alice-chan to end up with the clock man! (forgot his name)



    • Thank you so much :D
      So far the apartment seems to be going ok. Quiet. And nothing has fallen apart yet. But we’ll see how things go when the school semester starts. Hopefully all the wild parties will be kept to the side of town near school (when I asked around about good places to stay, I was told this area I’m in is good).

      I hope you like Hakuouki. I like the massive amounts of bishi love it has <3
      The manga is weird because it expects you to have prior knowledge of the series (just watch the anime for that). Each "arc" concentrates on a certain bishi and his interactions with Chizuru + his emo-ness xD
      So we'll see how this goes!

      OMG, Julius! After Boris he's my next favorite guy :D
      He's so adorable. Acting all grumpy when really he's such a big softie!


    • That’s my proof that I did in fact watch the first episode of Hakuouki xD
      (I have no idea why but if it’s not on DVD I can’t seem to get into it o_o; I’m weird like that. Maybe it’s because I enjoy watching anime on the big screen – because staring at the computer for too long makes my eyes uncomfortable?)

      Actually, while the manga series isn’t Mamotte! Lollipop (though I can see how it might confuse people – what with the girl looking a lot like Nina :D) I do have the manga series on my shelf, waiting to be read! Mamotte! Lollipop is one of the first series I ever read in Japanese. Now that I have all the volumes, I’m going to go read them again :3

      Glad to meet a fellow shopper <3


      • I know what you mean after marathoning anime on the computer, my eyes hurt like hell!

        what it isn’t?! *looks* well Zero’s not there so I guess not 0-0
        (I love cute stories like Mamotte! Lollipop) x3

        rightstuf is god!! The savings are amazing XDDDDD!!!!!


      • Yeah, but sometimes, if it’s a show I’m super addicted to, I’ll watch the whole thing in one sitting (pausing only to pee and get nourishment). Then when it’s over, I’ll blink and wipe away the blood streaming down my face and realize I just spent 6 hours staring with minimal blinking at my computer/tv xD

        Mamotte! Lollipop looks super cute
        I’m wondering how the sequel is?
        Well, we’ll see when I get it later on (if it’s still available for purchase)

        Rightstuf has only let me down when purchasing nendoroids – but it’s more the manufacturer than rightstuf – but otherwise, RIGHTSTUF TAKE MY MONEY!!!! AND GIVE ME HAPPINESS!!!!


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