Mad Love Chase #1 (Manga Opinion)

Slowly getting back to reading Tokyopop series
However, I’m still holding back until all the volumes from a series I’m interested in are released (or almost done being released in the case of Mad Chase Love)
Note that this approach doesn’t work for light novels
I just grab whatever comes out
Because most likely it’ll go out of stock and become hard to find ~

Title: Mad Chase Love
Mangaka: Takashima Kazusa

Summary on the back:

Meet Kujou Yamato. Sure, on the outside, he appears to be your average teen, pursuing love and happiness in his school’s hallowed halls. The problem is on the inside: Kujou is really Kaito, the prince of the demon realm, who has escaped to the human world to avoid a marriage he wants no part of!

Kaito’s dad, furious, sends a clumsy trio of demons to retrieve him, and a mad love chase ensues… But it’s going to take a lot of luck and cleverness to avoid being dragged back home!

Kaito is a boy like any other – he attends school, he crushes on girls, hangs with his friends, etc. However, he has a secret. He is actually a runaway prince from the underworld. He escaped his arranged marriage and fled to the human world with his pet cat. Upon entering the human world, both he and his cat changed into “humans.” Kaito’s appearance looks like a scrawny pencil while his cat turned into a voluptuous female! The only indication of his royal heritage is a large tattoo on his back. Wanting to live an ordinary life, Kaito poses as a student while his cat, Rebun, acts as the school’s nurse. However, Kaito won’t get to live his peaceful life for long when his father sends out 3 of his finest men to bring back Kaito…okay, so “finest” isn’t exactly the best word to use here. But they’ll get the job done…eventually…yeah…

So when they fail, Kaito’s fiancée decides to take things into her hands. Will our hero be forced back to hell!?

I’ve wanted to read Mad Chase Love for awhile. I was hesitant until I read the first 3 pages. Page one has the king of the demon world crying like a little school girl when he finds his son gone (love the snot falling from his manly nose). Page two shows us the 3 paranormal men selected to retrieve said son – please note the bishi-ness going on. Page three shows the manliest of the 3 screaming at a spider, the second, a vampire, is randomly hitting on a skirt, and member #3, a werewolf, looking at the king with an expression that says “please don’t judge him like the other two” [I’m not like them…=_=;]. The king just looks at them like, this is the best I can come up with? Wtf…xD That was an instant win for me.

Mad Chase Love is pure comedy. Nothing in this volume is serious. To the vampire who is constantly hitting on everything – his current sights set on Rebun – to the crazy fiancée with boob issues, I was lol-ing all over the place. I can’t tell who my favorite character is. I love them all – even the crazy fiancée (but it’s more of a you’re-so-scary-it’s-impressive-plus-your-facial-expressions-rock type of love). But so far Taiki is highest on the list – love when he goes hulk and starts throwing people into the atmosphere. Just so random xD

The art is nice – lots of bishies running around. It’s easy to tell each character apart. The facial expressions are what make Mad Chase Love awesome :3 And the randomness. I’m looking forward to future volumes :3

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied
Thoughts: How long will it be till Kaito gets found out?

7 thoughts on “Mad Love Chase #1 (Manga Opinion)

    • OMG that’s brilliant! I didn’t even think to call them that! :D
      But yes, they are not badass as their first introduction leads you to think. The minute they opened their mouths, they became tools for comedic situations
      I really recommend this series if you want a good laugh!


    • I lol-ed at that too
      I had to re-read that scene about his childhood because I thought he caretaker was a dude xD

      I like the werewolf guy too :3 Esp when he’s chucking knifes around because his nap got interrupted xD
      I think my favorite so far is the muscle guy. Seeing him hurl people around just tickles my happy bone.
      But I also like the vampire guy – not just because he’s a horny pervert, but because he wore that pigeon hat xD was so wrong!
      In conclusion, I love everyone xD


  1. I started reading this after you recommended it. It’s hilarious. Shame there’s no yaoi romance. Because I love my yaoi romance. It is randomness, but I think that’s what makes it enjoyable. It makes me wonder about the day he gets caught.


    • Hoho Rin, you’ve become a yaoi fangirl?
      Ah, the hot man on man action finally caught you ~ <3
      Just teasing you girl ;3
      We all have our genre of interests (reverse harem for me <3)

      I love how funny this manga is. If I'm ever depressed and emo-ing about life, I'll pull this off my shelf and laugh so hard, I might accidentally wet myself yet I won't care…because I'm happy again ~
      When another Tokyopop sale pops up on rightstuf, I'm definitely getting the rest of this series :D


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