Book of Heroes (Light Novel Opinion)

Oh Book of Heroes
You are making me take a break from reading Haikasoru‘s stuff
I need to read some real light novels
*grabs Gosick*

Title: Book of Heroes
Author: Miyuki Miyabe

Summary on the back:

When her brother Hiroki disappears after a violent altercation with bullies, Yuriko finds a magical book in his room. She learns that Hiroki has been possessed by The Book of Heroes, and that only she can save him. With the help of the monk Sky, the dictionary-mouse Aju, and the mysterious Man of Ash, Yuriko has to solve the mystery of her vanished brother and save the world from the evil King in Yellow.

Book of Heroes follows Yuriko on her adventures to find her runaway brother. Out of the blue, her perfect brother suddenly shows up at school with a knife and stabs some of his classmates, then disappears before anyone can find him. Her family is in chaos over what has happened. The police and reporters are swarming everywhere – giving the family no privacy. Yuriko doesn’t know what to do either. That is, until a book in her brother’s room starts talking to her. From there she learns her brother has been possessed by the Book of Heroes and it’s Yuriko’s duty to find her brother before he gives form to the King in Yellow. Bestowed with powers and companions, Yuriko ventures out to find her brother. Will she be successful, or will she never be able to find him?

I love Brave Story. That was an emotional rollercoaster for me. I laughed. I cried. I got angry. It was just awesome for me.

Book of Heroes on the other hand, didn’t cut it for me. The book took a long time for me to get interested. The same thing happened with Brave Story. But once I hit that one spot, I plowed through those 500 pages. In Book of Heroes, the story got interesting when we met Sky. However, when Ash entered the scene, that’s when the story slowed down immensely. And never picked up steam. The climatic moment was as anticlimactic as you can get. The ending was just…pathetic.

There were several reasons the story was a let down for me. One was due to the lack of action. The characters favored talking at long lengths rather than doing anything (I’m looking at you Ash). It didn’t help that everyone held back secrets until the end (and they were kind of dumb secrets too). Another reason is because characters in Book of Heroes kept belittling Yuriko – oh, you’re such a child (uh, folks. She’s eleven.). Quit being a brat and yelling (well, if you people would just tell her what’s going on, she wouldn’t need to yell for an explanation).You’re so weak because you’re a girl (WTF!? She’s ELEVEN! I don’t think gender has much to do here. Plus her family life is messed up and her brother is possessed by evil. Doesn’t help those spells you promised to teach her WERE NEVER TAUGHT!).

I didn’t really like any of the characters except maybe Yuriko. Ash was too grumpy and secretive (he was nice in the end, which I guess is redeeming). Sky was too out of it (in the beginning he was cute though). Aju wasn’t bad (he’s a mascot character, nuff said).

For all the bashing I do, Book of Heroes did have some positives. I liked how the novel took on an “investigation” feel halfway through. Yuriko had to go around talking to witnesses to get information concerning her brother’s so called “perfect” life. Felt like I was watching the beginning half of Law and Order (before the lawyers enter the scene). I liked what little magic Yuriko performed – stuff really came in handy.

Overall, Book of Heroes wasn’t a favorite read (but it wasn’t the worst). I’m a fan of action. Sitting around, talking about stuff isn’t my thing. The way Book of Heroes ends leaves it open to a sequel. Not sure if that’s going to happen but hey, if you’re a fan of the book, hopefully it does happen.

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Meh
Feelings: I read 300+ pages and didn’t get emotional once =_=; how sad…

2 thoughts on “Book of Heroes (Light Novel Opinion)

  1. If i cant get into a book i just out it down or give it away, to me a book hase to keep me from falling a sleep btw how is house of many ways, love howl in that book! well i just love howl!


  2. Yeah, but since I bought it, I wanted to see if I’d get my money’s worth. Plus, IT’S FRIGGIN MAGIC! HOW CAN MAGIC SUCK!

    When you don’t use it, that’s how D:

    Haven’t read House of Many Ways yet
    Michi is a bad girl I know
    I’ll probably start reading that after I’m done moving and stuff ~
    And you’re not getting that book back.
    *runs off with a Howl – who is tied up like a Christmas present – trailing behind in a little red wagon*


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