Prologue: Hakuouki manga (summary)

Well I finally have this out
Sorry for the long delay
Gotta love summer vacation
It means being lazy and non-productive 8D
That same principle can be applied to my blog haha
So for all you Hakuouki fans who have been going wtf to the manga up on mangafox, I give you the beginning chapters that will help make everything clear ~
Thus, let’s get this thing started >:U

Title: Hakuouki (薄桜鬼 巡恋華)
Source: Hakuouki manga

For those who have seen the anime, the prologue is almost exactly like episode #1 (however it’s missing a lot of details the anime has). Just a little heads up to those who aren’t interested in getting a mind refresher ;3

**Oh yeah. We all already know that Chizuru is a girl right? I mean, just look at this picture:

It so screams ESTROGEN xD Thus I’ll be using “her” when talking about Chizuru.

Ok! The prologue starts with Chizuru’s father explaining he has to go to Kyou/Kyoto. He says while he’s away, he’ll keep in contact via letters, promise. However, for about a month Chizuru hasn’t received any letters from her father. Worried, Chizuru decides to put on his clothes and go to Kyoto to find him.

(just curious but is it ever explained if those clothes are hers or her fathers? Like, did she go and buy them, or did she just take them from his underwear drawer? Because I have a hard time seeing Chizuru’s dad strutting around in that pink kimono whatever >_>)

Chizuru explains that a girl alone in a big city like Kyou/Kyoto is dangerous so she disguised herself as a guy. However, now that she’s here, she has no idea where to look.

Someone calls out to her. The source is some dirty old man (what a surprise =_=). He says a kid like her shouldn’t be walking around such a nice sword. Why not let him look after it?

"Hey there little boy. How'd you like to see mah sword? I'll even show you how to use it ;D"

(yeah, we know what “sword” you’re really talking about, you gay perv – this is why you don’t walk around in the city in flaming hot pink, Chizuru; the city can be rough on a boy too).

Chizuru thinks, heck no! I’m not going to let you play with my dad’s sword (lol) and runs for it. Naturally the dirty old man (and his friends) give chase.

After a long chase scene (which actually only takes place in 1 panel xD), Chizuru notices her pursuer’s footsteps have stopped. What happened?

A blood curdling scream results in her answer.

Going to the source of the scream (wtf run the other way girl!), Chizuru sees a bunch of creepers. On the floor are the dirty old men, dead.

Chizuru: shiizzzz

The creepers look over at her. They mumble about blood ~ blood ~

One of them lunges at Chizuru, demanding her blood. Now I’ll give Chizuru the benefit of the doubt here for not reacting because if I was in a big city I’ve never been in before, wearing my father’s flaming clothes (and underwear), and just moments ago was being chased by some old gay perverts who wanted to play with my “sword” only to find them dead and their murderers are some other creepers dancing around singing “BLOOD” I’d be staring, thinking wtf O_O

Chizuru’s life is passing before her eyes as she gets ready for death but is somehow spared. The Edward Cullen reject gets cut in half. As his blood splatters all over Chizuru’s face, she thinks poetically about how the moonlight shining off the sword that saved her produced sparkles that were like that of out of season flowers (o_O … okay).

[Huh, I’m watching the anime as I’m doing this and I just realized in the anime it’s winter time but in the manga there is no snow. So Chizuru’s comment about the out of season flowers is sort of random – because she was using that reference for the snow that’s falling in the anime but whatever]

Chizuru sees three guys: Hijikata (leader guy), Okita (the closet serial killer), and Saitou (my Kuga clone 8D). Hijikata tells Chizuru if she tries to run for it, she’ll be killed (betcha Chizuru is thinking, wtf is wrong with the people in Kyoto!?). Okita says why not do it, after all, she witnessed what they did earlier to the –

Hijikata cuts him off, telling him to stuff it. They’ll take her back to their headquarters.

“Father…this all seems…like a bad dream…”

Unlike the anime, she doesn’t faint in the manga. But she DOES get wrapped up like a Christmas present ;D Some bald guy comes for her. He says the leader wants to talk with her.

[wow, in the anime he’s so much nicer…in the manga he’s all, let’s get moving. These 4 panels are the only ones where I show up. I don’t even get a name D’8]


The bald guy escorts her to where the leader is and disappears to the place all side characters go to when their appearance is no longer needed. Inside, there are a bunch of good looking guys who are looking at her in a thug fashion. Nice…

The Hakuouki Gang - don't make us pop a can up your ass (or however that saying goes)

The shortest of the guys makes a crack that Chizuru is nothing but a scrawny kid. Two of the guys turn the crack back on him and joke that the short guy – Heisuke – is exactly like Chizuru in statue. The head leader tells the jokers to knock if off. Then he proceeds to introduce everyone from the Shinsengumi. Hijikata cuts him off, saying why are you giving our prisoner detailed information? =_=;

Chizuru thinks about those creepers from earlier and remembered how they were wearing blue coats akin to those the Shinsengumi wore. Is there a connection?

While Chizuru is in monologue mode, the guys are trying to figure out what to do with her.

Kill her?

Chizuru goes whoa there! Rein in those homicidal intentions! I’ve got something that needs to be done and being dead won’t get it accomplished! Hijikata scolds her, saying how was she planning on doing anything in that shitty disguise? Little Lady ~

So now it’s been out-ed that Chizuru is female. Heisuke is all OMG this kid has a uterus!?

Heisuke's OMG UTERUS!?!?!?!? face

The other guys are looking at him like, DUH!

She's wearing could you NOT notice?

except for the Isami/captain guy and the dude with the bandana. They look like they’re ready to hang themselves because they couldn’t tell Chizuru was a girl.

It's Salmon! Guys wear Salmon too 8'U

Okita manages to get everyone calmed down and the nooses put away. However, now that Chizuru is gender female, bandana guy and Heisuke untie her and get her tea – because she’s a girl is their reasoning xD Okita jokes that the two of them are ladies men.

Don't they look cute? Trying to regain their masculinity :3

After being released from her kinky bonds and served tea, Chizuru explains that she is looking for her father, Koudou Yukimura, a practitioner of Western Medicine. Hijikata has a face that either says “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?” or “crap I just farted and I hope no one noticed that…

[edit, see what happens when you do summaries late at night? You get random crap popping out. But I love that line so I’m keeping it]

Chizuru asks if they know about her father. Isami has a super creepy face on as he explains that they are investigating her father for his whereabouts. He says they’re not out to kill him or anything (that’s a shocker, seeing how all you guys have been talking about is killing >_>) but they believe he might be connected to something they are looking into. Okita cuts in, saying that since Chizuru is the daughter, there’s no way they can kill her now (gawd man! You seriously are a closet serial killer!). Hijikata agrees, saying they have no choice but to help her out. Isami adds they’ll do everything they can to find Chizuru’s dad (think he’s trying to regain his masculinity too)

Chizuru thinks to herself: why would the Shinigami be interested in her father? And just what really did happen yesterday with the creepy guys?

Oblivious to Chizuru’s emo moment, Heisuke, Harada, and bandana guy talk about what Chizuru’s “class” will be – she’s def not soldier material (as we’ll see later xD) so why not sell her off as Hijikata’s page?

Everyone: YEAH ~

Hijikata: I hate you all D,:

Hijikata reluctantly accepts Chizuru as his page so people won’t be like, why is there a girl living in your all male headquarters? (well, I guess they’d think she was a he but then that’d make it worse. Why is there a cute boy in a pink living with you all in your all male quarters…O.M.G…o_O )

He tells her not to do things on her own or else…they’ll kill her =_=;

And just like that, with so many worries fluttering in my chest, my life with these men begins. I have no idea what will happen but…I’ll try my best!


The prologue has been completed. Shoot, this thing was barely 20 pages. But I guess the other chapters will make up for this tiny one.
Also one last thing…

I had to post this when I saw it. I was randomly sniffing around when I stumbled on this post:

The Hakuouki boys have been turned into tea bags! xD
Oh yeah <3
Besides, if guys can have anime girl mouse pads where the boobs are a resting pad for the wrist, why can’t girls have a naked guy chilling in their cup?
I wonder what the REAL members of the Shinsengumi must be doing in heaven right now when they get this information?
Them: O_O WTF!? (then, DAMN! I LOOK HAWT!)

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15 thoughts on “Prologue: Hakuouki manga (summary)

    • Lol yes
      Pink is the color of manliness
      But where does that leave purple?

      Hope the anime is good :3
      I’m trying to make it so every time I do one of these summaries, I watch an episode. I re-watched #1 so I’ll be checking out #2 here soon!


      • You have a point
        Purple’s meaning is in its shade xD

        Whoa snap!
        That’s amazing.
        I can marathon anime on DVD but for some reason I can’t marathon anime on the computer. I think it’s because it takes so long to load videos on this old girl that I say screw it and do something else xP Still love my laptop though. She’s been through a lot *hugs*


  1. Chizuru is the worse reverse trap ever. Akito Sohma would not be impressed.

    “(yeah, we know what “sword” you’re really talking about, you gay perv – this is why you don’t walk around in the city in flaming hot pink, Chizuru; the city can be rough on a boy too).”

    lolness. but sadly true.

    “Hijikata has a face that either says “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?” or “crap I just farted and I hope no one noticed that…””

    Hee~ Hijikata is going to be the new Kain in your summeries isn’t he (even though I’m somewhat of a fangirl I totally endorse making fun of him~)

    Those teabags are hiralous.

    “Them: O_O WTF!? (then, DAMN! I LOOK HAWT!)”

    A couple of them were hot anyways. At least it’s better than strike witches which turned a bunch of real WWII pilots into loli schoolgirls that don’t wear pants.


    • Ah, Akito.
      I remember someone had an avatar of Akito that said “the boobs that shocked the world” on it.
      Chizuru is just too girly-looking to be a boy. If this were a BL series, she’d fit in well (because damn, some of those dudes on the cover totally look like flat chested girls with something dangling down there). But hey, she suckered 3 people into thinking she was a he so she’s not that bad apparently xP

      I blame sleepiness on what I wrote about Hijikata. When I went to edit this entry the next morning, I looked at that fart comment like, where the heck did that come from!?
      But you know I have to have someone to target >:3 It was Cain and Uryuu in Stray Love Hearts. I’m guessing I’m going after Okita (just because all he talks about is murdering) and Hijikata (just because I like messing with Tsun Tsun guys like him xP) for Hakuouki ~

      To be able to say, my drink is currently being tea bagged by Hijikata would make my day ;3

      OMG Strike Witches was about WWII pilots D:
      Screw the Shinsengumi guys’ angst. Those fighter pilot guys are probably doing cartwheels in their graves due to the shame.
      If someone drew me as a little girl with no pants, I’d be doing some serious haunting. Throwing shit and possessing the dog (then maybe throwing him), kind of haunting.


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  3. I almost got in trouble! I laughed outloud at your side notes! Especially

    “The Hakuouki Gang – don’t make us pop a can up your ass (or however that saying goes)”

    I have just purchased the anime, so this is great that you picked it up! Now that Kuga-sama is no longer here I have to fill my empty heart!


    • Amazing how if I’m sleepy my mind works crazier. I’ll have to note that if I ever have a paper that’s due xD No late nighters for me unless I want to look like a fool in front of my teach!

      Is it pop a can up your ass or in you ass?
      Or was it pop a cap?
      Gah, I suck at gangster jargon!

      Ah lucky! I hope that the series gets licensed for the states. Hawt guys are always welcomed on my shelf ;3
      [Kuga D,: 2 more chapters and we will have you no more!!!! *clings to Kuga*]
      [Kuga: o_o;]


    • LOL!
      He looks like he should be sitting next to Benjamin Franklin and Washington in that outfit xD
      His hair!
      OMG it’s like an afro except it’s a Japanese version!!!!

      I’m seriously going to get haunted by this guy aren’t I?


      • I’m glad I didn’t scare you away!
        I used to be afraid of writing what comes out of my head (used to edit stuff down like crazy) but then I thought, meh! I’m doing this for fun, not for hits or comments.
        And if people like it, then WIN! :D
        If not, then no big deal ~
        There’s more than just 1 person out there in this world ^_^


  4. Wait Im soo confused! Because the pictures you have on here are not in the chapter posted on mangafox. Even the part where she is tied up which does happen in the magafox chapter. It looks all different especially Chizuru. Is there a different manga??


    • It’s the same.
      The scans (as of this comment) only have the first chapter of Hijikata’s Arc and the first chapter of Okita’s Arc.
      See, in Comic Sylph, it released the chapters in a strange order. The prologue was in one volume. The first chapters of Hijikata and Okita were in the next volume. Following afterward were the last chapters in those two arcs. After that, Harada’s :3
      I think the scans used kissmygeass’s few RAWs she posted of Hakuouki Jurenka (she didn’t post the prologue or the second chapters of Hijikata and Okita, or Harada’s Arc) but that is only my guess.
      Also, each arc was drawn by a different artist (thus the different art styles) :3

      NOTE: there are in fact 2 mangas being released of Hakuouki – one follows the anime (titled: Hakuouki) and one follows random stories focusing on a certain bishi (titled: Hakuouki Jurenka)

      Hope that helped :)


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