Happy Days ~

Just recently I learned of a new scanalator group – Nevermore Scans – due to their release of a Comic Sylph title: Hiiro Ouji
[It’s a supernatural comedy]
[Vampires, werewolves, etc in bishie form]
[It’s a cute read if you all have time]

Ah, got distracted! That wasn’t what I wanted to talk about xD
A lot of visitors to my site are mostly here for Stray Love Hearts. Everyone now knows that Stray Love Hearts is ending (actually, it ended today – totally slipped my mind that Comic Sylph was released today). The manga-ka is also going to be doing another series called Junketsu + Kareshi. Well, Nevermore Scans updated their release schedule and guess what happens to be on their list?
Yup, Junketsu + Kareshi!
Let us all rejoice :D
Nevermore Scans has some other new series I’ll be keeping an eye on, like Ayahatori Shoukanjou (I got a read a random chapter and liked what I read), Tokyo Deadline, and more!
Visit their site for more information
Hope you’re all as excited as me about this announcement! :3

18 thoughts on “Happy Days ~

    • Whoa snap, really?
      Wow, I wonder if Nevermore dropped it or something?
      OMG, do we have a conflict between scanalators!?
      Le gasp! :O

      Well, hopefully things work out with these two.
      In the long run, at least we have the first chapter out ^_^


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