Cat Paradise vol #4 (Manga Opinion)

Cat Paradise is finally coughing up some answers 8D
But hopefully it’ll be enough because the last volume is coming up soon
Will our furry felines and their friends be able to save the world
Or are we finally screwed?

Title: Cat Paradise vol #4
Manga-ka: Yuji Iwahara

Summary on the back:

The fur will fly as the battle frenzy above Matabi Academy ensues!
As the skies over Matabi Academy are rent apart and a pathway to the heart of the barrier of Futakago is opened, Kaen and the Spirit Beasts set upon the Princess and Shirayuki to exact their long-anticipated vengeance! While Kamio and Yamamoto fly to the princess’s defense, the Matabi Academy student council pairs left behind prepare for the inevitable battle that lies before (and above) them. And both Yumi and Kansuke have no choice but to face the truth of their mutual past — and their doubts and fears — head-on in order to be effective players in the fight for Akifuji-senpai’s soul, the safety of the campus, and the survival of all mankind!

Cat Paradise volume #4 was exactly what I’ve been waiting for!

Because we get background information 8D *confetti toss*

Lots of it surprisingly (probably because there is only one more volume after this haha)

One of the background information provided includes the reason for Kaen’s anger. Which is attributed to humans being douches, as usual =_=; Is there ever an anime or manga where humans WEREN’T the cause of the problem?

Many other interesting developments happen in volume #4. We get to find out who wolf guy was possessing – was a real surprise. Totally didn’t see it coming though I guess it should have been obvious xD

[I also find it humorous that this individual still kept one’s pants on despite all other article of clothing exploding due to the transformation from human to werewolf]

Certain “pairs” are given more history to make them more than just fleshy meats doing cool moves. I liked the background story provided for the student body president. It made me like him even more :3 (really wished he would get some screen time). The story connecting Kaiya and Kotori was cute and unexpected. I’m smelling romance ~ >:D

And even Yumi and Kansuke’s first meeting is taken into more detail. Which turned out to be quite embarrassing due to how they actually meet. Poor Kansuke. His idol worshipping of Yumi exploded when he learned the truth of their meeting haha

Overall, this volume provides some great information while getting the stage set for the big battle coming up. Who will win? The spirit beasts or humans? Or maybe, can a compromise be made?

Find out in the next volume of Cat Paradise ~

Satisfied or Unsatisfied: Satisfied
Thoughts: OMG we’re almost at the end! 8D *excited*

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