Ending of Stray Love Hearts – it’s official

Noticed this on Comic Sylph‘s official home page and thought I’d go blog about it
This is official proof that Stray Love Hearts is in fact ending
And that I wasn’t making shit up :p
I’m sad to see Stray Love Hearts go but…
Ok, stayed up too late translating this instead of going to bed xD

「S・L・H」が、9月号でついに最終回を 迎えます…!

One of our launch series – a real heart gripper – “SLH,” will be ending in the September issue of Comic Sylph [the one being released in July; don’t ask why the dates are weird]


There have been so many memorable scenes up until now, wouldn’t you agree?


Like when we observed the changes in Cain-sama since Hiyoki’s first encounter with the “difficult” boy
Like when Cain-sama said “Obey my command” as he gazed down from above at Hiyoki
Like when Cain-sama ended up giving Hiyoki that bracelet
Like when we found out Cain-sama owned an island…

いろんな名場面ていうか、華陰様名場面で す…ね。

So many memorable scenes…of Cain-sama that is…am I right?

[Holy crap, even Japan is all over Cain D: Damn your popularity Cain!]


Of course, in addition to Cain, we have all those fascinating bishies who have made appearances.
[wow…they’re not addressed by their names…o_o; *pats Kuga on the back in sympathy*]
Each member of S Dorm introduced had their own unique personalities and traits
Then there’s the Dorm Manager Kousetsu (no) and those members on the student council (*stares blatantly at Uryuu* does this creeper count?)
Which of the characters have tickled your fancy?

「ひよきの心臓(ハート)を奪ったのは誰なの か?」

And let’s not forget this series’s #1 burning question:
“Just who is it that stole Hiyoki’s heart!?”
That will be revealed in the final chapter!


The last bit of SLH is not to be missed!
Hope you enjoy it!


Oh, totally forgot!
Have a gander at the “customary” color page for the final chapter
[by customary, she means that every chapter of SLH has had a colored page – don’t believe me? Go look :3]

[oh, what a surprise. It’s Cain xD]


Ah, Cain-sama, you’re so fine
Even though I do it without knowing, by adding “sama,”
it makes you, Cain-sama, all the more fine♪
[So tempted to put, Cain, you’re one fine piece of meat xD]



To commemorate the ending of SLH, a special mail in bonus will be included with the magazine.
Please be sure to check it out, okay!
[;_; why did Japan have to be so far away? I want that special bonus]

29 thoughts on “Ending of Stray Love Hearts – it’s official

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  4. it’s sad that SLH ends :( I wish I could know about Cain’s family (I’m not saying this because I’m CainxHiyoki fan)

    Is this Picture preview?

    I hope someone will put raws of room #19


    • Yeah, I really would have liked to know what’s the deal about Hiyoki
      How does she have those powers @x@
      Please don’t be Cain’s half sister or something!
      That’s all I’m asking because that’ll be weird
      [but as a Kuga fan, this might play to my advantage ~]

      I believe the picture is a preview. I just copied the picture from the website and pasted it here. I’m shocked Cain is letting people touch him in that sample picture xD

      Screw 19! I want 20! Because that’s the chapter that reveals who the heart thief is >:D it better be you Uryuu! Just because I like making you look creepy and evil! xD


      • I think Hiyoki is Uryuu’s relative (but this can’t be possible)
        Well Heart thief looks alot like Uryuu, both have shiny hair (Uryuu’s hair is similat to heart thief’s) both of them have evil smirk, excepting Uryuu doesn’t have long hair and we don’t know if he has tatoo oh chest


      • Hmm, but Uryuu can’t go into dreams…
        Or can he o_O;
        It’s never been said so far (just that he’s a distant relation to the Kumoide family)
        And hell if we know what sort of powers he may have
        He has 2 chapters to bust them out…

        OMG, Hioyki has never gone into Uryuu’s dream either (well, I guess she would have no reason to since the one she’s looking for is over in S Dorm).
        But that would so eliminate him as a potential suspect (and I can go back to making him creepy xD)
        Ugh, why isn’t Room #20 out so we can finally learn the truth! Dx


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    • I know!
      I wonder why kissmygeass hasn’t done scans of Sylph in awhile?
      Oh well, I’m thankful to her for putting up those RAWs of the earlier chapters :3
      To think that by the end of this month, SLH will be done…I’m getting a little teary eyed now ;_;


    • Yup it’s ending this month
      As of now there are 4 volumes. When SLH ends, it’ll have exactly enough chapters to make another volume so I’m assuming the series will end with 5 main volumes. I’m not sure if there will be any side stories or what though…

      Her art is beautiful :3
      That’s what caught my eye (well, it was mainly Kuga haha)


  7. Well it’s thankfully not ending in July. If it was, I’d be like “So much for wrapping things up.” And how Japan calls him “Cain-sama” is just a tad bit creepy. Even he admits that in chapter 15. I may like Cain, but not that much. And I really wonder who the heart thief is.

    Also about the color pages. I did notice that. Well, more color prettiness for us to look at.


    • Actually it is ending in July.
      See, Comic Sylph has a weird system going on.
      The volume that came out in May is considered the “July” issue. The one that came out in June is considered the “August” issue. So the volume coming out in July will be the “September” issue. Really messed up @_@
      Sorry for the confusion

      Cain-sama does sound creepy and you know why? Because Uryuu calls him “Cain-sama” and Uryuu is as creepy as they come xD

      I can’t believe it’s the last chapter that’ll expose who the heart thief is.

      You can tell it was SLH that was selling the best in Comic Sylph xD
      Always given a colored page
      It’d be nice if the pictures were compiled into an art book :3 I like this manga-ka’s art.


      • That’s weird…

        So that explains why! Uryuu made it creepy. And even Cain finds it creepy how he’s being called “Cain-sama”. (I remember, it wasn’t chapter 15, it was 16, I think.)

        I really hope SLH doesn’t have a rushed ending. So SLH will have a total of 20 chapters?

        I thought she did have an artbook. I know there’s this dorm book that has all of the color pages.


      • Yeah, it really threw me off. The monthly issues look so weird next to my bimonthly issues. Esp due to the numbering change…

        Oh yeah, that’s right! I think it was like…Room #15 or #16, when Hiyoki was trying to find out what honorific to add at the end of his name! Good memory 8D

        Same here.
        I’m thinking it’ll end at 20 chapters so there will be enough chapters to have 5 volumes. But she might do side chapters and add more for all I know ~ :3

        There was a free “mini-artbook” with a certain issue of Comic Sylph (I got that one :D). But that only had a couple of colored pictures (plus they were sort of “small”). The rest was talk about the drama CD people and quick facts about the characters


    • I’m wondering who would do the series in Comic Sylph. Nothing from Comic Sylph has been licensed thus far Dx (may that one day change!)
      I’m thinking if Tokyopop licensed Barajou no Kiss this might give SLH a chance if it sells well.
      [Though I’m not a fan of TP, they usually have first dibs on Asuka related series. And I’m thinking Heart no Kuni no Alice’s success might make TP more interested in those manga geared toward reverse harem. But that’s all just speculation xD]


      • Kelakagandy you should totally read Barajou no Kiss and/or Stray Love Hearts :3
        It’s a fun read ~
        Much eyecandy
        Much manservice too <3

        I think Barajou no Kiss would do very well in the US if Tokyopop doesn't screw up anything. Just keep the original covers and girls everywhere will come running xD

        Comic Con is coming up so maybe there's a chance ~


  8. I noticed this too, when I was checking Sylph’s website, and I’ve got to say, I’ll miss it ;u;

    I haven’t been a fan for a really long time, but I have been (trying) to read it when I saw it in Sylph.. orz;; Plus, your blog has been really helpful, so I’d like to thank you for making such great summaries, and allowing me to understand it! XD

    Can’t wait till Septembers issue!! >A<;;


    • Yes, SLH has been in Sylph ever since I started collecting. Will be sad to see it go…

      OMG another Comic Sylph fan!
      You do exist 8D
      I’m so giddy right now!
      I thought I was the only one!
      [I’m still newb when it comes to translations so sorry if I’m wrong on anything. Comic Sylph is just at that perfect level where it’s not too hard for me to practice with, though there are some situations where I’m all o_o; what is he trying to say? Dur..oh well, I’ll just wing it xD]
      [I’m glad my summaries could be or use 8D]

      Same here!
      So we can finally find out who the f the heart thief is!!!!!


  9. Yes, VIZ, ITS VIZ (well i hope xD)
    OMG, it will end D:???? GAWD! no more KUGA-NESS
    around…. (im not contradicting myself here just because of my avatar here… too lazy to change now >.>)
    though i like Kumoide? haha so no “sama” for u Kumoide…

    I believe SLH has 20 chapters and 5 volumes which has 4 chapter in each volumes…. so that makes sense right? (oh gosh so much for math lessons)

    So Room#19 will be kinda boring?… since in room#20 will be revealed… i think the end of #19 will be a cliffhanger don’t u all think so? then in #20 will be finally revealed on whose the heart thief…

    Im guessing it’s….. i got nothing D;
    but, Uryuu is way creepier so he might,
    I will lol’ed if Stella is the one… haha

    anyway thank you for letting us know the details :)


    • VIZ would be awesome but Tokyopop already has their fingers in Asuka’s pie so…they have first strike [maybe]

      I know!
      Why shall we be denied your AWESOME D8
      You made every chapter of SLH epic
      (haha, no problem. That’s a good picture of Cain :3 Have to admit that I like that scene that came from)
      Yup, you got it. SLH has super huge chapters so 4 to 1 volume (your math is fine my friend :3). I wonder who’ll be on the cover of #5?

      Yeah, I believe Room #19 is basically building up suspense for Room #20 (kind of like what Room #3 was – it just builds up suspense for the later chapters). Room #20, OMG it’ll be out in less then 10 days 8D *waku waku*

      That would be epic if Stella turned out to be the heart thief. Because that means in the dream world, she’s a dude with long hair who runs around shirtless xD

      Of course 8D I wanted to let you all know that SLH is ending for reals and that I wasn’t pulling on anyone’s leg ~

      Here’s to hoping the ending is worthwhile :3


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