Spoilers: Destiny Shrine Maidens

[EDIT: total forgot I had this written up xD This is pretty much a bitch fit I had when watching the anime Destiny Shine Maidens. If you liked this anime or don’t like to see someone bitch, please avoid reading this post. Rife with spoilers, naturally]

I thought of doing an Anime Opinion on Destiny Shrine Maidens, but it’d just come out as a hate rant. Only reason I even watched this (other than the fact that it was free on ANIME ON DEMAND) was due to its connection to Shattered Angels.  I figured since I loved Shattered Angels I would be able to tolerate this anime, despite it being a yuri.
God, no!
It wasn’t even the fact it was a yuri that made me DESPISE this anime. It was the characters. Specifically Himeko. Man what a useless tool she was. The way she played Sohma pissed me off to no end too. Sohma was a great guy – he risked everything for her, and she just kicked him to the side to whine over Chikane, DESPITE what Chikane did to her >:/ Stupid bitch.
Gah, look! This is already turning into a hate rant. I’m going to shut up now and let those interested in knowing what happens in the end read.

Everything was going in the favor of the priestesses, when Chikane goes “crazy” and becomes an Oroji (the enemy). She wants Himeko all for herself and thinks the world is in the way. So she’s going to destroy it. So she and Himeko can be together forever, just the two of them. And nothing says I love you than rape. Yes. Chikane rapes Himeko.


Sohma comes…and promptly gets his ass whooped. Chikane takes his giant sparkly punching robot and turns it into its “evil” form. Then she teleports away with it.

Himeko and Sohma recover over at Sohma’s family house. Himeko is in shock about what happened. But she still wants to see Chikane. Like Chikane never violated her against her will not even 24 hours earlier >_>

Sohma is trying to comfort Himeko but all Himeko does is whine over Chikane.

Blah Blah

Chikane is on a whooping spree and kicks the asses of the other “parts” of Oroji (except Sohma’s brother. He just randomly jumps off his shrine gate thing, into the abyss, throwing his sword into the air which Sohma somehow gets…yeah, don’t ask).

She then takes those parts and fuses them to make Oroji.

Himeko is still crying over Chikane. Ugh.

Sohma is training to become stronger (however, he learns using his power too much will result in the eventually loss of his body (not sure the reasoning; I think the Oroji in him eats him or something)).

Himeko goes to the mansion and finds Chikane. She’s all YEAH ~ We’ll go back to the way things were before ~ Don’t leave me ~

But it’s all a farce. Chikane did this so she can mess with Himeko’s mind >_> She gives Himeko a message to meet at that shrine on the moon that somehow astronomers haven’t been able to see, and duel.

Himeko: Noes ~ Wah!

Eventually Himeko finally does something productive and summons whoever she and Chikane were trying to summon earlier. I’m just going to call it Moon Guy (because I forgot the name and I don’t like the series enough to go back and find its name).  Naturally Moon Guy is a giant robot.

Himeko uses Moon Guy to meet up with Chikane (to talk, not duel). Sohma goes with her because he wants to protect her (Man I feel bad for Sohma. He’s totally going to get played in the end).

They go and run into Chikane. The other Oroji robots poop into existence and fight Himeko and Sohma. Thanks primarily to Sohma’s effort (Himeko was too busy crying for Chikane), he they defeat these robots. Then Chikane slaps them around.

Of course Himeko doesn’t do shit and just cries at Chikane to stop. Yeah Himeko. She’ll totally stop. Like she did back in the mansion when she RAPED you.  Again, thanks to Sohma’s coaching and power, they don’t end up dying. Moon Guy slams his head into the evil Sohma robot/Oroji and they grapple one another (this scene is hilarious because it looks like Moon Guy is giving Sohma robot/Oroji a BJ – the positioning is just…wrong). Somehow, shoving one’s robot’s head into the crotch of another opens a portal to the moon.

All the fighting has taken its toll on Sohma’s body. The Oroji in him tells him to kill Himeko but he resists. He tells Himeko to go find Chikane. Himeko, oblivious to the fact Sohma is DYING right behind her, goes ok. And leaves. I really wanted Sohma to strangle her. Sohma’s body turns to crystal.

Sigh, now to Himeko. She meets Chikane. They fight. Himeko doesn’t want to and tries to get Chikane to come to her senses. Chikane takes the opportunity to grope Himeko (fucking perv). Then beat her. =_=; Then blow up the earth.

The two fight more. Chikane slices open the front part of Himeko’s robes. Doing this causes Himeko’s seashell necklace to go flying. Chikane stares at it like a dumbshit and Himeko stabs her. Himeko freaks because she mortally wounded Chikane. Since Chikane is dying, she decides to spill the beans:

She raped Himeko so she’d hate Chikane enough to kill her. Because it turns out the thing with the Lunar and Solar Priestesses is that when they fight, one of them has to be sacrificed to seal away the Oroji (don’t ask why. I don’t know why they just don’t beat the crap out of it instead but whatever). So in their past lives, past Chikane killed past Himeko to seal away Oroji (but it failed I guess since Oroji just flew away). So the reason Moon Guy couldn’t be summoned in the beginning of the anime when both Chikane and Himeko were trying to summon it was because deep inside, Chikane hated Moon Guy and didn’t want him to be summoned (not sure why the hate is directed at Moon Guy but again, whatever).

Blah Blah

Chikane says it’s better for things to end this way because loving a girl is wrong. Himeko is all who cares, I LUVS YOU! And they have a yuri scene. Because, like I said, nothing brings people closer together than rape. And killing all your loved ones friends and family. And then slicing up said loved one with a sword while on the moon.



Sohma’s brother somehow comes back and restores Sohma to normal. He goes and helps the girls defeat Oroji. He also gives them some time to be with one another before they have to say good-bye (since Chikane is going to be sacrificed to seal Oroji – hopefully it WORKS this time). Chikane says she’ll be reincarnated so she’ll be with Himeko again. She goes off and gets killed by Moon Guy(?).

The world goes back to episode #1, minus Chikane. No one has any recollection of her or of the events that transpired during the whole anime.

Sohma confesses his feelings to Himeko but she rejects him (stupid bitch), saying she is waiting for someone else.

Sohma: D,8

The anime ends

During the credits you see older Himeko walking along a crosswalk. She sees someone who looks SUSPICIOUSLY like Chikane. And this lookalike even has a seashell necklace like Himeko’s (probably the other half). Himeko smiles and runs up and hugs that person.



6 thoughts on “Spoilers: Destiny Shrine Maidens

  1. “Because, like I said, nothing brings people closer together than rape. And killing all your loved ones friends and family. And then slicing up said loved one with a sword while on the moon.”

    heh. It’s like they put two horrible shojo plots together (Bitchass-crazy female best friend who has a jealous fit and tries to/does kill everyone close to the heroine and the heroine forgives her like an idiot+Someone rapes the heroine and she falls in love with them) and made a nice mass of stupidity.


  2. I think “Destiny of the Shrine Maiden” & “Shattered Angels” are each others prequels. Mostly the same damn characters just recast in SLIGHTLY different roles, but still just as annoying. Hell, they even have a shrine/gate on the moon.

    Either way both are still far better than the recycled shit that comes out of Hollywood.


    • Yeah it’s a bit strange reusing characters but in a different context but hey, whatever works for the creators ~ (heard characters from the creator’s other series were also added in but I’ve never seen those series so I’m not 100% sure who was added).

      I never understood how NASA missed that giant shrine on the moon xD

      While I didn’t enjoy Destiny Shrine Maidens (lol as seen by my bitch rant here haha) but I did enjoy Shattered Angels. Guess it’s all based on each of our preferences :)

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry for the late reply!


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