Jihai (Spoilers)

I just realized that I forgot to do a SPOILERS edition for Jihai!
How embarrassing!
Well, this is gonna be lacking in details but whatever.
At least it’s done!

Basically we find out there is a way to extend Aoi’s lifespan. The only catch is that Dis has to go back to being Arcline Cole (the reason for this is because “Arcline Cole’s” status and influence can get Aoi into the place that will extend his lifespan). However, Aoi chooses death over the rebirth of the monster that ruined his life. We learn that the government is trying to get their hands on paranormal ravants (not sure if it was for military purposes or testing purposes).

(Other stuff happens which provokes Dis to tell Shirakusa that he’ll go back to being Arcline Cole once Aoi passes – say what!?)

That little mind reader boy – Zion – offers to let himself get adopted so he can figure out what’s going on with the children being adopted from Tris’s church (there is suspicion that Tris is selling the kids off the government); if nothing happens, then that means he gets to go to a loving home. However, before he does get adopted, he dies saving Tris from being shot (some government officials who got fired – think they fucked up some mission in volume #2 and blame the church/Tris so they wanted some revenge – pay some kids to do it). Zion saved Tris because Tris has been there for all the kids and knows he’s not a bad guy.

(that random sick chick dies too – just to kick the readers in the balls)

Tris gets kicked out of the church because he killed the kids who shot Zion – he automatically shot back in self defense without realizing who the shooters were – and also because of his lifespan (yup, he’s a ravant).

With nothing to lose, he goes to Dis and spills about being able to extend Aoi’s (and Tris’s) lifespan. Dis agrees, despite Aoi telling him not to. Aoi tries to kill himself with suicide meds ravants carry (for a ravant’s “lifespan” isn’t set – a ravant may die before the actual date or a little afterwards. When a ravant’s lifespan reaches near its end, the ravant is in a great amount of pain. Aoi witnessed those ravants whose lifespans had almost ended (meaning they are still alive) being swept to the side of the street like trash to be collected later on by trash guys; so he decided to kill himself before he can end up like that – thus the drugs).

(however, an incident occurs where Dis finds out about the drugs and tells Aoi that he’ll be in possession of the drugs until the time comes for Aoi to use them)

However, Dis switched out the suicide drugs with something harmless and Aoi doesn’t die. Dis tells Aoi to come after him – Arcline Cole – before knocking him out.

When Aoi awakens, he’s in a hospital bed. Tris is next to him.

Tris shows he lacks the lifespan tattoo on his chest. Aoi too. Both have been out for 6 months. When asked what he wants to do, Aoi replies he’s going to find Arcline.

The two make a break from the facility using a random plane (don’t ask).

While traveling, both learn that Dis did turn back to Arcline Cole but he’s using his power to prevent war and make things happy. Aoi is all, omg he’s not gonna start another war? Tris lightly scolds Aoi for not having faith in Dis.

Everyone is reunited and Aoi vows to stay by Dis’s side to prevent him from ever being the killer he remembered as a child. Aw, bromance moment.

Tris cuts his hair and goes off to find out what happened to the kids at the church. Shirakusa is staying with Dis to act as his right hand man.

Aoi tells Tris he may one day go back to that facility that removed their lifespan so they can do research on Aoi’s body and find a way to allow humans to survive in the magnetic sea.

The series ends with Aoi helping Dis carry some boxes.

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